Woman Left With A Remoulded Face After Going To The Gym To F#ght Her Husband’s Gym Instructor Side-ch+ck
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A woman has left with a remoulded face after going to the gym to f her husband’s gym instructor side-ch+ck.

The woman went to f#ght the gym instructor and ended up having a sw%llen face.

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Job Market Bounced Back In May With A Vengeance—And An Asterisk
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Did the job market get better or worse for workers in May? The answer depends on whether you believe more what businesses or individuals say.Businesses added 272,000 jobs in May, surging from a downwardly revised 165,000 in April, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday, based on a survey of businesses and other workplaces. The latest figure blew past the the 190,000 jobs expected by economists surveyed by  and .

But a separate survey of households showed the unemployment rate edged higher to 4% from 3.9% in April, breaking a 27-month streak of sub-4% unemployment.

The two surveys sometimes move in different directions, and in such cases economists generally put more stock in the business survey because it covers more workers, making it more reliable and less prone to wild up-and-down swings from month to month than the household survey, meaning that for markets, the focus was mainly on the healthy increase in jobs."Relative to history, we're adding tons of jobs," Chris Clarke, assistant professor of economics at Washington State University, told Investopedia. "We're adding way more jobs than we used to a decade ago. It's extraordinary."Still, the uptick in unemployment was enough to add a grain of salt to a report that otherwise showed the job market regaining steam after a deceleration in April. 

“The household survey is volatile and less reliable, but it shouldn’t be discounted entirely,” Ryan Sweet, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, wrote in a commentary. Clarke noted that the uptick in the unemployment rate was mainly because of an influx of people seeking work, not because of an increase in layoffs.

In another bright spot for workers, pay increases continued to outpace inflation, with average hourly wages rising 0.4% from April, up from a 0.2% gain the month before, making for a 4.1% annual increase that beat out the 3.4% rise in the cost of living, according to the Consumer Price Index. 

Overall, the report showed the job market is mostly staying resilient, even though employers have cut back the number of job openings in recent months as high borrowing costs for loans have dragged on the economy.

The report was closely watched in financial markets because of how it might affect the Federal Reserve’s thinking on where it sets the key fed funds rate, which influences interest rates on all kinds of loans.

The Fed has held the rate at a 23-year high since last July in an effort to curb inflation. Fed officials have worried that the roaring post-pandemic labor market, where jobs have been plentiful and raises larger than usual, could stoke inflation by creating more demand for goods and services. 

In recent months, Fed officials have said they’re determined to keep interest rates higher for longer to ensure that inflation is firmly on the path to a 2% annual rate before making any cuts. Signs of weakness in the labor market could prompt the Fed to cut them sooner in an effort to stimulate the economy and prevent a wave of unemployment.“The central bank is attentive to downside risks to the economy if the labor market stumbles,” Sweet wrote. “Overall, the labor market appears to be roughly in equilibrium, but the Fed needs to walk a tight rope. If they wait for concrete evidence that the labor market is bending, then it's too late.”

Financial markets bet the surge of job creation would push the Fed to delay rate cuts. With cuts this summer all but out of the question, the chances for a September rate cut diminished to 50.8% from 68.3% on Thursday, according to the CME Group’s FedWatch tool, which forecasts rate movements based on fed funds futures trading data. 

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Three Handsome Kidn+ppers Arrested In Abuja
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Joint security operatives comprising Special Forces of Guards Brigade, the Nigeria Police Force and DSS hunters have arrested four suspected bandits accused of kidnapping activities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The suspects include a 25-year-old Yahaya Abubakar, a resident of Mpape; Mohammed Mohamed, 32 who resides at Zuba and an ex-convict; Umar Aliyu, 20 and another convict, a 32-year-old Nura Abdullahi both who live at Kubwa and Zuba hills.

FCT Police spokesperson, SP Josephine Adeh who confirmed the arrests said the operation a shootout ensued between the bandits and the security operatives, forcing the suspected criminals to scamper to safety and abandoned their victims who were later rescued.

SP Adeh said, “The operatives of the FCT Police command, in synergy with the special forces of Guards Brigade and DSS hunters, in a continued effort against criminality in FCT, on May 7, 2024, at about 10:00 am, acting on credible intelligence, stormed some identified kidnappers camps at Gidan Dogo and Kweti Forest, Kaduna State, bordering FCT, trailed and arrested the suspects. The suspects freely confessed to being members of a notorious bandit syndicate with the name ‘Mai One Million’, responsible for a series of kidnappings and other heinous crimes in FCT and its environs.

The coordinated operation, occasioned a shootout between the bandits and the security operatives, forcing them to scamper to safety and victims rescued. The illegally erected structures by the kidnappers in all the patrolled camps, were all decimated.” While the rescued victims have since been reunited with their families and loved ones, the FCT Commissioner of Police, CP Benneth Igweh lauded the effort of the security operatives in the fight against criminality in the nation’s capital city.

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I Don’t Believe In The Hallelujah Challenge Program. We Spend Too Much Time Praying And Shouting Hallelujah Instead Of Actually Working And Being Actual Good Human Beings — BBN’s Doyin
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BBN’s Doyin has revealed that she does not believe in the Hallelujah Challenge program

She said we spend too much time praying and shouting hallelujah instead of actually working and being actual good human beings.

She added, if it were really by’ “hallelujah challenge” and “what God cannot do” .Nigeria should be one of the greatest countries by now.

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Economic Hardship: If Bread Is Overpriced, Consider Pap, Ogi, Akamu — Says Reno Omokri As He Advises Nigerians To Cut Their Coats According To Their Cloths
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Reno Omokri has said if bread is overpriced, consider pap, ogi, akamu as he advises Nigerians to cut their coats according to their cloths.

Economic challenges are a worldwide phenomenon.If you can’t afford Coke at #400, drink water. If pepper is scarce, plant it in your backyard. If bread is overpriced, consider pap, ogi, akamu. If DSTV is out of reach, reach for a book instead. If restaurants increase prices, cook at home. If your power bill is high, reduce your usage. If data is expensive, use free mode more often.

There is a hunger cr#sis in Britain, a homeless cr#sis in Canada, and a healthcare conundrum in the United States. It is not just Nigeria.

Our situation in Nigeria is compounded by the loans Buhari took, which mortgaged our future oil sales. And since we in Nigeria cannot adjust economic realities to suit ourselves, we must adapt ourselves to suit economic conditions.


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Br%ke Man Reveals His Reason For D¥mping His Girlfriend
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A br%ke man has revealed his reason for d¥mping his girlfriend.

The reason for breaking the relationship was that he was too br%ke to concentrate on a relationship.

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