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I heard of a true life story of two love birds that got married. The wife was very wealthy and influential. She handed everything she had into the hands of her husband because of the love she had for him.

First year into the marriage, the husband said was not ready to start having babies that they should hold on and enjoy some long honey moon. The wife obliged and went to do family planning. 

First year passed, second year and even the third. Every time the wife talked about giving birth, the husband would insist that they should still hold on. 

The wife usually go to visit her husband's family, and she made it a habit to go there with loads of gifts. Once they see her, they know that enough goodies have arrived. 

One of the days she went to her husband's family house, her husband's sister excused her and told her that they should go and talk inside her car. 

The woman said she would like to tell her a secret about her husband (her own brother) but she must first promise that she would not tell her husband about whatever they discuss, and the woman agreed. 

She told her that her husband has another wife somewhere else and the wife already has three children for him. 

She also told her that her husband has put all plans in place to relocate with his secret wife and children in few days time. 

She said her conscience didn't let her keep quiet because she has been so kind to her and the entire family, so she had to tell her the truth and free her conscience. 

The poor woman thanked her sister-in-law and left. When she got home, she went straight into their bedroom and searched everywhere. She found a brief case filled with dollar notes, original documents of her houses, businesses and other establishments, and 5 international passports and air tickets (Her husband's own, the unknown wife and the three children) 

The woman hid the briefcase containing the cash and documents and acted like nothing happened. 

When the husband returned from work in the evening, she served him his food and they went to bed peacefully. 

When the man slept, the woman took his phone and started checking. She found out that all the businesses they established and houses they bought after they got married actually matched with the names of the man's children. As in, the man would suggest that they buy properties in the name of their unborn children, whereas the names he suggested to the woman were the same names of the children he has with the hidden wife. So the man has been using this woman's money to buy properties for his undisclosed children. 

The woman also saw all the money transactions and the country he planned to relocate to, where he would start a new life with his family after they have left her dry and empty...Let's leave the story here.

Please, this is not a fairy tale oo, it is not movie, it happened. It was a lawyer that shared with me, that the case was brought to one of her colleagues. 

Now, the reason why I am sharing this story is because I feel things had gotten out of hand before this poor woman got to know what was going on. If she had checked her husband's phone earlier, he wouldn't have been able to rip her of all her possessions. 

This is my own unpopular opinion:
βœ“ In marriage, two has become one and what God has joined together, nothing should put asunder, not even phones or any secret. Couples should be "naked" before each other. Nakedness is beyond not putting on clothes. 

βœ“Couples should be transparent enough to allow their partners touch their phones and other gadgets. 

βœ“ Any woman who is married to a man who categorically tells her that she must not touch his phone must be very careful. What if the husband and his side chic are planning to poison her and then she moves in and they live happily ever after? πŸ™„πŸ™„

I really think anyone who has a husband/wife that makes it obvious that his/her phone is a no go area has something serious to worry about. In fact, I really think such person should find how to check the phone because his/her life may be in danger. 

βœ“I understand that every marriage is unique in their own approach to these things, but then, any man who does not want his wife to touch his phone ought to give the wife a genuine and convincing reason, and this reason has to be true, and both parties must give consent. 

Abeg, nobody should ask me how the story ended oo πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ 

The focus is on whether or not couples should touch each other's phone.

Please let's hear your opinion, should wives touch their husband's phone and vice versa?

Why or why not?

Β©John Adesogan

Little girl slept off on the staircase

"Just Look At This": Nigerian Mum Gets The Shock Of Her Life As Daughter Sleeps Off On Staircase
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A Nigerian woman has shocked many people after sharing a video of her daughter's sleeping position. 

It was reported that the little girl named Farrah got really tired and slept off on the staircase. 

Her mother walked into the house and sighted her. She recorded the moment and shared the hilarious video on Instagram for people to see.

In her caption on Instagram, the woman said: "Oh toddlers! Farrah can literally sleep anywhere, and she got that from me. Me that can sleep in a club. Just look at this! I've shaa carried her to bed. Smh." 

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Watch the video here

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Father and daughter resemblance

"Carbon Copy" Reactions As A Pretty Lady Shares A Video Of Her And Her Dad On TikTok.
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"Carbon copy" reactions as a pretty lady shares a video on Tiktok.

A pretty lady known as Olawoomi stirred a lot of reactions from a video of she and her Dad on TikTok. The striking resemblance between the father and daughter is so identical. Both father and daughter's looks are indistinguishable.

"Copy and paste" , carbon copy Netizens described their looks. I think they look amazing. Twin looking Father and daughter πŸ€—.

What do you think guys?πŸ’



Developing Real Estate Business
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The key to increasing your net worth is to develop residual income. Your net worth is the sum of your assets less your obligations.
Residual income is money that comes to you on a regular basis from an investment that you only have to set up once. Stocks, royalties, and other forms of residual income are examples. The secret to your financial success is to develop a portfolio of residual income sources.
Setting yourself up for success is one of the first stages in developing a good cash flow. To begin, you must pay off your debts and reduce your spending.
You'll need to keep close track of and account for your money. Reduce the amount of money you spend on useless products and start building an asset base so you can acquire funding in the future. Begin aggressively saving money in order to invest in real estate.


Checkout How To Prepare Mayonnaise
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1 cup of veg.oil 
Lemon 1whole 
Vinegar 1/2 tablespoon 
Pinch of salt for taste.   
A teaspoon of sugar 2 fresh eggs 

Break and pour the egg into a bowl 

Add vinegar 

Add the juice from the lemon 

Add salt and sugar 

Pour in the vegetable oil 

Then whisk or blend all together until it turns thick like mayonnaise 

Finally your mayonnaise is ready

Checkout How To Prepare Simple Pancakes
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Economical Pancakes
 Simple and easy pancake recipes
 - 4 tbsp Wheat flour
 - 2 tablespoons white sweetened condensed milk / 2 tablespoons sugar
 - 1 egg
 - 1 tablespoon butter (melted)
 - 1/2 tsp baking soda
 - 1/2 cup water.

 How to make:
 - Beat eggs and skm / sugar until dissolved.

 - Add flour, baking soda, melted butter and water, stir until well blended. If it's too thick, you can add a little more water.

 - take a little dough using a ladle, pour it over the heated Teflon. Cover the teflon so that the pancake surface is porous. Do it until the dough runs out.

Pancakes are ready to be served with strawberry jam, pineapple, peanut butter or chocolate, you can also use ice cream and various types of toppings.