4 Fathers Who Bought Expensive Cars For Their Children
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Did you know Femi Otedola is not the first father to buy expensive cars for his children? Yes, he is not the first father to do it. Here are four rich fathers who also bought expensive cars for their beloved children.

1. Reverend Obufour

Reverend Obufor is a Ghanaian pastor. He is a very popular pastor in Ghana republic. Reverend Obufor, popularly known as an angel, is a father who bought an expensive car to his daughter.

He bought a Ford Mustang for his daughter in 2018. The daughter of Reverend Obufor was just nine years at the time. He gifted the expensive car to his daughter as a birthday gift. See the photos below.

2. Adewale O Adebayo 

Adewale O Adebayo is popularly known as BNaira. He is Nigerian but based in Dubai. BNaira is a Bitcoin broker and a singer. He is among the fathers who bought an expensive car for his child.

When the son of BNaira was just one year, his father bought a Mercedes Benz for him. Check out the photos below.

3. Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. 

Floyd Joy Mayweather is popularly known as Floyd Mayweather. He is a black American. He is a professional boxer and boxing promoter. Floyd Mayweather also bought his daughter Mercedes Benz G63 in December 2019. He gifted it for her as a Christmas gift. He also gifted an expensive car for his son. See the photos below.

4. Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri is a Malawian prophet who is based in South Africa. He is among the fathers who bought an expensive car for his child. He bought a brand new Maserati for his daughter. His daughter, Isrealla Bushiri, when she was four years old received her birthday gift in 2017.

If you are rich like these fathers, would you buy an expensive car for your kid? Is it a waste of money or love?

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Know About Love Before You Married
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I have completely fallen for you. everything you do, everything you say, everything you are. you're my first thought in the morning, you're my last thought before i fall asleep, and you're almost every thought in between.You know, you are really in love when everything you'd read once about love  or heard from people, suddenly starts happening in  reality with you.What is love? those who play with it call it a game. those who don't have it call it a dream. and me, i call it you.

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Cinque Terre
12 Strange Laws In The World
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Here is a list of over 12 strange laws around the world. 

1. Did you know that it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore? It became an offense after some rascals used gum to destroy the Mass Rapid transit system and the Singapore Housing and Development board spent so much money trying to clean up the gum. 

2. It is illegal to hike naked in Switzerland. A decade ago, some swiss and German hikers made a hike and after they were caught, the authority made a law to remind the general public of the need for decency. You can be fined if you are found naked in the woods. 

3. It's illegal to run low on gas while you are driving on the German Autobhan.

4. It is an offense to ride a cow drunk in Scotland. it is important to note that you may get a ticket if you ride a cow drunk in Scotland. 

5. You cannot wear a mask in public in Denmark. The danish government is set to prevent anyone from covering their face in public. 

6. It is an offense to fly a kite in Victoria, Australia. The government is against anyone who will fly a kite or play a game in a public space and disturb the peace of another.

7. You cannot feed the pigoens in Venice. This law was made because there are a lot of pigeons in the Saint marks square and Venice and cleaning up after them is expensive. 

8. It is illegal to be shirtless in Barcelona. 

9. It is an offense to wear lacy women underwear in Russia. The government claims that it is for health safety.

10. You cannot build sand castles in Spain.

11. It's illegal to pee in the ocean in Portugal. 

12. It is an offense to take selfies with the Budha in Sri Lanka 


The Blue Sea: Episode 3& 4 She Is From A Rich Family And Never Believed In Love Until She Met Kenneth Hewett
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💙The Blue Sea❤️

Episode 3

 "If you really want to meet my grandmother.. I will make sure we see her once we are out of here"..

 "That is not a problem,The problem here is that I am hungry,I want to brush and change my dress" She complained

 "You are always complaining and I wish i have a solution to every of your problems"

 "We need shelter and all that.. We cant continue like this"She replied

 "I will look for what we can eat and I will try to make out shelter  but please be strong.. I will be back"..

 "I can't stay here..Not alone.. I will cling around you, I will stay everywhere you are
 What if something appears and devour me out of the blues".. She held my arm and limped.. Her waist failed her and she groan in pains
I kept searching and searching.. Searching for what we can eat
This time we found Coconut..

       In the Hospital💙
Logan soothed my hand lovingly

 "Your Grandma would be fine" He said

 "Logan you should be with your parents.. They are grieving.. I will sort things out here" I sobbed

 "I can't leave you like this Sasha until your grandmother is fine" He replied and the doctor came out

 "Your Grandmother is out of danger" He said

 "Can I speak to her?" I asked

 "You can see her but can't speak to her... She is in Coma"..

 "Oh No.. I am done for" I cried slumping down to the floor and Logan held me

 "Easy Sasha.. Everything would be fine" He scooped me to his arms and followed me to Grandma ward
I cried my eyes out while Logan sorted out the bills

 "You can't stay in that house alone.. I will take you to the Mansion"..

 "I will be fine Logan" I said

 "You dont need to be Nervous.. My Parents will love you" Logan assured and I nodded
A place not too far from the river..
I watched him as he cleared off the bush..
He already fetched woods.. He dug the floor and buried some
He tied woods with some dried ropes all in the name of making shelter 

 "Hey I want to take my bath" I said

 "You can do that at the River Politician daughter" 

 "You can call me Belinda" I replied with a smirk

 "I am Ken" He said still focused on the task

 "I want to Bath..

 "Hope you can manage with your waist and get rid of fear
 I am saying it once again.. Take a Body wash at the river"He replied and I smiled

What is left now is the roof.. I went to look for some dried grasses for it
I was sweating really bad when I finally made up the house
I sighted Belinda from afar

She was wearing just her top.. The Top was more like a Mini Gown.. Maybe she got rid of her trousers
Her hair was wet
I was so lost staring at her beauty

 "You are sweating profusely.. You should also take a bath" Her voice brought me back to reality and I nodded
I made for the river.. I will just take a quick bath
I entered the small wood house.. It was demarcated into two
I entered the first and second place but there are no place to sleep on or to sit on..What is the essence of the house
Anger raged in me
I waited for minutes then I walked towards the Entrance
I missed a step and lost balance.. I closed my eyes expecting a fall but No I am fine
I opened my eyes to meet Ken eyeballs
His hair fell over his face and water dripped from his chest

 "Ken" I stammered as his eyes wouldn't let me speak
He helped me to my feet

 "You are not feeling well and you are still clumsy.. Where were you going??" He asked     

 "I wanted to ask about bed and chair.. We can't sleep on the floor"I replied

 "I need rest.. I packed some dried leaves at the front of the house.. do me a favour of packing it in.. I will use it in making bed"  He said and I followed instruction for the first time
I brought in the leaves.. he was wearing his shorts only

 "Where are your clothes??" I asked

 "I washed it by the river.. I saw your singlet and your trousers lying around, I washed them too.. You may wear them tomorrow" He replied

 "Okay but there are no detergent"

 "I washed it without detergent" He replied and was using the Dry leaves to make bed in the first and second room
I watched him.. He seem very hardworking
He sat on the leaves and sighed

 "I feel nothing is good back home" He said

 "Nothing can be good.. We are missing"..

 "I miss my girlfriend" He said and my eyes widened


 "When i say girlfriend.. I mean my Grandma" He replied and I sighed
I sat down beside him also thinking about home

      At the Slyvester Mansion  👑
Logan entered with Sasha.. His Mom and Dad were in the living room

 "Who is she??" Mrs Slyvester asked

 "Mom.. Dad she is my fiancee and would be staying with us"..
His mother stood up in anger

 "You are a fool Logan.. You are a fool
 Your sister died of a plane crash not long ago then you brought in a lady to replace her😡" She shouted

 "Calm down Mom.. Keep Cool"..

 "Dont tell me to Calm down.. I am talking about Belinda death and you are talking about replacing her😡😡..
Get the Trash out of here

💙The Blue Sea

Episode 4
 "Mom would you please calm down..
 Sasha brother died on that same plane crash and her grandmother went into Coma because of her brother's death
 She is left to be all alone.. Her parents are long dead that is why I brought her here" Logan explained

 "Oh sorry dear" Mr Slyvester said to Sasha and she nodded

 "Show her to a room" Mrs Slyvester added

 "She would be staying with me" Logan replied

 "She is not your wife Logan" His mother said

 "It is his business" His father replied and she shrugged indifferent
Logan and Sasha went upstairs

 "Logan is bringing a girl home for the first time..You should be grateful to God" His father whispered and his mother giggled

             Back in the Forest
Belinda lean on my shoulder and we were both silent

 "Ken for how long are we going to stay here" She asked out of the blues

 "I dont have an Idea"..

 "I miss home.. I really dont know what is happening"..

 "Likewise me" I replied

 "I dont know how Grandma is doing.. She is suffering from Heart Failure and her health has been my First Family" I added

 "I really Miss home Ken" She said

 "I miss home the more" I added

 "Where did you think we are and How will we get out from here??" She asked

 "I dont have Idea of what planet or country we are in" I replied and she held me closely

 "I really  miss my sister.. I miss Sasha"..

 "I also miss my brother.. I miss Logan" She replied

"Ken I am hungry" She said

 "I left some nuts for you"

 "Thanks"She replied  and I nodded

 I lay down and slept off
After eating,I went to check the clothes Ken spread before insects creep in it
My singlet and trousers along with his shirt, Singlet and trousers
He even washed my Underwears .. Why would I be so careless to leave it here
I picked up everything and went to our wood made house
Ken was fast asleep.. I took a long stare at him and sighed.. He has been of a great help
I sat down beside him and put his head on my laps.. I missed Logan really much
I was soothing his hair and within minutes,I found myself playing with it.. Weaving and loosing it
His hair was kind of long..The Texture was soft and very dark
I felt someone hands on my hair
Someone should tell me.. It is a Belinda
This must be a dream

 "La la la la la la" I heard her singing voice

I opened my eyes and it met hers

 "You are Awake" She said and I nodded

 "You should be hungry.. I didnt finish the Nuts, I left some for you" She said and my eyes widened..

 "Go get it"I replied.. She placed my head down gently then went out to bring the nuts
It was a Nice sleep.. No wonder I had good dreams
She came in with the nuts and I ate them
When did Belinda start acting Nice.. She must be up to something
Night fell gradually and I went to fetch wood for fire.. I came along with herb for Belinda waist
After applying the Herb..We sat beside the fire..
She held my arms and held me tight

 "Should I make fire for you in the second room" I asked

 "You know I am always scared at night so dont make fun of my weakness" She replied still holding my arms

 "Did you mind if my hands are placed over you??" I asked

Her head was now on my chest and my hand on her back
Slowly slowly she drifted into sleep
I carried her on the dried leaves and removed hair strands from her face.
I sat beside the Fire and after some minutes.. I lay down beside
              The Next Morning..
I woke up very early.. Belinda was still asleep..
I came in with some Nuts and Wild fruits.. That will do for breakfast

I already changed my clothes and that has reasons..I wore my shirt and trousers
Belinda rubbed her eyes and sat up the bed
I was breaking the Nuts when I heard her voice

 "Ken" I turned back at her and she couldn't say a word

 "Any problem" I asked and she shaked her head negatively 

I continued breaking nuts..

 "Ken"  I heard my name again and turn to her.. She shaked her head negatively and I continue with my task

 "Ken" She called again

 "If you keep disturbing me like this then you will never gain my attention"I replied without taking a glance at her

 "Look at me"She said and I turned to her

 "I am on red Ken.. Like I need sanitary towels"...

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See As Slay Queen Walks In Town 'Pantless', Gives People Free Show
~1.5 mins read
What is this world turning into now, seriously am seriously worried because things are not going right anymore, everything is turning upside down.

People are misbehaving doing a lots of an unacceptable acts, something some people would do and it is another person that will be ashamed for their shameless acts.

Some times when i walk in the streets and I came across some dirty slay queens like that wearing a short skirt, wearing an outfit that exposed their bodies, but the painful part of it is that whenever they saw you they would be trying to drag it down and which they fully known that the outfit is short right from her bedroom where she puts it on. 

So who is fooling who?  

I don't know why some ladies would dressed from their respectives homes and their families can not correct them, some I don't really put the blame on them but I will definitely blame the parents, for not taking good care and giving them good orientations.

Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and sexual harassment recorded in the society, over time. 

Dressing half naked in the society have increased the rate of sexual harassment or rape in our society today, and if I may ask, who is to be blame?  

I don't know just in the name of civilization or something, some Nigeria ladies usually dress half naked to an occasions all just in the name of fashion’ and this is contrary to the prestige placed on African women.

 For instance Nigeria ladies derive pleasure in wearing cloth such as mini skirt, bumper short, armless and so on.

Just imagine this slay queen video that went viral on social media platforms, and just imagine the way she has got herself disgraced in the society due to half naked outfit just in the name of fashion.

Was your opinions and advice on these please don't forget to like share follow and comment below.
Top 10 Highest Scoring Midfielders Of All Time
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Top 10 highest scoring Midfielder in the world

We take a look at the top 10 highest scoring Midfielder in the world.

1. ZICO: The Legendary Brazil attacking Midfielder scored a total of 476 goals for both club and country.

2. FRITZ WALTER: The Legendary German attacking Midfielder scored a total of 390 goals for both club and country.

3. MICHEL PLATINI: The Legendary France and Juventus attacking Midfielder scored a total of 353 goals for both club and country.

4. TEOFILO CUBILLAS: The Legendary Peru attacking Midfielder scored a total of 340 goals for both club and country.

5. BOBBY CHARLTON: The Legendary England and Manchester United attacking Midfielder scored a total of 327 goals for both club and country.

6. FRANK LAMPARD: The Legendary England and Chelsea attacking Midfielder scored a total of 303 goals for both club and country.

7. SOCRATES: The Legendary Brazil attacking Midfielder scored a total of 258 goals for both club and country.

8. RICARDO KAKA: The Legendary AC Milan , Real Madrid and Brazil attacking Midfielder scored a total of 237 goals for both club and country.

9. JAN CEULEMANS: The Legendary Belgium attacking Midfielder scored a total of 230 goals for both club and country.

10. LOTHER MATTHAUS: The Legendary West Germany attacking Midfielder scored a total of 227 goals for club and country.