~9.9 mins read
“Mommy I don’t like this kind of talk o, so if I snatched another woman husband is it your business? Is that not how you snatched one woman husband who entered the farm and pursued us with machete, so who I resemble now? Abeg don’t talk to me like that", Debbie shouted back.
“Haba Debbie what’s the meaning of this?" Prisca came in..
“Leave her, thats how she talks. I was lucky the machete she carried didn’t touch me, but you nkor? and besides I didn’t snatch him rather he was the one disturbing me which everyone knew about it stupid girl", her mother said.
“Eh I agree, tell me those times I didn’t call to ask you for money you didn’t enjoy it, now you’re talking as if I did bad", Debbie said.
“Did I say you did bad? Shey its me that is sleeping on the bed with a bandaged face, please when you wake up from here go and snatch more, mumu since I am not trying my best for you", her mother dropped while Debbie looked at her in anger.
“Prisca this is all your fault, why did you bring her here in the first place? I hope you are enjoying the show now?" Debbie asked.
“Enjoying what? Rather I’m disappointed", Prisca said, took her bag and left the room.
Night came and the gateman decided to see Matthew knowing that he hasn’t left the house since morning.
Getting into the sitting room he found him lying face down with bottles of alcohol scattered around.
“Sir, sir are you okay?" He asked turning his face up but Matthew was deeply asleep in drunkenness.
He stood up shaking his head and left to get something to clean him up.
Prisca returned to the hospital and met Debbie mom sleeping, Debbie acted like she didn’t see her and was expecting Prisca to talk to her first.
Prisca sat down looking at her while Debbie concentrated more on her phone.
“Taken your drugs yet?" Prisca finally broke the silence but Debbie didn’t respond..
“What’s the meaning of this! I am talking to you" Prisca shouted at her.
“Prisca what’s the cause of the shout now? Is it by force to answer you?" Debbie shouted back and her mom woke up..
“What’s going on?" Her mom asked why Prisca was trying hard to control her temper.
“Ma I don’t understand, she doesn’t want to talk to me, ok I tried talking to her but she ignored me instead", Prisca replied.
“Thou good and perfect daughter, paint me black to her okay like I heard if you were talking to me" Debbie came in..
“What’s the cause of this quarrel sef? i don’t understand, I thought you two were good earlier today?" Her mom asked.
“Don’t worry ma, I’ll just take my leave", Prisca said.
“Ah Prisca it hasn’t come to that na, you should be used to this mad woman by now. In fact I admire the way you’ve tolerated her for this years and you can’t back out now na, I’m just afraid this wound on her head should not make her more mad", her mom said.
“Can you stop insulting me now, enough of this" Debbie shouted on her mother.
“One more word from you I’ll close my eyes and break the remaining side of the head for you" Her mom shouted back attempting to hit her.
“Ma just leave her alone, I think its best if I leave, bye" Prisca said.
“Bye my dear" Her mom said and Prisca left.
Walking on the road to take a cab a car parked by and a guy came out from it.
“Hi, he said to Prisca.
“Hi, sorry do I know you?" She asked.
“No no but I’ll love you to, anyway my name is Gideon, he said.
“Okay, I have to go now" Prisca said and wanted leaving.
“Wait wait wait, I’m so sorry for this but can I at least know your name?" He asked.
“Do you go about asking people of their names at night?" Prisca asked.
“Nope not at all, but looks like i just did, He replied.
“Sorry I don’t give my name out to strangers" she said.
“Is that so? What can I do to get out of the stranger category then?" He asked.
“Simple, just get into your car and let me go" she replied.
“Yea that was indeed simple but I don’t think its right. What about i give you a ride?" He asked.
“Nah thank you, she replied.
“Okay are you this hostile or is it because I’m a stranger?" He asked.
“Please can you let me go now it’s getting late and a lot of cabs has passed" Prisca said.
“I’m sorry, he said and she nodded and walked away.
“I’ll see you again someday right?" He shouted at her while she only shook her head.
“I’m not that easy to get, Prisca whispered……
The next day Veronica was anxiously waiting for the doctor to take her to her son.
The door opened but Theresa walked in with her kids instead.
She hugged her kids and asked how their sleep was “it was good. But mommy you didn’t sleep why? Marvel asked.
“Didn’t I? I wanted to see your brother that’s all but it looks like the doctor is delaying" Veronica said.
“You worry too much, this is just past 7a.m" Theresa said.
“Where’s princess?" Veronica asked.
“We don’t stay together na but she’ll be here soon i know" Theresa replied.
Minutes later Princess entered with the doctor which Veronica quickly stood up, the doctor smiled at that action.
“Can you take it easy ma’am" He said.
“Doctor you won’t understand how I’m feeling now, I just feel I should be holding him already" she said.
“I was with your son all this while and he’s on the way", the doctor said.
“On the way?" Veronica asked and wanted going to the door but a nurse walked in holding her son.
She got it from her with tears in her eyes, “truly its a boy, its a boy mom", she said and her mom touched her.
“We can see its a boy, its okay" Theresa said cleaning her tears.
“Doctor is he good? I mean no……… "
“He is very okay ma’am and you have nothing to worry about", the doctor interrupted her.
“So can we go home today?" Princess asked.
“Yea sure, she’s fine and her baby is bouncing, they are free to go if they want to" the doctor replied.
“Thank you so much doctor God will surely reward you", Veronica said.
“Amen I’m just doing my job. Congrats once again" the doctor said.
“Thank you, any bills pending? She asked.
“ermm the nurse will check it out", the doctor replied and left while Theresa went to the nurse talking to her as they left the room together.
“Mommy we are going to see daddy today right?" Joy asked.
“Today? I thought we are going back to grandma place to stay for a while", Princess said.
“When are we going to see daddy then?" Marvel asked.
“Soon dear but we have to stay for a while at Mom place okay, you will see your daddy", Veronica said and they sadly nodded…
That afternoon Matthew staggered out of the house with a grave headache and the gateman ran to him,
“are you okay sir?" He asked.
“Take me to my wife" Matthew said.
“What? The gateman asked.
“No, take me to Theresa place, I don’t want to make a scene there, I just want to talk to her", Matthew said.
“Are we going to see her at home?" The gateman asked.
“I don’t know but we have to try, hurry up let’s go", Matthew said entering the car.
Reaching at Theresa place they drove into the compound and saw that no one was in.
“I’ll wait for her then" Matthew said finding a place to sit outside.
Few minutes later a car drove in and everyone was shocked to see who it was outside.
“Daddy! Marvel shouted inside the car which made Matthew got up from where he sat, Theresa heaved and stopped the car while Mathew slowly approached it with a sober look.
Theresa came out looking at him,
“I don’t want trouble ma, I just want to talk. I’m terribly sorry for all I’ve done, I’ve regretted it but please I’m begging for just one more and last chance to make things right. Please don’t take my family away from me", Matthew said going on his knees with his head bowed while Theresa nodded at Veronica in the car.
Veronica heaved and came out from the car giving the child to Princess, “I know its your children you want, don’t worry I won’t take your prostitutes away from you" Veronica said and he raised his head.
“Please its my family I want not just children, I don’t know what made me say those things but I am terribly sorry. They mean a lot to me I swear", Matthew said and a tear dropped from his eyes.
“I don’t know that but I won’t drag my children into this mess I am having with you. We will go back, but that won’t be my home anymore" Veronica said.
“Please I’m begging you, I have nothing to do with that lady anymore………. “
"If I had done same will you Have forgiven me? Its so easy to say forgive me like you would have done same to me. You want your children, and you will have them but you will never take them away from me" Veronica shouted with tears gathering in her eyes.
“I kneel guilty please, I’m sorry I did all of that hurting you and insulting your personality. Please forgive me" Matthew said and wanted to hold her hand but she shifted backwards and the kids came out of the car.
“Daddy please don’t cry, Marvel said cleaning his tears and he hugged her which Joy went nearer.
“Forgive me my girls, it won’t happen again I promise" Mathew said.
“We forgave you already but mommy is still angry with you" Joy said.
“Daddy did you know we have a brother?" Marvel asked and he nodded but couldn’t say a word as he looked at Veronica but she got the child from Princess and went inside in a Hurry.
“Don’t worry daddy you’ll see his face very soon" Joy said.
“Thank you, now i want you to take care of him and mommy alright" Matthew said.
“Are you not coming in?" Marvel asked.
“OK thats enough girls, let’s go in" Princess said taking the girls hands.
“Bye daddy, the girls said waving at him while he only waved back still on his knees.
“Its okay sir, at least you’ve heard they will be coming home" his gateman said to him.
“That’s not enough, I’ve lost my wife", Matthew said.
‘I don’t think so, as long as she’s coming back to the house you both have shared so many memories, with your change of heart you will gradually have her back, let’s go sir" The gateman said.
“I have to do something, let’s go, Matthew said getting up.

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Prisca checked it out and saw it was a alert, “that should be my goodbye message right?" Debbie asked.
“I think it is" Prisca said giving her the phone.
“This will push me far anyway, finally its all over" Debbie said.
“Sure it is, now don’t be stupid again to run after sugar daddies, you may get unlucky to meet the pepper daddies" Prisca said and
“But it was fun right? One thing I know is I must get married to a rich guy" Debbie said winking at Prisca who shook her head.
“Then imagine girls running after him too" Prisca said.
“He can’t do that" Debbie said and scoffed.
“Anyway your family will be coming down today, I informed them about what happened" Prisca said.
“What! Why did you? In fact call them back and tell them I’m fine" Debbie said.
“They have the right to know" Prisca said.
“Know what? What will I tell them? Please call them back ooo" Debbie shouted.
Prisca heaved and dialed her mom number, “let me talk to them myself" Debbie said getting the phone from her as the phone was ringing.
“My daughter how are you? We are on the way coming", Debbie mom said on phone and Debbie rolled her eyes giving Prisca a big five on her face.
“Mommy good morning" Debbie said.
“Deborah is that you? How are you? Don’t worry we are coming to see you", her mom shouted.
“Mommy don’t worry yourself I’m fine. Prisca was just scared but don’t worry yourself about it" Debbie said.
“No I won’t accept, you were beaten till coma and you are telling me this, I am already on my way there, see you soon bye" Her mom said and dropped the call while Debbie looked at Prisca surprised who was busy smiling.
“I was beaten till coma?" Debbie asked.
“Of course, it was obvious" Prisca replied laughing.
“Prisca you know how my mom behaves na, she’ll start bombarding me with questions that will give me fever" Debbie said and a nurse walked in.
“Start taking your drugs now so you’ll have the strength to answer her questions" Prisca said handing the drugs over to the nurse.
“Was she able to eat anything?" The nurse asked.
“Only fruits, but can she eat any thing heavy?" Prisca asked.
“She wasn’t operated, if she can eat then its fine", the nurse replied.
“I don’t think I can, my head still hurts", Debbie said.
“You were hit on the head but don’t worry you’ll be fine", the nurse said giving Debbie her Tablets.
Matthew asked the gateman to take him to the hospital where Veronica is, “are you sure this is a good idea sir?" The Gate man asked.
“What do you want me to do? Fold my hands and see my family leave me without doing anything?" Matthew shouted frustrated.
“Your wife mother, you know she’s a mad woman and who knows if those bouncers will be kept there to protect them against you" The gateman said.
“I don’t care, she is still my wife and I have every right to see her else I’ll cause a scene there" Matthew said and the gateman nodded.
They got to the hospital and Joy, his first daughter sighted him entering the hospital.
“Aunty that is daddy coming", Joy said to Princess pointing at him..
“Daddy! Marvel, his second daughter shouted seeing his father which Princess quickly covered her mouth and took the kids out of there.
“what’s the problem?" Veronica asked seeing the way Princess hurried got in with the kids and locked the door behind her.
“Daddy is here", Joy replied and Veronica eyes bulged out.
“What is he doing here?" Veronica asked.
“Mommy I want to see my daddy, I want to see my daddy please", Marvel cried making Veronica weak which Princess looked at her wondering what her decision will be.
“Mommy! Let’s go meet him, daddy is looking for us" Marvel said bringing back Veronica.
“No we are not meeting him, now keep your mouth shut" Veronica shouted.
“But he’s my daddy" Marvel shouted and began to cry.
“Princess please inform my mom about this", Veronica said trying to keep Marvel shut.
“I’ll be back" Princess said and left the room before Veronica could say anything…
Princess met with Matthew while she was on call, “yes he’s here, bring the police along" Princess said staring boldly at Matthew.
“Tell the police to bring the D.P.O along, she is my wife and I have every right to see her" Mathew shouted.
“You can hear that right? Please be fast" Princess said and dropped the call.
“I am not afraid of you or the police and you know that. Now where’s my wife?" Matthew asked.
“Your wife? You have no wife Matthew after maltreating her and almost killed her with the baby. Did you think twice when you pushed her down? Did you care if she had fell on the hard tiles? Did you care or have pity on her when she was in pains and your kids were crying on her? Did you bring her here in the first place? Now are you sure you are still her husband when her properties are no more in your house? If you don’t leave this place Matthew I will run mad with you in a way you will leave here in pieces. Get out! Get out now! Somebody help me, he’s harassing me"! Princess said falling on Matthew making it look like he was fighting her.
“Can you please leave here now sir, you’re making a scene here and its not convenient for a place like this", some attendants said showing Matthew the door.
“You know I’ll be back", Matthew said to Princess in anger.
“Get out! And the next time you show your face here you will regret it. She’s not your wife" Princess screamed and the men took Matthew out.
Stepping outside he met with Veronica mother who just arrived, “welcome ma", he said but received a slap as a reply from her.
“What are you doing here?" She sternly asked.
“She is still my wife, we are still legally married" Matthew shouted.
“So you were aware of that yet you cheated and treated her wrongly putting her life at risk. I swear to God if you don’t stay clear from my daughter I’ll kill you myself! Get out of here"! She shouted pushing him out.
“Please leave sir your presence is not welcomed here" people around said.
“Can I please talk to her please?" Matthew pleaded.
“Get out! You will see none of their faces till you die" Princess shouted and the men escorted him to the car to leave the premises.
“If that man comes here again and you let him drive his miserable self in, I’ll leave with my daughter", Theresa told the men and left for Veronica room.
She got in and saw Veronica crying with her daughters, “what’s going on here?" Theresa asked.
“My children has been crying to see their father and I can’t help it, looks like my decision is affecting them and i shouldn’t have dragged them into this", Veronica said.
“Are you sick in the head or something? They were dragged into all of this when he abandoned them and cared for his brat rather. Joy was sick and admitted but he never visited till she returned, and yet he called them prostitutes which father will say that to his own children? If you want to go back to him you are free but I won’t let you take my precious grandchildren to that bastard" Theresa shouted.
“Grand ma I thought the pastor always preach that we should forgive and forget, I remember you’ve always been telling me that too, right?" Joy asked in tears that Veronica looked at her.
“You want to go back there to him? You are ready to forgive your father?" Theresa asked.
“But he’s my father, we can’t do anything about it", Joy replied.
“Veronica what do you think?" Princess asked.
“You still want him to be your husband?' Theresa asked.
“Where ever my children want to be there I will be", Veronica replied.
“Gosh I can't believe it" Princess exclaimed.
“OK so you will make him your husband again after what has happened?" Theresa asked.
“I am not going back there as his wife, I am only doing this for my children. We will be only housemates please understand mom" Veronica said.
“Fine, its your marriage not mine and I think i have no right to come in between it anyway, I only want your safety and that of my grand children. He said he wants to make things right and I don’t know if that is true, But if he goes on with his madness don’t think twice of leaving him" Theresa said.
“I will, thank you. Best friend thank you" Veronica said but Princess only nodded and held Marvel.
“You’ll see him soon okay, are you happy now?" She asked and Marvel nodded.
“That’s good", Princess said and a knock was heard on the door.
Princess opened up and the doctor walked in, “I’m sorry for what happened earlier" the doctor said after replying their greetings.
“Its okay, how is my baby?" Veronica asked.
“Actually that’s why I’m here, he will be brought out tomorrow. The boy is such a wonderful boy", The doctor said and Veronica happily screamed..
“Can we see him please? Theresa asked and the doctor smiled…
Matthew got home like a drained fowl, he couldn’t think straight anymore that he didn’t even notice the driver was already home waiting for him to leave the car.
“Sir are you not going out?" The driver asked him bringing him back from his thoughts.
He slowly left the car, went in and drowned himself with alcohols.
Debbie mother arrived, called up Prisca and she left to pick her.
Entering the room she announced her presence with a scream seeing the bandage on her daughter head,
“who the hell did this to you? Who did this? What happened?" She asked touching her.
“Mommy I’m fine it was just an accident", Debbie replied.
“Accident at home? Or Did a car drove in and beat you up at home? Debbie you want to lie to me ba?" She shouted.
“Ah mommy why are you sounding like this? I was robbed since they couldn’t get anything from me they decided to beat me", Debbie said and her mom looked at her.
“So they only attacked you in the whole compound? I hope you didn’t snatch another woman husband Debbie because I’ve been hearing news that you are now a big girl on campus and you don’t even call home anymore to ask for money. Deborah Deborah! How many times did i call you? You are lucky they didn’t remove your eyes stupid girl", Debbie mother said angrily leaving Debbie shocked.
“Mommy I don’t like this kind of talk o, so if I snatched another woman husband is it your business? Is that not how you snatched one woman husband who entered the farm and pursued us with machete, so who I resemble now? Abeg don’t talk to me like that" Debbie shouted back.
~6.3 mins read
“I can’t leave my family I have just realized that I don’t want to loose them. As I speak to you now my mother in law already packed their things out of my house. My marriage is almost gone and I’m so scared, I have to fight for my family and it won’t work if I am holding two things in my hand. Even the bible says you cannot serve two masters at the same time, as for your friend I’ll compensate her for everything and give her the go ahead to abort the baby because she wanted it in the first place" Matthew said.
“And he even quoted the bible" Prisca said and heaved.
“What happened to her? He asked.
“I don’t know because I wasn’t at home. Neighbors said she was attacked and beaten at home which led her to this state" Prisca replied.
“Has any bills been paid? He asked.
“Our neighbor managed to pay a little thing to begin treatment on her, there are still bills to be paid which we have to refund the money back to her. I called Debbie family and they are coming down tomorrow", Prisca replied.
“You’ll send me your account number, I’ll send 300,000 into it tomorrow to clear any bills here. She’ll be okay", Matthew said.
“Thank you, Prisca said.
“Its okay, I have to go but I’ll visit tomorrow, Matthew said…
The next day Debbie opened her eyes and saw Prisca asleep, “Prisca, she slowly called out and Prisca woke up.
“You’re awake? How are you feeling now?" Prisca asked touching her.
“I know she did this, she fulfilled her threat" Debbie said and Prisca rolled her eyes.
“Wait here I’ll go get the doctor for you" Prisca said.
“She will pay for what she did to me" Debbie said and Prisca shook her head and left to get the doctor.
After she was checked, Prisca received an alert from Matthew, “you know I am doing all of this things because I put my primary reason first why I’m a doctor which is to safe lives, you haven’t paid anything yet" the doctor said.
“Don’t worry doctor I just received an alert, I’ll go pick it and pay for everything. Thank you so much" Prisca said.
“Sure we’ll be waiting, the doctor said and left.
“Alert from who and where?" Debbie asked immediately.
“Just rest I’ll be back" Prisca said, took her bag and left…
Matthew visited after Prisca left and saw Debbie awake, Debbie seeing him frowned her face and looked else where as Matthew went closer.
“How are you feeling now?" He asked but she was silent.
“In case you are wondering how I knew you are here" Prisca called and told me what happened, he said.
“Prisca really or your wife?" She asked.
“Take her out of this, she had nothing to do with what happened and I am so sorry for everything" Matthew said.
“She has nothing to do with what happened after she threatened me a day ago and i was beaten up this way again yet she has nothing to do with this huh?" Debbie asked.
“My wife can’t do this, I believe whatever she said was to make you scared to leave me, but I know she can’t do this", Matthew said.
“Oh stop this rubbish! What has come over you? Just yesterday you promised to meet up with me so we will plan our baby future together, you kept me waiting and ignoring my calls only to see nonsense messages from you breaking up with me. What about our baby? What happened to you?" Debbie shouted.
“What happened is I want my family back, I was wrong and everything we had was all wrong! My family is what I need now and I no longer need you or the baby you are carrying, I don’t want to loose my family and I’m so sorry for that. Whatever amount you want as a compensation I will give to you, but I am seriously calling off everything with you Debbie" Matthew said making Debbie surprised.
“So she finally cooked the charm well, I can’t believe you are saying this to me after all the sweet tongues and promises you poured to me" Debbie said.
“I will be sending 500,000 naira to your account, that will be enough to say goodbye to you. Use that to go ahead with the abortion you wanted having, take care Debbie", Mathew said and left leaving her mouth opened…
Prisca returned and cleared all the bills, went to Debbie room but found her in tears..
“What’s wrong? Are you feeling pains or should i call the doctor?" Prisca asked confused..
“The pains in my heart can’t be cured, imagine that man has left me and asked me to abort the baby that he’s done with me. Its now he wants his family after all he has put me through dumping me like trash", Debbie said and Prisca heaved.
“Seriously? In Case you didn’t know, you lost your baby yesterday so you are no longer pregnant. And you should know he was married with kids yet you still fixed your head there having high hopes because he had money, what were you expecting? He has finally returned back to his wife and family, if i were you I will forget about him, move on with my life and have my own man, Prisca said.
“I lost my baby?" Debbie asked surprised and Prisca nodded.
“Don’t give me that look on your face, you called for it" Prisca bringing out the drugs she bought and kept it on the locker.
“Really? Why always me?" Debbie asked and she looked at her and smiled, she brought out the fruits salad she did and gave it to her,
“I remember you told me not to take the relationship personal saying you are just having fun and you can’t possibly fall in love with him or marry him, what are you thinking? Don’t tell me you fell in love with him?" Prisca asked..
“Yea yea you think its that easy huh?" Debbie asked and Prisca burst out laughing.
“That wasn’t funny at all, but thinking about Matthew dumping me in such a condition without having pity on me sucks" Debbie said.
“You are lucky he didn’t dump you without conscience, he paid for the hospital bills and I still have balance left which I will hand everything to you" Prisca said.
“He paid for the bills just to shut my mouth up so I won’t go after his wife when she’s the cause of all this" Debbie said.
“You’re crazy girl, his wife is equally in the hospital, she gave birth to a male child now you see the reason why he dumped you. Forget about this man, you almost destroyed his home and you should be glad you survived this because any women can react to it" Prisca said.
“Point of correction, I didn’t do anything. He destroyed his home himself" Debbie said..
“Fine let’s say he did, now he’s gone get over it and forget about him Deborah" Prisca shouted.
“Whatever" Debbie said eating and her phone beeped.
Prisca checked it out and saw it was a alert, “that should be my goodbye message right?" Debbie asked.
“I think it is" Prisca said giving her the phone.
“This will push me far anyway, finally its all over" Debbie said.
“Sure it is, now don’t be stupid again to run after sugar daddies, you may get unlucky to meet the pepper daddies" Prisca said and Debbie laughed.

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Man Arrested For Drugs, Cable Theft, And Bribery After Lying To Police About Nationality (Pics)
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