BBNaija’s Erica Abandons Range Rover, Jumps Okada To Beat Lagos Traffic
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Erica Nlewedim, a Popular BBNaija star has recently stire reactions from social media after she ‘jumped’ okada despite her status of a celebrity.
It was reported that she had a flight to catch at the airport but was faced with the huge Lagos traffic and had to look for another option.

In other for her to beat the Lagos traffic, Erica abandoned her expensive Range Rover on the road and hailed a bike man, popularly known as okada in Nigeria.

The reality show star's box was seen being placed in front of the bike man as she continue her journey to the airport.

However, despite the funny experience, she seemed quite excited and un-bothered about it, as she made videos of the moments for her fans on social media to watch.

See the video snapshot below:

In the video, Erica said: “I left my car behind to enter okada”.

Read people' reactions to the video below:

@Lingeriebytemmy said: “So what’s the big deal now.”

@Iam_bigdaf asked: “Why do they always make videos when they enter bike?”

@Special_tee said: “Is okada not banned. I feel they always do video and post themselves in case pple take a video of them.”

@Vanessah_xo_ said: “Sha don't fall down ooo”

@Gloria.ij said: “No be one way that bike Dey pass so”

@Mr_ebukah noted: “Why do they always do video and post like It has not always been their means of transportation before stardom.”

Watch the video here

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Misplaced Cash In Few Hours Of Electricity Strike
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Businessmen and girls in Kaduna State, on Thursday, stated they would have misplaced billions of Naira inside one week if the energy distribution enterprise did now not name off its strike.
 Recollects that power customers were thrown into darkness on Wednesday, whilst strength people launched into an commercial motion, which lasted for nearly one day, leading to the overall shutdown of the national power grid.

Power technology fell underneath 4,000 megawatts as people downed tools to protest the compulsory promotion interview for main managers, and unpaid entitlement, amongst different troubles.
However, following an enchantment, the planned strike did now not ultimate more than 24 hours.
But, inside hours it lasted, Mrs. Joy Adams who sells frozen chook alongside Kakuri-Kaduna bus forestall, stated she misplaced over 2 hundred,000.
Also Mr. Thank God Obeya who often components cold beverages to a manufacturing corporation in Kudenda said he lost over 300,000 as his business collapsed right away

Mrs. Unkolo Andrew who expressed pleasure as she heard power has been restored said she locked up her store since Wednesday morning.

According to her, the federal authorities ought to do

the whole thing possible to ensure that this won’t repeat itself again.

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The Trojan Virus 2 (signs And Serious Pointers)
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 Good day dear pejoweb readers.

In my first article, I explained and introduced you to TROJAN VIRUS. If you missed the first article, here is the link below :

In this article, I will be showing you some signs and pointers of trojan virus such that when you see them in your computers, you can easily identify and get rid of them.

1. You will come across a pop-up that claims to be an antivirus program but in reality, is fake.

2. Cyber-criminals exploit a software vulnerability and thereupon install a Trojan through unauthorized access. 

3. You can invite a trojan virus by accessing an infected email attachment or tapping on a link to a corrupted website.
4. Don't click on a pop-up download in a harmful website. Always check if the website is well secured.

5. When you download a program that is not published by a trustworthy site, you're inviting trojan virus.

6. You are redirected to illegal websites having browser exploits that can bring the cyber-criminals any file they want to download. Be careful.

7. If you are using any Trojan dropper, then again it leads to several kinds of malware. Some droppers and downloaders create a door of attacks through downloading, installing, and decompressing the core malicious modules.

Thank you for reading through, kindly drop your engaging comments and likes

In my next article, we shall be discussing  types of trojan virus.
Thank you 💕💕 💕💕

Source: https://nortondns.com/trojan-virus/


The Trojan Virus 1 (what You Must Know)
~0.7 mins read
 Good day dear pejoweb readers. In this article, I will be explaining some facts and description of the greatest enemy of your computer, THE TROJAN VIRUS that you must know.

 Trojan virus is also known as trojan horse. It's a malware in the shape of legitimate software. However, it looks legitimate but can get access to your computer. It is designed to steal, disrupt, damage the data stored in the computer.

Trojan horse is considered a bona fide application to deceive you in some kind. Cyber-criminals can spy on us, steal our personal secret data, and get background access to the computer through trojan horse. 

Once installed, it can execute the function it was designed for.
Source: https://nortondns.com/trojan-virus/

In my next article, we shall discuss the functions and how you can identify this TROJAN VIRUS in your computer
Kindly drop your engaging comments ❤️❤️❤️❤️
This 'upside Down' House In South Africa Is Attracting Tour....
~0.2 mins read
This 'upside down' house in South Africa is attracting tourists from across the world. Located near Hartebeestpoort, the house is inverted on the outside and inside. Visitors take pictures of themselves in rooms that have sofas and chairs hanging from the ceiling.
Incase u get confused about the photo just turn your phone upside down you'll understand it better

'He Hasn't Bathed In 3 Years' —Okada Riders Arrest Man And Bath Him In Public
~1.0 mins read
A Ghanaian motorcyclist better known in local language as 'okada rider' is fast going viral on social media after a video of him taking a by-force shower was shared online.

In the footage that has surfaced on many profiles, including that of the rising blog, @alreadyviralofficial, the young man tried resisting the activity he was being put through against his will, but it did not work.

Why the okada rider was bathed by force:

A man behind one of the several cameras that were recording the scene was heard explaining why the gentleman was being taken through the ordeal in the words:

“He doesn’t like bathing, he hasn’t bath for over 3 years now. What kind of person is this? The smell alone is enough to judge but today whether he likes it or not, he will be given a clean bath."

See the Instagram post below:

Consequences of not bathing:

According to Webmd, when one does not shower enough, the buildup of oils can also cause a buildup of the bacteria that causes acne. Dirt and dead skin can add to the problem by clogging pores.

In short way, not bathing could cause more pimples. The buildup of oils can cause other skin problems too, the flaking away of skin on your scalp (dandruff), and flareups of existing skin conditions like eczema.

Watch the video here

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