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Jealous Girlfriend

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2 years ago

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I was on call when she walked into the room,I blew kisses in the air to her and signalled her that I will join her shortly.

She came out shortly.
 "Babe diner is set!...

I swear I didn't hear her call me or maybe I did but at that point I was laughing at a joke made by my secretary.
I had gone on a business trip for sometimes now so I needed to be updated on the recent changes and development during my absence.


This time she was already shouting and making her way towards my direction,I had to quickly end the call.

"Hey sugar!...I made way to hug her but was stopped abruptly.

"Please please!!...don't sugar me oo,who's that girl you ve been talking with forever eh!? ...

"awwn see her face, c'mon silly it's no.....

"Don't touch me, don't u dare,wait, what do you take me for? A fool?... 

"Babe!...I called out a bit loud, expressing shock.

"Your phone!...she ordered stretching out her palm.

I stood still, looking so confused and disappointed at the same time,she eyed me,her palm were still stretched out.I handed the phone to her and immediately she dialed the last call made,the call was connecting and she won't stop ranting.

"That bitch, boyfriend snatcher,I will teach her a lesson she will never forget in her poverty-stricken, mis....

 "Hello boss"...a man's voice is heard at the other end.

"He.el..lo.... she stuttered and immediately ended the call. Covered with a crown of shame, she bowed her head.

I retrieved my phone from her and went upstairs really pissed.

"Babe am sorry,you know how much I love you and can't stand sharing you with anyone".
 I pretended not to notice her.

"Uhm obim Biko zie'nu ....she knees beside me like a baby, running her soft palms over me.

"When you don't even trust me"..I said,then sighed.

"No no!, ah ahn,I trust you completely babe,I really do and I love you so much much!. She confessed innocently, straight straight into my eyes.

"Jealous witch,oya stand up jor"... We hugged each other and then went to eat diner.

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