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Mr Ziyaulhaq
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Price
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Before You Start A Farm
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1. How big is your pocket and skillful is your hand

I'm very sure that you don't want to start what you cannot finish.

So, before you start anything at all, sit down and count the cost. 
How much do you need right from planting to taking the produce to the market?

Then, do you have the right knowledge? Having money is not enough, you must also have the knowledge or get someone with the knowledge to help. That is when you need a Consultant, but please get the right person for the job.

2. The right soil for the plant and nearness to the market:

This is the area where our people in big cities like Lagos make mistakes. They think farming is a hobby and thereby want to plant different types of vegetables, maize, cassava, and yam on a 6-plot of land. Dear, farming is purely a business and not a hobby, let your Consultant does his/her work depending on the type of the soil and size of the land. There is always the right crop to plant on a particular soil type.

Another thing to consider here is the nearness to the market. Since farming is a business, then the market is your final destination as a farmer and making a profit is the primary goal.

At the end of the day after harvesting and taking your farm produce to the market, will you still make a sensible profit?

If you can answer these questions, then move on.

See you next time

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MUSHROOM CULTIVATION :say farewell to poverty 
Floating Fish Feed Production Line
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Fish feed production line is newly developed to meet the demand of intensive production of fish feed pellets,it can produce various kinds of pellets for different varieties of fishes including Tilapia pellets, Catfish pellets, CatCarp pellet, Trout pellets, Shrimp pellets, etc.The pellet can have rich nutrients,different shapes, unique flavor, and fine texture to meet the different eating habit of aqua fish.This production line with many specifications can produce floating fish feed, sinking fish feed, pet feed, etc. Full automation control and high production efficiency, it is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms.Our fish feed production plant adopted extrusion technology.It is a way of making food and feeds often applied by most companies that involve fish and pet food.

Pet Poultry Broiler Chicken Feed Pellet Making Device Rate
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Chicken poultry feed pellet making machine has the features of compact structure, beautiful appearance, large diameter of feed opening, ring die style, appropriate for making feed pellets, high result, low power consumption, hassle-free use as well as reliable functioning performance. The stress rollers are equally organized, as well as the operation is stable. At the same time, journalism location is boosted, as well as the manufacturing efficiency is improved. The screw facility pressure managing framework is taken on, and also the space between the mold and mildews boosts and reduces, and also it appropriates for different materials to ensure the pressing effect.

1. The range of application of the poultry feed pellet making maker:

It is widely utilized in huge, medium and little tank farming, grain and fowl poultry feed plants, animals farms, fowl farms, specific farmers and tiny and also medium-sized ranches, farmers or huge, medium as well as tiny fowl feed handling plants.

The following is a in-depth intro to the RICHI chicken feed pellet making device.

( 1) Raw materials of chicken feed pellet making equipment:

Feed handling equipment that directly presses pellets with crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, turf, rice husk, and so on( 2) The functioning principle of the chicken feed pellet making equipment:

RICHI chicken feed pellet making machine attains the goal of feeding dry in and dry out. Via the extrusion in between journalism roller as well as the die plate, the temperature of 80 ° C can be gotten to throughout the manufacturing procedure, as well as the pellets with smooth surface as well as uniform body can be processed. And have a specific solidity. Furthermore, users can select various apertures and also compression proportions according to their different demands to obtain the very best innovation as well as financial advantages.

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The chicken feed pellet making machine makes use of a motor as the driving shaft for power, as well as runs cyclically on this basis. It drives the major shaft with gears to rub the die plate as well as the stress roller, as well as the resulting rubbing temperature level ( in between the pressure roller and the die plate) can be approximately 80 ° C. The raw material passes through the heat, under the extrusion of journalism roller as well as the die plate, as well as goes through the holes on the die plate, and the high-quality molding pellets will present from the discharge port.

( 3) Benefits of feed pellets produced by RICHI fowl pellet maker:

High hardness, smooth surface area as well as inner ripening, which can boost the digestion as well as absorption of nutrients. The pellet formation procedure can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance consider grains as well as beans, lower the negative effects on food digestion, eliminate different bloodsucker eggs as well as other pathogenic bacteria, as well as decrease different pests and digestion system conditions. Compared with blended powder feed, greater financial benefits can be obtained.

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( 4) R&D strength of Richi Machinery:

The chicken feed pellet making machine is a new type of energy-saving devices individually created by Richi Equipment. Richi Equipment has a first-class R&D group, which includes the fowl feed pellet making machine r & d task department, the biomass pellet device r & d project department, and also the organic fertilizer pellet machine research and development project division. Job Division. Richi Equipment has progressed machinery production devices, strong development stamina as well as best after-sales solution. It is a professional manufacturer of pellet machinery in China that researches, establishes, manufactures, mounts as well as debugs.

2. The rate of chicken feed pellet making maker

The cost of chicken feed pelleting machine is typically 7000-100000USD, as well as the outcome of chicken feed that can be refined is 1-48t/ h. If the grass-containing feed is to be refined, the yield is somewhat reduced, and these are established according to the customer's real raw materials as well as formulations.

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3. Why choose RICHI fowl feed pellet making device?

( 1) RICHI Machinery feed pellet maker has actually passed a variety of licenses as well as won a number of license certifications.

( 2) It has passed the international ISO9001 as well as EU CE qualification, and also is a new power machinery production enterprise urged by the state.

( 3) All models have actually passed the farming equipment promotion appraisal of the Ministry of Farming, and all of them have passed the inspection.

( 4) Some provinces and also areas have passed the nationwide agricultural machinery acquisition subsidies, and the purchase of agricultural machinery can delight in federal government subsidies.

( 5) Richi Equipment develops year by year, items are frequently upgraded, advanced handling equipment, elegant workmanship, and also stringent inspection and testing ensure higher quality of items. The poultry feed pellet making makers are throughout the nation and also exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc worldwide market.

( 6) Perfect after-sales service, all buyers only need to depend on the "product top quality warranty card", you will certainly appreciate 1 year guarantee and life time upkeep after-sales service.

( 7) The chicken feed pellet making maker produced by Richi Equipment have won the titles of "Famous Products" and also " Top Quality Trustworthy Products" for many times.

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