Fuel Price May Fall As Petrol Vessels Berth At Port - Politics
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The pump price of Premium Motor Spirit, popularly called petrol, may be reduced in filling stations operated by independent marketers this week, following the massive imports of PMS by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, oil dealers stated on Saturday.

It was gathered that the recent hike in petrol prices at retail outlets operated by independent marketers was due to the short supply of the commodity, which led to acts of profiteering by both depot owners and filling stations.

But operators in the downstream oil sector confirmed to our correspondent on Saturday night that several cargoes imported by NNPCL had arrived in Nigeria, as some of them were currently discharging at the ports.

“Once the products start hitting filling stations, fuel price will reduce, because the recent high cost was due to supply drop,” the National Public Relations Officer, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Chief Ukadike Chinedu, told our correspondent.

On Thursday, oil marketers blamed the emergence of queues for petrol at filling stations in Abuja and neighbouring Nasarawa and Niger states on the low supply of PMS by its sole importer – NNPCL.

However, the national oil company refuted the position of marketers, as it argued that the queues in the affected areas were due to a “price war.”

But going by the latest development concerning the imports by NNPCL, operators in the sector stated that the queues would not only disappear but there would be a reduction in price at independent filling stations.

Currently, petrol is mostly sold at between N580 and N613/litre at filling stations operated by NNPCL. Most other marketers dispense the commodity at higher rates, with some selling PMS for as high as N670/litre.

“The most important thing now is that cargoes carrying PMS ordered by NNPCL have arrived, some of them have berthed and they are discharging. So the partial scarcity we are experiencing now will be gone,” Ukadike said.

He noted that the inflow of foreign exchange during the Yuletide would not necessarily impact petrol prices, rather the increased imports by NNPCL should warrant a reduction in price.

He said the large PMS imports were confirmed to marketers by NNPCL.

On whether marketers had started receiving the products, Ukadike replied, “By Monday we will start receiving from Port Harcourt and Warri, based on my last discussion with the NNPC management.”

Another major marketer also confirmed the position of IPMAN, as he stated that “when you wet the market with products, there’ll be no room for profiteering.”

Earlier, the Chief Corporate Communications Officer, NNPCL, Olufemi Soneye, stated that the position of oil marketers as regards the re-emergence of fuel queues was not true, as he insisted that the oil firm had enough products.

“That is not true. The recent tightness in Abuja is essentially a price war which is typical of any competitive market. Motorists would rather queue at filling stations that offer lower prices than others.

“While NNPC retail is selling at N613/litre in Abuja, other marketers’ prices range from N625-N650/litre,
Indefinite Strike From October 3-NLC, TUC Declares
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The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Nigeria's Trade Union Confederation (TUC) have jointly declared an indefinite strike scheduled to commence on October 3rd. This announcement was made during a press conference held in Abuja on September 26th by Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, and Festus Osifo, the head of the Trade Union Congress. They urged Nigerians to prepare by stocking up on food supplies in anticipation of the strike, which is expected to disrupt economic activities across the country.

The reason cited for this indefinite strike, as explained by both Presidents, stems from the government's alleged indifference to Nigeria's challenges following the removal of the petrol subsidy and its perceived lack of initiative in providing relief measures. 

This move signifies a significant protest against government policies and actions that have affected the livelihoods of many Nigerians. The NLC and TUC's joint action is aimed at drawing attention to these concerns and pushing for a response from the authorities.

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INEC Said They Were At 33% Of Collation When They Directed Them To Go And Announce' - Bode George
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"Former PDP Deputy National Chairman, Chief Bode George, has raised serious concerns about the integrity of the 2023 election. He alleges that INEC's assertion of being at 33% of result collation before announcing a winner should invalidate the entire election. 

In his view, the judiciary should not declare any candidate as the winner, but instead, advocate for a fresh rerun to ensure a transparent and fair electoral process. George emphasizes that the focus should be on upholding the will of the people rather than the decisions of judges.

In an interview with Arise TV News, George clarified that his stance is not driven by his political affiliation with the PDP. He calls for an impartial process without any external interference or manipulation. 

He also draws attention to a similar situation that occurred during the 2007 Yar'adua election and questions whether Nigeria should continue on this problematic path in 2023, especially considering the hardships faced by millions of citizens."

Watch the video from:17:08


Fuel Hike: Pro-Tinubu Protesters Storm National Assembly 20th July 2023
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Protesters in support of the fuel removal on Thursday cause a bit of disruption at the National Assembly’s main entrance popularly known as Mopol gate.

The protesters noted that they decided to hit the street to show solidarity with the President, Bola Tinubu, over the removal of fuel subsidy.

According to the protesters, the president made the right decision by removing the ‘canker worm’ that has eaten deep into the economy.

The President had during his inaugural speech on May 29, declared that there would no longer be a petroleum subsidy regime as the current 2023 budget he glimpsed does not contain it.
On Tuesday, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited and other oil marketers raised the price of petrol from about N537/litre to between N617 and N630/litre.

This development has so far raised concerns across the country.

In response to the fuel hike, the convener of Stand Up Nigeria, Sunday Attah, stated that the Tinubu-led administration has done the right thing and should be supported to deliver on the dividends of democracy.

He said, “The announcement on the 29th May 2023, by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that the subsidy on fuel has been removed has come with mixed feelings.

“While some have hailed it as apt and timely others have expressed reservation that it may cause further hardship on the citizenry.

“You will recall that the President anchored the policy on the fact that there was no provision for subsidy payment in the 2023 budget hence cannot be sustained.”

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It’s Hypocrisy To Arrest Emefiele And Leave Buhari — Lawyers
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Legal practitioners under the aegis of Lawyers in Defence of Democracy have slammed the State Security Services SSS for arresting and detaining the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, Mr Godwin Emefiele while leaving out his principal and approving authority, former President Muhammadu Buhari.

The SSS had in December last year made attempts to arrest Emefiele but was stopped by the Courts.

Emefiele had in the lead up to the 2023 general elections came under intense scrutiny following the apex bank’s Naira Redesign Policy which many partisans saw as targeting Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, then presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC.

Speaking on Arise Television breakfast show monitored Friday in Abuja, Convener, Lawyers in Defence of Democracy, Kingdom Okere, also accused the SSS of framing up Emefiele. He described the arrest as illegal, saying it was in violation of a subsisting order of the Federal Capital Territory FCT High Court.

He consequently called for the sack of the Director General State Services DGSS, Yusuf Bichi, saying there was no reason to have retained him when President Tinubu sacked the Service Chiefs.

Okere who recalled how the SSS had tried to arrest Emefiele in December last year but only succeeded in June 2023, said it was deeply concerning that the security agency would still detain Emefiele for more than one month, instead of having gathered its evidences within the period from December 2022 to June 2023.

He said; “We just heard from the statement by the DSS that they have charged him to court. Charging him to court is different from arraigning him. 

“We have not seen a copy of the charge. Of course, the accused has been in illegal detention of the DSS, and his lawyers should be privy to whatever charges that may have preferred against him.

“The point is that Lawyers in the Defence of Democracy have been on this issue since 7th December 2022 when the DSS sought to obtain a black market exparte application from the Federal High Court. It is black market because the honourable judge of the Federal High Court said the DSS could not use that honourable court to commence an irregular proceeding.

“Thereafter, on 29th December 2022, Justice MA Hassan of the FCT High Court made an order of perpetual injunction restraining the DSS from preferring any trump up charge of terrorism financing against the suspended CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele and DSS participated in that proceeding and they have not appealed that decision and if they purport to have done that, there is no proper record of appeal at the Appeal Court to that effect.

“The rule of law does not empower the DSS to disregard an order of a court of competent jurisdiction. The only thing they can do within their constitutional right is to go to a higher court to set it aside. Insofar as that order remains, whatever they are purporting to do, to file any charges against Emefiele remains illegal ab initio. 

“Between 7th of December 2022 when they first went to court and 8th June 2023 when they eventually arrested him, they didn’t have any evidence against him. What they have done is to prove us right that they had plans to frame him up. It has now taken them more than one month and just Thursday’s court order that directed them to either release him or charge him to court to now go and file whatever charge they purport to have filed”.

Okere also said Emefiele was only following orders, that the man who gave him the order, former President Muhammadu Buhari ought to also have been arrested by the SSS.

He said; “Whatever Emefiele did as CBN Governor had presidential approval. So, if they have anything against him, they should also know that it is traceable to former President Muhammadu Buhari and they should also being him to book so that they can defend themselves.

“Be that as it may, DSS upon searching Emefiele’s house found only N300,000. Does it mean that Emefiele from his legitimate earnings cannot have N300,000 in his house? They also found a licence for pump action. Any other thing they come out with tomorrow that they found in Emefiele’s house is pure falsehood. Those were the only two things they found in his house and it took them more than one month and the order of a court to go and file charges against him just yesterday.

“The DSS has a history of disobeying court orders. It is their stock in trade. They also gave a track record of invading people’s homes in the wee hours of the day or night just as they did to justices of the supreme court and of course you know how the matter ended. DSS has always proven itself as an agency that flouts the rule of law. They see themselves as above the law, whereas they were established by just a piece of legislation, the Security Agencies Act that was signed by the president and they now see themselves to be over and above the constitution of Nigeria that established the federation where all arms of government must operate within the ambit of the constitution.

“Tinubu, the new president has a track record of believing in the rule of law. One example is that he fought former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he withheld the local government allocation due to Lagos state because Tinubu found that it was within the powers of the state Assembly to create local governments or development centres as they are called today”, he added.

Mr Okere also advocated the sack of the DGSS, Yusuf Bichi, saying President Tinubu could be sending the wrong signals to Nigerians by retaining him.

“We are calling on President Tinubu to not allow the overzealousness of the DSS to tarnish his hard-earned reputation of believing in the rule of law, of believing in opposition politics and in his inaugural address, he promised Nigerians that he was going to obey the rule of law. We now asked him, why are you still leaving this man in office? All other Service Chiefs have been removed. Why did you leave him? Probably because he participated in the whole politics of old and new Naira notes and attempted to initially frame Emefiele up by going to the Federal High Court to seek exparte application. And of course, it is widely believed that he belongs to Tinubu’s camp and that is why the president is still leaving him in office.

“So, we are telling the president that this is not the right way to begin. Nobody is above the entire Federal Republic if Nigeria. Look for more competent hands and replace this person because ab initio, his appointment was a subject of controversy.

“We learned in the public domain that he had retired and former President Muhammadu Buhari in his characteristic manner of not following the law in making certain appointments like he appointed former CG of Customs, a retired Army colonel, also brought Bichi back to serve as DSS, an institution from which he had long retired as we learned in the media. So, we are telling the incumbent president to do things right”, Okere added.

Sim Cancels Recruitment Of Staff Of Iauoe Due To Irregularities
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The Government of Rivers State has observed with dismay the inconsistencies/ irregularities and flagrant disobedience to the directives concerning the just concluded recruitment exercise at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt.
Therefore, the recent employment exercise conducted by the management of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt is hereby cancelled .
All appointment letters issued and received are hereby nullified and the affected persons are directed to return the letters to the office of the Registrar of the Instistition and other employment related properties such as ID Cards in their possession to the office of the Head of Service, Rivers State immediately.
A proper and credible recruitment exercise shall be conducted in due course.