**How To Take Care Of Your Body To Look Attractive And Glowing**

2 months ago

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There are different ways you can take of your body and cure  skin infection, i will list it below for you to see how you can take care of your skin problems

1. If you are having earache you have to bring olive oil that you warm and just put few drops into your ear carnal, if you don't have olive oil you can use mustard oil in the way you used the olive oil.

2. If you dry skin and you want to make your skin to stop being dry, you should consider rubbing honey on your body, make sure you rub it all over your body then leave it to stay like 5-10, before you take your bath. You have to repeat this daily until your is okay.


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If you have Eczema on your body and you want to clear it naturally, you have to apply oil directly on the affected area several times a day for a effective results.

4. For you to have a glowing skin or face you should consider going for egg white, you should apply egg white on your face and leave it to stay for like 10-15 minutes before you wipe of with a warm towel, egg white helps to to reduce discoloration of the skin which is caused by acne, please if you are allergy to egg don't use it for your own good.

5. If you want have a moisturized skin you should consider using this mixture. Mix milk, lemon juice extra virgin olive oil mix them together and apply it on your for your skin to be moisturize 

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