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Nigerian singer, Wasiu Alabi, also known as Pasuma, alongside his colleagues, Saheed Osupa, and Adewale Ayuba, have commended the recent move by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to enforce the ban on abuse of the Naira.

Recall that controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, was last Friday sentenced to six months imprisonment without the option of a fine for abusing the Naira.

Similarly, on Wednesday, celebrity barman, Pascal Okechukwu, better known as Cubana Chief Priest, was granted bail of N10m, after pleading ‘not guilty’ to a charge of abusing the Naira.

In an interview with Punch, Pasuma maintained that the country’s currency had to be respected. He stated that he had always frowned against Naira abuse, even before the EFCC began the recent clampdown.

He said, “I want to believe that there is a difference between spraying a musician money, and mutilating naira notes. Spraying a musician money is an inseparable part of our African culture during celebrations. Meanwhile, abuse or mutilation of currencies has to do with throwing money around and stepping on them, thus reducing their lifespan.

Right from the onset, I have never been a fan of naira abuse. I don’t like it when people throw money around on my stage. It is a sign of disrespect to the artiste and the currency itself.

“If you watch my stage performances, you will see that I have a box where people put money when they want to appreciate my work. And, that was even before this naira abuse campaign started. I think that is the right and respectful manner to treat the artiste and the Naira.

“So, the war against naira spraying has not affected my performances and earnings as a law-abiding citizen that I am.”

On his part, Osupa stated that the new development had not affected his business, stressing that his crew made more money when fans are mandated to put money in a box instead of spraying it.

He said, “People no longer spray money at my shows. They just drop money in a box that is provided on stage. So, I cannot say it has affected me badly. We still make money the way we made it before. The only difference is that people don’t spray the money again.”

“Most people just use spraying money to show off. Many of them don’t really want to spray that money, they just want to spite some people. Also, there are times that those who spray money don’t really spend much, they just make it look as if they are spraying a lot. However, it is when they put money in the box that we actuually make more money. Some people also make bank transfers.”

Echoing the thoughts of his colleagues, Ayuba said the ban on Naira spraying would not affect him because he had always adopted the same strategy of telling fans to put money in the box during his performance.

He said, “The problem with spraying money is the way some people handle the currency by flinging it, throwing it to a crowd, stepping on it, and treating it like trash. That is ridiculous, and I don’t support it. The new enforcement drive by the government won’t affect me, because whenever I am performing, I have a box where people can put the money they want to spray me.

“What the government is say is that people should not abuse our currency; they are not saying that people should not spend money on artistes. Government is only telling citizens to respect our currency, because it is part of our identity as a nation.”

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There are days when you are just staring out of the window and you get a rush of memories of what seems like a distant past. As you are focusing on that single white cloud, you are reminded of all the people who once were a part of your life, but are not anymore.
A wave of sadness runs through your body right? Me too

The people who were once so close to you now leave your messages unseen. They are just contacts on the phone. The feeling of forever that you felt around them was an illusion, like the clouds. They did not seem to move, but in reality, every day, they were gliding one inch away from you. The single world that both of you lived in, was slowly separating into two individual worlds.

Goosebumps. You got lost in thought. You pull yourself out of your head and see that the skies are changing colors and as you look at the sky one last time, with a prayer in your mind.

“Our conversations are not the same anymore. But I promise that if we ever cross paths again, I will do all I can to slow down that moment until it lasts. I will still be here watching you fly past me while you reach greater heights because no matter how apart we are now, you will always be in my mind. No matter where we are on the ground, our skies will always be the same.”

The loss of someone close is a very hard feeling to describe. Most of us just shrug it off saying, “we grew apart” than saying, “it broke my heart.”. Our close ones are meant to offer genuine deep connections, but when they end, they can really shatter the person.

 Are things really that simple?

We often take people for granted, only to lose them completely. Days turn into weeks, then months. Then, as luck would have it, you come across something that they have been silently working on. You find the courage to send an encouraging text and impatiently wait for their reply and when you finally get a response back. You are excited. Maybe this is the chance. You open the chat.

“Thank you!”

You are confused and disappointed. It felt like a door closed. You could have pushed yourself to continue the conversation, but the response was an answer. You reached a dead-end. If they wanted to pursue a conversation, they would have. It does not make them bad people. Maybe you weren’t good to them. Maybe things have changed now. Maybe your ‘ship’ has run its course.

If you are missing someone you have lost in touch with and are thinking about reconnecting. Just do it. Apologize. Don’t put it off. We all screw up. We all hurt people sometimes. It isn’t easy and we can’t control them to forgive us. But life is short and people can really surprise you sometimes.

Don’t forget to take a look at all the people around you, are you appreciating them enough?

So while cherished souls are within your reach, appreciate them because you don't know what tomorrow holds. Appreciate the grief. It means that your love for them wasn’t weak. Appreciate the people who held on.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about how things got so bad. Don’t wonder if they still think about you. Don’t wonder if they open your chat and feel empty. Be grateful for those beautiful years you have known them for.

We have all lost people.
We have all had bad people around us or been bad to those around us.
Losing these people can feel like tears running down your cheeks.
But as you look out of your window,
I hope you silently pray for them.

Viral News: The Family Of Late Engr Precious Ofurum, The Young Sound Engineer Who Died Alongside Junior Pope In The Ill-fated Boat Accident Get 10 Million Cash Donation From Billionaire Prophet Jeremi
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Viral News:
The Family of Late Engr Precious Ofurum, the young sound engineer who died alongside Junior Pope in the ill-fated boat accident get 10 million cash donation from Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (Watch Video)

The news of Prophet Fufeyin's significant 10 million naira cash donation has spread like wildfire across social media platforms, sparking a wave of reactions from Nigerians all over the country. Many hailed his benevolence, describing it as an embodiment of the true spirit of humanity.
"This is a philanthropic act that restores faith, love in humanity during tragic times"
-Mr. Gideon JOF Foundation Representative.
In a devastating boat accident that claimed the lives of Engr. Precious Ofurum (Sound Engineer) alongside Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, Nigerians were left grieving the loss of the five talented individuals. However, hope amidst despair arrived in the form of a generous act by Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, who offered a cash support of 10 million naira to the grieving family of Engr. Precious Ofurum.
Social Media Reactions 
@Doris_Nkiruka says "TBH this Prophet Jeremiah is a good example when it comes to showing sympathy and compassion to those in need, I am truly inspired by this, may the soul of Engr Precious Rest In's well"
Another X user @EmekaJohnson__ says 
"Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin just got another fan in me, this is what true Christianity is all about, whilst others keep blind eyes to the poor, grieving and need, I love this man of God for all this his good work, don't criticise people, do your own make we see. God Bless PapaJ "
In a remarkable display of compassion and empathy, Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin stepped forward to offer his support to Engr. Precious Ofurum's grieving family. The philanthropist extended a helping hand, providing them with a cash donation of 10 million naira to alleviate any financial burdens they may face during this difficult time.
Watch video:

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Intellectual Jokes For The Smart. Part Eighteen
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Q: What’s a cat’s favorite nursery rhyme?
A: Three Blind Mice.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Nana who?
Nana your business.

Q: Why did the dog keep tripping?
A: Because she had two left feet.

Q: What did the duck say to the clown?
A: You quack me up!

Q: Where do baby pens spend their day?
A: In their play pen.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Needle who?
Needle little more money for this toy please.

Q: What has 18 legs and catches flies?
A: A baseball team.

Q: Why is it not a good idea to try to trick a snake?
A: Because you can’t pull his leg.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Yukon who?
Yukon a let us in? It’s raining out here!

Q: What was the banker’s favorite player on the football team?
A: The quarterback.

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Culled from 200 kid-friendly Joke from the classroom

Intellectual Jokes For The Smart. Part Seventeen
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Q: What’s a bat’s favorite pastime?
A: Hanging out with his friends.

Q: Where do polar bears keep their money?
A: In snow banks.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Canoe who?
Canoe help me with my homework

Q: How do bears keep their den cool in the summer?
A: They use bear-conditioning.

Q: Why was the clown crying?
A: Because he broke his funny bone.

Q: What did the paper say to encourage the pencil?
A: Write on, good friend!

Q: Where can you always find a peacock?
A: In the dictionary.

Q: What is a top’s favorite ride at the amusement park?
A: The merry-go-round.

Q: What is a kitten’s favorite dessert?
A: Mice cream.

Q: Where did the bird go when he lost a feather?
A: The re-tail shop.

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Culled from 200 kid-friendly Joke from the classroom