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My Albums

Friends, please rate my sandwich of pictures

Watch till the end. You will love it.

Some Days, I feel so tired and lonely. I need a Friend.

Oh I need a friend. You can be my friend. What can you do for me? what would you do? If we were really close and you had to spend this tiring boring day with me.As a friend, how would you

Tough women got strong legs too

You know it, I gat all you need and you want me. But would you ever get to me? Or you will just ravage at my pictures till eternity and eternity. You will never get to get what you want from me

How Alcohol solves Problems! Easy!!

First, you get a problem without a visible solution in sight.You are overwhelmed and disgusted, so you go for the bottle of liquor. One glass,

Hey Guys! Rate Me!

Hi Friends, Please rate my pictures on a scale of 1 - 10. Please, don’t be too harsh, but don’t patronize me. I just want to here the truth. No Euphemisms or Exaggeration because I

A Human In Doll form - Scroll to the last one ah!

I am human, you have no idea how uneven I could be, how rough, dry and imperfect I could be. But I am a doll when I want to be, I could be Even, Smooth and wet. I could be perfect.

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