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Demoracy must fall because it will try to tailor to everyone. The poor will want the wealth of the rich, and democracy will give it to them. Young people will want to be respected as elderly and democracy will give it to them. Women will want to be like men and democracy will give it to them. Foreigners will want the rights of the natives and democracy will give it to them. Thieves and fraudsters will want important government functions, and democracy will give it to them. _And at that time, when thieves and fraudsters finally democratically take authority because criminals and evil doers want power, there will be worse dictatorship than in the time of any monarchy or oligarchy."

What's your view on this? 
Kindly drop your comment below
(Emma Chuma) Mr Peter Will Be The President Of Nigeria Tomorrow Amen
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Hello my name is Emma chuma I am Mr Peter obi supporter Let us all Vote for Peter obi Mr Peter obi we Go 
Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Bid
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Trump announces 2024 presidential bid
Former US President, Donald Trump, has announced he will run for the 2024 Republican nomination for president.

Trump is seeking to return to the White House after he had lost his bid for re-election to Joe Biden in 2020.

He disclosed this on Tuesday during a speech at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida home.

“In order to make America great and glorious again. I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump said.

Recall that Trump won the US presidency for the first time in 2016 when he contested against Hillary Clinton.

Trump would become the second President to retake the White House if he succeeds in 2024, thereby making him the 45th and the 47th president, respectively.


South Africa’s Ex-leader, Jacob Zuma, Released From Prison
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The prison sentence of beleaguered ex-South African President Jacob Zuma officially ended on Friday, with correctional services saying he had been released from their system having served only part of his term behind bars.

The former Head of State was jailed for 15 months for contempt of court in July last year after refusing to testify before a graft inquiry – but was released on medical parole two months later.

“It is a day of mixed emotions,” Zuma said in a statement on Friday, thanking his supporters for speaking out against what he said was an “unjust and cruel incarceration.”

“I am relieved to be free again to walk around and do whatever I want to do without restrictions.”

He compared his release to the day in 1973 when he walked out of Cape Town’s notorious Robben Island prison, where he had been jailed as an apartheid-era political prisoner with Nelson Mandela.
Emma Chuma) INEC Declared Tinibu As The New President Of Nigeria
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INEC has Declared Bola Ahmed Tinibu as the President of Nigeria and Tinibu promise to be a servant not a leader he also promise to serve Nigerian and to support Nigerian people he promised to feed the hungry and the poor and helpless People he promised to shelter the beggers 
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