Earning On Pejoweb

Earning On Pejoweb

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1) Creating original content
2) Reading content
3) Receiving Donations!
4) Referrals (Not compulsory)
5) Joining our free/paid online contests
6) Placing and winning lucky games

Please watch how to edit your posts

To earn with this method you need to be consistent. You need to build your audience who would always come back to view your posts.

Your posts can be of any length. Longer posts earn higher

Earnings would only count if your posts are read till the end, so you want to create posts that would have readers glued to their screens.

Your earnings are also dependent on the length of your posts, so that longer articles would earn more than shorter articles. This is tricky though, because if your posts are so long but boring, no one would read them.
It's better to keep it short and get as many people to read it.

Click to join other users on Facebook to promote your links and earn faster with our Facebook group for content creators

Focus on a niche like sports, Medicine, Technology, News etc to get a target audience that would grow overtime.

Use your posts to entertain or help people.

To get the best off your post give it a suitable title, avoid using emojis or words like hmmm on your titles. That way, your posts can be easily found on Google search.

You can earn off news, but note that people love news when it’s new. Share news updates on our WhatsApp, Telegram and facebook groups as soon as they arrive, so that you can get reactions on your posts.

We would not tolerate copied content for original creators (even if the source was cited) unless it has been edited to reflect your own opinion or impression.

To encourage your viewers to complete reading your posts, use paragraphs to break them into chunks.

Poor posts may cost you your earnings. 

You can request a payout only after you have earned up to N4100 (Four thousand, one hundred naira). 

Create your first content with the following link Post Article 

Another way to earn is when you read.
You genuinely have to complete reading the articles for your earnings to count, you would not earn if you just click and close article links. You would also only earn from properly formatted artilces or articles that are long enough (ie more than 100 words).

At the begining of every post, on the top left, there is an indicator to tell you if you are earning on the current post you are about to read. Tap on that icon to show more information about the post.

The longer the articles you read, the more you earn per read and the higher your all time reads the better you earn per read.

Another way users with great content earn is through donations from viewers who feel impressed with their posts. You may also receive donations through paypal. We will take 10% on every donation made to a user.

So have you been looking for a way to receive cash from friends without explicitly asking? There you go! Create a post, ask your friends to donate to you.

Pejoweb's referral program pays you when you invite your friends to come and play a role in dissemination of proper information online.

To Earn by this method, copy and share your referral link to your friends. 

The 3 ways to Earning by referrals
i) Every referred user is required to transfer a minimum of $1 to the user who referred them to activate their account (If you refer 10 users daily, it means you would make a withdrawal of $10 everyday).

ii) You get average of 6% commission when a user you referred upgrades his account. 
iii) When a user you referred makes a withdrawal, Users on basic membership get 5% of the earnings the referred user requests for withdrawal. For example, if a user you referred  withdraws $100, you get $5 (i.e 5%).

To get a higher commission from referral withdrawals consider upgrading your account.

* Basic plus users receive 8% commission when their referrals withdraw

* Premium users receive 16% commission when their referrals withdraw

Locate your referral link on your referral page.

You also earn by promoting other users items available for sale on the shop section of this platform. 

Follow your preferred link below to get updates on upcoming contests on Pejoweb.

Like our Facebook page for updates

Follow us on Instagram for updates

Enter our games page to stake a bet, the more you stake, the more your chances of winning.

Receiving payment
To receive payment on this platform, you must fill your account details (Name of Bank and Account number) correctly on your profile form.

You can request payout when you have earned up to N4100

Paystack and Paypal are also accepted forms of payment.

Who can earn
Everyone online with a legal means of receiving payment

Other benefits of Pejoweb
1) Giveaways on our social accounts
2) Borrow money based on your activity on Pejoweb

Get more updates when you follow our social handles (We give out freebies to users active on our social page comments)

Do you know that you earn better when registered users read your posts? Get access to tons of registered users on:

1) Whatsapp

2) Telegram

3) Facebook group

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