BBN’s Sheggz Gives Ebuka Obi-Uchendu A Run For His Money As He Shows Up At The 2024 AMVCA
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BBN’s Sheggz has given Ebuka Obi-Uchendu a run for his money as he shows up at the 2024 AMVCA

The Big Brother’s Nigerian star was said to be dressed as going for a rave. In his response, he said he is the rave.

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What A Disney+-Hulu-Max Bundle Would Mean For Netflix
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Disney (DIS) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) teamed up this week to launch a new streaming bundle, the latest move by the legacy media giants to compete in the Netflix (NFLX)-dominated streaming space.

The joint package, which will include Disney's Disney+ and Hulu, as well as Warner Bros. Discovery's Max, is set to be available in the U.S. in the summer. The companies didn't provide an exact timeline or pricing information for the bundle.

JB Perrette, CEO and President of Global Streaming and Games at Warner Bros. Discovery, called the new offering "the best value in streaming" for consumers, adding it "will help drive incremental subscribers and much stronger retention."

Disney recently launched Hulu on Disney+ for Disney Bundle subscribers, which analysts expect to positively contribute to the company's streaming segment.

The new Disney+, Hulu, and Max package is launching at a time when consumers are looking to maximize value, and as media firms grapple for ways to improve their competitive positions in an increasingly crowded field of streamers.

Consumers get something close to the traditional cable TV package from a bundle as opposed to having to subscribe to multiple streaming platforms.

"It's no surprise, really, that you're seeing a return of a bigger bundle to help ease consumers' concerns and challenges around fragmentation" of streaming services, Paolo Pescatore, a media analyst at PP Foresight, told Investopedia.

Media companies, meanwhile, have struggled to boost their streaming revenue, facing few options beyond raising prices, which consumers have pushed back against.

Still, media firms that have long been rivals in their traditional businesses may not find teaming up trouble-free. Pescatore noted that investors should not "underestimate how challenging" it is for "these media giants [to collaborate] on a common goal."

These bundles are coming into a market where Netflix, the pioneer in streaming, dominates the industry by a long stretch.

"There are too many players chasing too few dollars," Pescatore said, adding that the bundle "almost feels like a last-ditch effort to revive [the companies'] fortunes in the streaming-led TV world."

Netflix already has more subscribers than Disney+, Hulu, and Max combined, data from the companies' recent quarterly reports show.

Netflix said it had 269.6 million global streaming paid memberships in its most recent earnings report. In contrast, Disney recently reported 117.6 million Disney+ Core subscribers, excluding Hotstar and ESPN members, and 45.8 million Hulu subscribers, without including live TV members. Warner Bros. Discovery said it had 99.6 million subscribers globally.

Unlike Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery have struggled to make their streaming businesses profitable.

Disney returned a surprise profit in its entertainment direct-to-consumer business, which includes Disney+ and Hulu, but recorded an $18 million loss overall in streaming. Warner Bros. Discovery also recorded a direct-to-consumer segment loss.

"It's also important to note, Netflix is in many respects the gold standard when it comes to streaming," Disney Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bob Iger said on the company's earnings call, explaining that what the company is building with Disney+ "is the technology that Netflix has had in place and has been building for well over a decade."

The Disney CEO isn't the only one to acknowledge Netflix's edge, with analysts saying that even bundles may not be enough to win over subscribers from the streaming pioneer.

"I think you won’t necessarily see people churn from Netflix," Pescatore said, noting that there will already be some overlap between Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Max subscriber bases.

CFRA analyst Kenneth Leon wrote in a note recently that the bundle is likely to "drive revenue sharing, reduce customer churn," but ultimately cut out "middlemen" like Roku (ROKU) or Apple TV (AAPL), rather than impact Netflix.

Third Bridge analysts said "experts warn that the short-term drive to make [the streaming] segment profitable is coming at the expense of long-term growth" for Warner Bros. Discovery.

While the bundle "potentially paves the way for some mammoth joint venture in an effort to curb costs," Pescatore struggles to see the package paying off into a "huge spike in subscribers" for Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery or really even "move the needle" in the race against Netflix.

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Nigeria’s Most Bankable Actor, Timini Egbuson, Reacts After He Didn’t Win Any Award At The 2024 AMVCA
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Nigeria’s most bankable actor, Timini Egbuson, has reacted after he didn’t win any award at the 2024 AMVCA.

He was seen dancing and catching fun with his friends in the his hotel room after the awards.


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Movie Producer, Stanley, Others React To Destiny Etiko’s Beautiful Outfit To The 2024 AMVCA
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Movie producer, Stanley and others has reacted to Destiny Etiko’s beautiful outfit to the 2024 AMVCA.

He said she has a good body but her designer did not do well.




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Anansi And The Six Sons
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In the heart of the lush Ashanti forest, where the trees whispered secrets to the wind and the rivers sang songs of old, there lived a cunning and mischievous spider named Anansi. Known far and wide as the trickster of the forest, Anansi was renowned for his cleverness and quick wit.

One day, as Anansi was weaving his intricate webs among the branches of a towering baobab tree, disaster struck. He found himself ensnared in the clutches of Fish and Falcon, two fierce predators who had set their sights on making a meal of the crafty spider.

But Anansi was not one to be outsmarted so easily. With a twinkle in his eye and a plan forming in his mind, he called out to his six sons for help. Each son possessed unique talents and abilities, inherited from their clever father.

First came Kwaku Ananse, strong and swift, with the agility of a jungle cat. Next was Ntikuma, whose keen eyes could spot danger from miles away. Then came Ananse Ntontan, whose wisdom and foresight surpassed even that of his father. Followed closely by Tikelenkelen, whose laughter could charm even the most fearsome beast. And then there was Nankonhwea, whose cunning and guile were unmatched. Finally, there was Abeeku, the youngest of Anansi's sons, whose bravery knew no bounds.

Together, Anansi and his sons devised a plan to outwit Fish and Falcon and secure their freedom. With Kwaku's strength, Ntikuma's keen eyes, and Ananse Ntontan's wisdom leading the way, they navigated the treacherous terrain of the forest, evading traps and pitfalls at every turn.

As they drew closer to their goal, Tikelenkelen's laughter rang out like silver bells, distracting their foes and leading them astray. Meanwhile, Nankonhwea worked his magic, weaving a tangled web of deception to confuse and confound Fish and Falcon.

Finally, with Abeeku's bravery leading the charge, they launched their daring rescue mission, swooping in to snatch Anansi from the jaws of his captors. And as they fled through the dense undergrowth, victory coursing through their veins, Anansi knew that he owed his life to the bravery and cunning of his six sons.

But as they emerged from the depths of the forest, Anansi faced a dilemma. With Fish and Falcon defeated and his own life spared, he now had to decide which of his sons deserved the greatest reward for their heroic deeds.

After much deliberation, Anansi realized that each of his sons had played a vital role in their daring rescue mission. And so, he bestowed upon each of them a gift befitting their unique talents and abilities.

To Kwaku, he gave the strength to protect his family and friends from harm. To Ntikuma, he gave the keen eyes to see through deception and danger. To Ananse Ntontan, he gave the wisdom to guide his loved ones through the trials and tribulations of life. To Tikelenkelen, he gave the laughter to bring joy and happiness to all who crossed his path. To Nankonhwea, he gave the cunning to outsmart even the most formidable foe. And to Abeeku, the youngest of Anansi's sons, he gave the bravery to face any challenge that lay ahead.

And so, with their newfound gifts and their bond stronger than ever, Anansi and his six sons continued to roam the Ashanti forest, their adventures becoming the stuff of legend for generations to come. For in the heart of every tale, there beat the rhythm of family, and the enduring legacy of the trickster spider Anansi and his six cunning sons.
Seeking Fitspiration On Social Media?
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A well-muscled runner in black workout gear and greenish-white sneakers pictured leaping from below crossing a red ribbon finish line against a sky blue background

Now that it's 2024, perhaps you've thought about taking up a new exercise program, eating better, or some other ways to improve your health. That's great! Or, as my grandfather would say, "there's nothing wrong with that" — his highest possible praise.

In fact, few medical treatments rival the massive health benefits of regular exercise. But how do you decide which type of exercise is best for you? Well, you could get advice from your doctor or a personal trainer. You might read books on fitness or sample exercise classes. It turns out, though, that many people are simply scrolling through tons of engaging "fitspirational" posts on social media. If you do that regularly — more often, say, than taking a brisk walk — a new study suggests you should rethink that strategy.

What exactly is fitspiration?

Fitspiration describes social media posts intended to inspire physical fitness and promote health. You can find fitspirational posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media sites. Typically, they feature glossy photos and videos packaged with exercise and diet recommendations, accompanied by encouraging messages and quotes.

On Instagram alone, a search for #fitspiration (or related hashtags such as #fitspo) currently lists nearly 100 million posts. Most of them display images of attractive, lean, and fit women as they exercise and talk about fitness and optimizing health.

What's the problem with fitspiration?

The potential benefits of a pro-fitness message reaching millions of people are obvious. But the message has to be credible and valid. And, importantly, posts should not convey inaccurate, unhelpful, or even harmful information. That's where the problems start.

Clearly, social media posts about fitness can have positive effects, according to some research, especially when focused on realistic exercise goals rather than appearance. However, fitspirational posts may have downsides for viewers, including

  • increased body dissatisfaction
  • negative mood
  • decreased perception of attractiveness
  • embracing thinness as the ideal
  • a limited range of diverse body shapes and types, suggesting that beauty is defined by being ultra-fit and thin
  • a focus on appearance rather than function and capability.
  • A study of #fitspiration: Do these social media posts actually inspire fitness?

    A recent study assesses the quality of content with fitspiration hashtags posted by Instagram influencers. The results were disappointing, though not surprising.

    The authors identified 100 Instagram accounts of the most popular fitspiration influencers. Each of these accounts' last 15 posts was analyzed. Posts were not considered credible if they

  • displayed nudity or revealing clothing, such as wearing a bikini at the gym
  • sexualized the person exercising, such as focusing on a woman's breasts
  • included images of extreme body types, such as people who are severely underweight or extremely muscular
  • conveyed messages encouraging thinness or other negative messages rather than emphasizing health
  • contained fitness information in three or fewer posts out of 15.
  • Here's what the researchers found:

  • 26% portrayed sexualized images
  • 22% posted nudity or images of people exercising in revealing clothing not appropriate for exercise
  • 15% featured people with extreme body types
  • 41% posted fitness-related content in three or fewer posts.
  • A quarter of these accounts failed the credibility test on more than one of these criteria. Even among the accounts considered credible, only half were posted by people with credentials related to fitness or health, such as certification as a physical therapist or personal trainer.

    While this study did not examine whether the posts had an actual impact on fitness outcomes, the findings raise questions about the quality of fitspiration content.

    What does this mean for you?

    If you're looking for fitness-related health content, seek out the best information you can. Be skeptical of any sources lacking credentials related to fitness. Be especially wary of posts selling a product or service.

    The authors of this study established certain criteria for fitness-related content they reviewed. You could apply this to posts you see online.

    The bottom line

    It should be no surprise to find that when it comes to health information, social media may not always be the best place to start.

    While taking steps to improve your health is commendable — truly, there's nothing wrong with that! — getting motivated to be more physically active is just a start. Information you rely on to improve your physical fitness shouldn't just look appealing. It should be well-vetted for safety and backed by solid evidence that it can actually improve your health.

    Here's to better fitness in the New Year!

    Source: Harvard Health Publishing