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How The Garden Of Eden Was Discovered.
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THE Garden of Eden’s area may have at long last been discovered gratitude to a revelation by a prehistorian in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, a narrative asserted.

The Garden of Eden, likewise alluded to as Paradise, is the scriptural nursery of God portrayed in the Book of Genesis about the making of man. The account encompasses the evident first man and lady – Adam and Eve – put in the nursery to watch the Tree of Life, prior to being enticed by a snake to eat from a prohibited tree – a move that saw them removed. Many have since quite a while ago looked for its area, in light of enlightens given the scriptural content, however the age – long inquiry may have at last been revealed.

Paleontologist Jodi Magness uncovered during Morgan Freeman’s narrative: “The Story of God”, how a revelation in a congregation in Jerusalem persuaded she has the appropriate response.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is situated in the Old City and is accepted to be where Jesus of Nazareth was executed and later revived – in a spot known as “Calvary”, or “Golgotha”

Dr Magness uncovered how this was additionally the evident entombment place for Adam.

She said in 2017: “[The sign comes from] underneath the stone of Golgotha, the rough outcrop which Christians trust Jesus was executed on.

The following is the sanctuary of Adam and there is a custom which goes route back in Christianity which interfaces this spot to Adam – the principal man.

“At the point when Jesus was executed on top of the stone above us, his blood streamed down through a break in the stone.

“What’s more, Adam, the main man, lay covered underneath, however when Jesus’ blood streamed onto him, he was revived. ”

This thought negates the portrayal given in the Bible.

The Book of Genesis unmistakably records four streams in relationship with the nursery, Pishon, Gihon, Chidekel and Phirat, proposing its area was in southern Mesopotamia, presently known as Iraq.

In any case, Dr Magness point by point how this may really uphold a hypothesis she has.

She added: “Indeed, the variant of the story that wound up in the Book of Genesis appears to put the Garden of Eden some place in Mesopotamia.

“Yet, I think Adam had an extraordinary association with Jerusalem.

“The Garden of Eden, or Paradise, gets conceptualized as the spot where the presence of God stays.

“In early Judaism and the hour of Jesus the presence of God abided in the sanctuary, and henceforth why Jerusalem was thought about as Eden [at that time]. ”

Dr Magness was inquired as to whether she accepted the Garden of Eden is really an allegory for the start of life and is, truth be told, any place God’s quality is.

She reacted: “Indeed, yes – obviously.

“Adam was the primary human and, in Hebrew, the word ‘Adam’ signifies ‘man’.

“Likewise, in the event that you remove the ‘a’, you are left with ‘dam’, in Hebrew that signifies ‘blood’.

“Furthermore, in the event that you add ‘ah’ as far as possible, ‘adamah’ signifies land

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I decided to stay back home today to work because i didn't have the leading to go out.

I decided to go to my brothers house to work. At a time i got tired and i decided to rest for some time and then continue. As i laid down on the couch and picked up my phone to see a movie, the spirit of God told me clearly in my spirit as if the voice was was a real human being talking to me. I heard him say, turn and shift. It didn't make any sense to me, but i quickly turned to the other side of the couch. 

And immediately i heard poooom on the ceiling and this hot strange bullet pierced that exact spot that i was lying down and it pierced the couch into the ground. Jesus 🙏 😢..

The whole place was filled with smoke and dust from the ceiling 😢 😢.

I jumped up from  that couch and it took me almost one hour to articulate what really happened. At the same time, i was wondering, are my alive, or hmmmmmm....

Hmmmm i pity anybody who walks alone without the help of the holy spirit.

How will it even sound that i just finished working right inside the house, and a strange bullet came from nowhere and struck me. Not me, and not my blood..

U see most times, what HE will tell u, might sound stupid, ridiculous, and senseless,  but can u just keep that your so called sense aside and obey him. I promise u that the mystery behind his instructions to u, will be revealed later, but just listen 😢..

Jesus, Psalmist Veo Kingdomwealth suppose to be guilty, but your mercy said no. Thank u Jesus 😢.

We have risen, and we will never go down never..

I prophecy to u right now, may u never be a victim of any circumstance in this season of blood shed. May u never be used as a sacrificial lamb and the will never drink your blood.

                   âš  WARNING âš 

Pls value the ministry of the holy spirit, because that's the best thing that will happen to u,  and also the greatest asset that u can have in this wicked  generation. 😢
Meet The Man Who Was Struck Dead By Thunder While Trying To Resurrect Like Jesus Christ
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From the time of old till now many people has tried to replicate the resurrection of Jesus christ which is a strong belief to the Christian. According to the Christian teaching, Jesus christ who is believed to be the son of God died after his crucification and on the 3rd day, he rose again from the dead.

Many people has come out in different times to replicate this action from Jesus christ and in most times it doesn't end well. Among the list of people who never lived to tell the story is a man called DE LAWRENCE

The man called De Lawrence, died mysteriously while trying to become the new Jesus, according to him, he said that there is no big deal as per the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. After His death, his follower begin to tell people as per what he told them that he will die and resurrect after 3 days day like Jesus christ.

Surprisingly, he died and rose up on the 3rd day but on his way to come out of his burial room , there arose a mighty thunder from heaven and struck him to death.; since, no man can be liken to the Christian Jesus Christ not even him De Lawrence.

Stories of de Lauence have been told many a times such as the famous ‘Shirley duppy’ in Rollington Town which left many people abandoning their houses; rocks being thrown at houses with no view of the stone thrower, rain falling only in a particular spot (dat deh secret deh ah Africa), babies cribs caught on fire with no harm to the baby and one that cannot be forgotten is about a young woman who has been pregnant for fourteen months who was taken out to see a spiritualist and was given medicine and told to sit over a pail when she got home, which was what she did – she sat as if she wanted to urinate in the pail

while she did so, what came out of her was an egg, scribbled on the egg in blue ink was LEAVE MY MAN NORMAN ALONE!!. The story was that this was done to her by Normans baby’s mother who had gone to an Obeah man who was a student of de Laurence. It has been said that de Laurence only terrorizes those who owes him and this is the way he demands of payment. 

De Laurence practiced Hindu occultism and mastered it to some degree, and contrary to most thought he was a white man, he knew how to use the power of the mind.

De Laurence was born on 31 October 1868 in Cleveland, Ohio, the eldest child of William and Mary (née Walker) Lawrence. He was married twice: the first time was in 1897 to Orrie Eckert in Ohio and the second time in about 1905 to Pauline McAdoo in Illinois.

De Laurence died on 11 September 1936 in Chicago, at the age of 68.


Is Drinking Alcohol A Sin?
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is in the book of Genesis 9:20-26 when the first reference to wine and intoxication is made in the Bible, when Noah planted a vineyard and began drinking wine. As a result of his drinking, Noah became nak*d and cursed his son Ham, who saw him naked and refused to cover him as a result of his drinking.

Drinking alcohol has been one of the most heatedly debated topics among Christians for a long time now, and for good reason. Some believe that God forbids Christians from consuming alcoholic beverages, while others believe that the Bible does not specify that consuming alcoholic beverages is a sin. The Bible says in Psalm 104:15, "And wine that gladdeneth the heart of man." Why would something that was given to us as a gift from God in order to make our lives more joyful be considered a sin? The Bible states in the book of First Timothy chapter 5 verse twenty-three that you should no longer drink water, but instead should drink a little wine for the purpose of your stomach. According to the word of God in this verse, wine is a substance that has healing properties.

Drinking alcohol is only prohibited in the Bible when a person consumes an excessive amount of it. When a person consumes alcohol to the point of endangering others, it is against the law. The Bible explains the harmful consequences of consuming alcoholic beverages. God, according to the Bible, does not approve of excessive drinking, which can result in major health problems and economic hardship. According to Proverbs 23:20, you should avoid associating with individuals who consume excessive amounts of alcohol because drunkards and gluttons will become destitute and appear as if they are dressed in rags. Drinking alcohol is reserved for individuals who are dying or in a state of suffering, according to the Bible. It appears from the Bible scriptures that drinking is not a sin, but it can have harmful consequences for individuals who overindulge.

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I remember many years back deciding who to marry was really a though challenge just like it is for so many youth today, the problem I had then was I am a "Ladies Man" so I had options...but as good as that may sound I know that making a mistake will spell doom for me so how did I settle this problem.
1. Know Yourself : how much of yourself do you know? Do you know your likes and dislikes? Do you know what you can accommodate/ not accommodate In your dream man or woman?
2. Vision : Do you know where you are going in life? If you know where you are going, that is your vision, you will know the right person to take along. If you have the mind to be a public figure and the person you want to marry don't like it ....then you don't need a soothsayer to tell you your choice needs review. I had a friend who told me the woman he wants to marry must be ready to relocate to his state because he had the mind to do politics and I tell you, yours truly got a woman that relocated out of Lagos with him. If you marry a man without vision, you will end up with television.
3. Don't marry a man/woman who doesn't have anyone they hold in high regard. Don't marry a man/woman who didn't have regard for elders. The truth is many women fall victim of this.. When they eventually marry and they have one or two challenges in their marrage, there is no one the husband respect that can talk him to caution. There must be somebody who should be able to caution your partner.
4. Don't marry someone you can't be proud of. Don't ever feel because you are aging the next thing is to marry any Tom, dDck and Harry that comes your way. You will regret it later.
5. Don't marry someone who is stingy. How else can I explain this? Someone who find it difficult to buy gift for you on you birthday, you went on a date together and he is expecting you to pay and this has been the regular thing.
6. Don't marry someone who doesn't respect his or her parents. A man or woman who doesn't respect their parents may not respect you.
7. Don't marry someone with low self-esteem. Someone with low self esteem may not tag along well with you....they read unnecessary meanings to your actions.
8. Don't marry and excessively angry man or woman. An angry man or woman is like a distructive wind.
Well....the list above is not  to be exhaustive but I want to believe I've tried a little...marriage is not a competition don't rush into it.
Igbo Christians Find It Hard To Donate To God — Pastor Fatoyinbo
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Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, popularly known as COZA, has alleged that it is difficult for Igbos to donate money to the church despite their claim of believing in God.

Speaking during a sermon at his church in Abuja, Fatoyinbo, however, said they have large hearts but do things at their will. According to the popular preacher, who said that hustling is a c*rse, some persons find it difficult to give because of how much they hustled to get the money.

He said, “The Igbo believe in God. It takes God for an Igbo guy to give. They have a large heart but -they believe you shouldn’t work their mind. “Igbos are 90 per cent Christians but no megachurch. You need to tear backgrounds to enter some testimonies.

No Church with a Yoruba pastor takes more Igbo songs than COZA. Hustle is a c*rze! Are you a hustler? “Some people find it hard to give because they hustled to get that money. In the name of Jesus, hustle has ceased in your life.”