It Was Late In The Night Around 12:30am. I Was Awake And Bored, Then An Idea Poped Up In My Brain, S...

It Was Late In The Night Around 12:30am. I Was Awake And Bored, Then An Idea Poped Up In My Brain, S... Kemzy  

2 months ago

~1.5 mins read


It was late in the night around 12:30am. I was awake and bored, then an idea poped up in my brain, so I worked on it.
I sneaked into my sister's room and made away with her powder. I applied the powder on my face, and covered my body with a white bed sheet.

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Cinque Terre
I looked my self at the mirror, and yes I was looking like a spirit. I quietly open our door and came downstairs.

They were like eight flats in our building with eight families.

I came started making some strange noise, and was calling upon strange spirits😁

I saw when Stephanie's mom look at me and ran inside. I also hear different people locking their doors.

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Cinque Terre
I was happy that they were all scared😁😁
Even I heard Uncle Ben and his newly married wife dragging who will lock their door. "Benny go nau your the man of the house, lock this door before that spirit enters here" her wife said in fears
"Who told you am not scared? Am scared just like you are. Is like we better go together and lock it" uncle Ben replied his wife.
Then I increased my voice.

Something strange happened, as I was calling invoking the unknown strange spirits, I heard a strange noice like mweew. Suddenly our compound gate that I locked earlier open and close by itself.
"Blood of Jesus" I shouted and took to my heels
Boom something was coming after me.
I increased my speed as I ran upstairs but the thing increase its own speed too.
I reached out door and wanted to enter but it was locked.
Omg I hid myself at the back of our generator, the spirit keeps coming towards my direction.
Infact I urinated more than seven times on myself.

I closed my eyes and waited for end but to my surprise,the spirit touched mi and said
"Oh Diala Emmanuel is that you"
I recognize the voice and look up, it was my brother.
He wanted to scare the entire compound but ghat scared by my strange acting. While I was running for my dear life, he was running for his own tooπŸƒπŸƒπŸ˜πŸ˜

Cutie πŸ₯°, please add this profiles for more interesting jokes πŸ™πŸ‘‰ Kemzy

God bless you abundantly πŸ₯°πŸ™


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Andy (Basic)   1 mth
Ahhh this shit is crazy! thinking of doing it here at home.🀣



Kemzy (Basic)   2 mths
You are all welcomeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Please endeavor to follow up for more



Crisben (Basic)   2 mths
Problem everywhere.... U sure find real spirit one day ☺️



Ebuk (Basic)   2 mths
🀣🀣🀣 be like sey una get swear for una family. Make I talk truth, if na me, na gun I for use comot that spirit leg



youngancient (Basic)   2 mths
The acting spirit ghost became the victim of a real spirit ghost. Thanks for sharing this funny and interesting piece with us on pejoweb.