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"Woman Wrapper" — Reactions As Man Exchanged Shoes With His Woman, Wears High Heels

1 month ago

~1.1 mins read
A viral video of two lovers currently circulating on social media has shown a man who wore high heels while his woman wear slippers.

It was said that the beautiful lady was hurting from the pains caused by the high heels, then her man decided to help her out by giving her his own slippers.
The amazing video has caused hilarious comments from Instagram users with many people calling the situation a strange thing.

It was reported that the man instead of allowing his woman to walk in pain caused by her shoes, he decided to help her by wearing the shoes.

The short video shows the unnamed man putting on women high heels while the lady beside him was on slippers, which indicates clearly that they swap their shoes.

The situation has caused many people laughing on social media with many people saying "it is a strange thing to do".

However, some people find it romantic, while saying that the man is loving and caring towards his woman for relieving her pain.

The 4 seconds video was posted on Instagram by @mufasatundeednut.
Read people reactions below:

@Ben Benson commented: "Woman wrapper."

@fiokee said that: "Water don pass garri, when the Koko master fall in love, - who can remember the song?"

@ika_promoter said that: "If breakfast don ready, nah him go off am himself."

@babygal_simi_ commented: "Something's not clear."

@klassic_becca reacted: "Na this kind love I dey find."

Back to you readers, as a man can you do this for your woman, and if you were to be the lady can you allowed your man to wore the high heels?

Feel free and drop your comment using the comment box below.

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