The Biggest M£ss Created In 2023 Was Naira Devaluation — Aliko Dangote
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The Chairman of Dangote Industries Limited, Aliko Dangote has described the floating of naira by President Bola Tinubu’s administration as the biggest mess that affected his company and other business owners in 2023.

Floating the naira allows market forces to determine its value in relation to other currencies.

Speaking at an event on Tuesday, April 30, the billionaire said several manufacturing enterprises were impacted and suffered operational losses due to variations in the naira’s value against the US dollar.

According to him, “We are doing whatever it takes to make sure that at the end of the day, we will be paying dividends because if you look at our dividends last year, it was almost 50 percent more so we will try and get out of the mess.

The biggest mess created was actually the devaluation of the naira from N460 to N1,400.

You can see almost 97 percent of the companies, especially in food and beverages businesses, none of them will pay dividends this year for sure but, we will try and get out of it as soon as possible.

We want to see that at the end of the day, no matter how small, we will be able to pay some dividends, especially if there is a rebound of the naira.”

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Police Arrest Fake EFCC Operatives For Alleged Robb£ry And Abd¥ction In Nasarawa
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Police operatives in Nasarawa State have arrested four suspects posing as EFCC operatives who r%bbed students of the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa and abd¥cted one Adudu Kingsley, an ND II student.

The command’s spokesperson, DSP Ramhan Nansel, made this known in a statement on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

“On 17/04/2024 at about 1545hrs, a distress call was received that four individuals posing as EFCC personnel, using a Toyota Corolla, Green in colour with registration number Abuja YAB 509 TT robbed some students of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa at Samakwe Lodge behind Government College, Nasarawa LGA and abd¥cted one Adudu Kingsley, an ND II Student of the same Polytechnic.

Reacting to the unsavoury development, Police operatives gave the suspects a hot chase and a roadblock was mounted at Laminga junction to stop the suspects from escaping with the victim, but they hit the barrier and fled

Furthermore, Police operatives at Anguwan Madugu were contacted to mount another roadblock, which the suspects sighted from a distance; abandoned their operational vehicle and the abd¥cted student and fled.

Luck ran out of one of the suspects as he was caught and b£@ten mercilessly by an angry mob before the arrival of the Police while others fled

The suspect was rescued from the mob by the Police and rushed to Primary Health Care, Laminga, where he di£d while receiving treatment.

A search of the recovered vehicle yielded two identification cards linking the fleeing suspects to the syndicate. Further investigation led to the arrest of three additional members: Hyelda Aliyu Ibrahim, Henry Patrick Okwu, and Shuaibu Abubakar (the operational driver).

Exhibits recovered include an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Huawei, and Tecno Spark 5, as well as fake EFCC ID cards. The suspects have confessed to being the syndicate responsible for r%bbing and t£rrorising student areas in Keffi and Nasarawa LGA

Effort is ongoing to arrest one identified suspect that is at large,” the statement reads in part.

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A Rich Girl Named - Eveylyn
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In the glittering halls of a multimillion-dollar family business, there lived a young woman named Evelyn. Born into wealth and privilege, she was the heir apparent to an empire built on power, ambition, and ruthless determination.
From a young age, Evelyn had been groomed to play her part in the family business—a delicate dance of manipulation and deceit, where loyalty was bought and sold like a commodity, and success came at a price too steep for most to pay.
But as Evelyn grew older, a seed of doubt began to take root within her soul. Despite her outward compliance, she found herself questioning the morality of her actions, the ethics of her family's business practices, and her own place within the tangled web of lies and deceit that surrounded her.
Caught between loyalty to her family and a growing sense of disillusionment, Evelyn struggled to reconcile the person she was expected to be with the person she longed to become. She yearned for meaning and purpose beyond the confines of her family's wealth and power, a life untainted by the darkness that lurked at the heart of their empire.
And then, one fateful day, everything changed. A scandal rocked the foundations of the family business, threatening to bring their carefully constructed world crashing down around them. As the walls closed in and the truth threatened to be exposed, Evelyn found herself faced with a choice—continue to play the innocent pawn in her family's game, or confront the darkness within herself and take a stand for what she believed in.
In a moment of clarity, Evelyn made her decision. With steely resolve, she cast aside the chains of her family's expectations and embraced her own truth, no matter the cost. She vowed to use her privilege and influence for good, to right the wrongs of the past and forge a new path forward, one built on honesty, integrity, and compassion.
And as she stepped out into the world, her heart ablaze with determination and her spirit unshackled by fear, Evelyn knew that her journey was just beginning. For she had come to terms with her own dark side, and in doing so, had discovered the light that had always burned within her soul, waiting to be set free.

Tommy And Coco's Adventures
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In a cozy little town nestled among rolling hills and whispering forests, there lived a young boy named Tommy and his faithful companion, Coco the dog. From the moment they met, their bond was unbreakable, a friendship forged in the fires of love and kindness.
Every morning, Tommy and Coco would set out on adventures together, exploring the wonders of nature that surrounded their home. They chased butterflies through fields of wildflowers, splashed in babbling brooks, and raced each other through the towering trees of the forest.
But their adventures were not just about fun and games. Along their journey, Tommy and Coco would often encounter others in need—a lost kitten, a lonely bird, or a frightened rabbit. And each time, without hesitation, they would offer a helping hand, spreading love and kindness wherever they went.
As the years passed, Tommy and Coco grew inseparable, their bond deepening with each passing day. They shared secrets whispered beneath the stars, dreams spun from moonlight and stardust, and laughter that echoed through the hills like music.
But then, one day, tragedy struck. Coco fell ill, her once lively eyes dimmed with pain. Tommy was heartbroken, his world crumbling around him as he watched his beloved friend suffer.
But in the darkest hour, a glimmer of hope appeared. With tears streaming down his cheeks, Tommy held Coco close, whispering words of love and comfort into her ear. And as if by magic, Coco's eyes sparkled once more, her tail wagging weakly as she nuzzled against her best friend.
From that moment on, Tommy devoted himself entirely to Coco's care, showering her with love and tenderness as he nursed her back to health. And as the days turned into weeks, Coco grew stronger, her spirit shining brighter than ever before.
And then, one beautiful spring morning, as the sun rose over the horizon in a symphony of colors, something magical happened. Coco stood before Tommy, her eyes sparkling with joy and gratitude, her tail wagging furiously as she barked in delight.
In that moment, Tommy knew that Coco was not just his loyal companion—she was his guardian angel, his beacon of hope and light in a world filled with darkness.
And as they stood there, bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun, Tommy and Coco knew that their love would endure forever, a bond forged in the fires of adversity and strengthened by the power of kindness and compassion.

Emily And Adam - A Love Affair
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In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there lived a young woman named Emily. She was a romantic at heart, with dreams as vast as the ocean and a soul as deep as the night sky.
One fateful day, Emily met Adam, a kind-hearted musician with a smile that could light up the darkest of nights. From the moment their eyes met, they knew they shared a connection that transcended words—a bond that drew them together like magnets.
As their love blossomed, Emily found herself torn between two worlds. On one hand, there was Adam, the embodiment of everything she had ever dreamed of—a soulmate who understood her in ways no one else ever could. On the other hand, there was the world of her ambitions and aspirations—a world that beckoned her with promises of success and fulfillment.
Caught between her love for Adam and her desire to chase her dreams, Emily wrestled with her emotions, unsure of which path to choose. Each day brought new doubts and fears, each moment filled with uncertainty.
But then, in a moment of clarity, Emily realized that love was not about sacrifice or compromise—it was about finding balance, about intertwining the threads of passion and purpose into a tapestry of life.
With newfound resolve, Emily made a decision. She chose to follow her dreams, knowing that true love would always find a way to endure, even in the face of adversity.
As she pursued her goals with unwavering determination, Adam stood by her side, his love a guiding light in the darkness. Together, they weathered the storms of life, facing each challenge hand in hand, united in their shared vision of the future.
And in the end, Emily found that the deepest love was not found in grand gestures or romantic gestures—it was found in the quiet moments, in the everyday acts of kindness and understanding that bound two souls together for eternity.
As she looked into Adam's eyes, she knew that their love was not just a fleeting moment in time—it was a timeless journey, a symphony of heartbeats that echoed through the ages, weaving their destinies together in a tapestry of love and devotion.

The Office Archenemies...
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Not so long ago, in the bustling offices of Widget Corp., NY there were two notorious rivals: Sarah, the queen of efficiency, and James, the king of creativity. They clashed like thunder and lightning, each vying for the title of "Employee of the Month" and the coveted corner office with a view.

Their battles were legendary. Sarah meticulously organized every document, while James splashed the walls with colorful ideas. They were like oil and water, always at odds, much to the entertainment of their coworkers.

But one fateful day, during an epic showdown over the office coffee machine, disaster struck. The machine malfunctioned, spraying coffee in every direction, drenching both Sarah and James from head to toe. Amidst the chaos, something miraculous happened: they shared a laugh.

As they stood there, dripping wet and utterly defeated by the rogue coffee machine, they realized they weren't so different after all. Their mutual respect began to grow, blossoming into a hesitant friendship.

Days turned into weeks, and their once bitter rivalry transformed into a playful banter. They teamed up on projects, combining Sarah's precision with James' innovation, much to the amazement of their colleagues.

But just as everyone began to speculate about their budding romance, tragedy struck again. The company announced massive layoffs, threatening to tear apart everything they had built together.

In a desperate attempt to save their jobs, Sarah and James concocted a brilliant plan, pooling their skills and resources. They worked day and night, side by side, determined to prove that together, they were unstoppable.

And in the end, their efforts paid off. Not only did they save their jobs, but they also earned the admiration of their bosses and coworkers alike.

But the biggest surprise of all came during the celebratory office party, where Sarah and James, with a twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their faces, announced that they were more than just colleagues—they were in love.

And as they danced together under the flickering office lights, surrounded by their cheering coworkers, they knew that their once bitter rivalry had blossomed into something truly extraordinary: a love story for the ages, written in the ink of office memos and sealed with a kiss by the coffee machine.