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How To Know When You Are Stressed Up And What You Can Do About It

1 month ago

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Stress is a mental distress on how the body reacts to the outside force. Stress can either be psychological or emotional. 
Excitement is a happy and positive event, e.g promotion, etc.
Distress occurs due to the negative stress condition of the road, at work, etc. 



*General stress:*
Thinking about what to eat. This is the kind of stress that happens to everyone.
*Cumulative stress:*
This is the type of stress that happens regularly.
*Acute stress:*
This occurs as a result of bad events. 

*Post-traumatic stress:*
It is a short and long term goal stress.


1) Body ache
2) Insomnia
3) Low appetite
4) Talking too fast
5) Hostility
6) Aggression
7) Absent minded
8) Over eating
9) Frequent fever
10) Frequent pee
11) Yawning
12) Over reaction
13) Poor effectiveness.
14) People under stress forget things easily.


1) Live with an attitude of gratitude
2) Be prayerful and depend on God
3) Be happy with yourself and others
4) Help others as often as possible
5) Manage your time judiciously
6) Meditate always.
7) Have schedule for events and programs.
8) Observe quiet time everyday, etc.



1) The way we think can cause negative thoughts, therefore we must confess and think positively at all times.
2) What we eat contributes to stress either positively or negatively, e.g caffeine, alcohol, etc.
3) Fruits and vegetables contribute to the way we think.



1) Eat slowly for easy digestion and healthy living.
2) Find time to relax daily.
3) Exercises like breathing in and out, etc.
4) Find time to talk to God and yourself.
5) Find time to listen to good, morally inspiring music.
6) Smile always.
7) Get around people who love and appreciate you. 
8) Do something new.
9) Get enough sleep at least 7½ hours.
10) Observe siesta for at least 15-30 minutes daily.
11) Do not be master of all.
Try to say *NO* sometimes, no one is perfect. *AVOID PRESSURE*.
12) Be flexible, don't be rigid. Believing _"this is how I have been doing it"_ is a state of rigidity, try something new.
13) Avoid negative minded people.
14) Don't procrastinate.
©Nurse Ella

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