Pet Jokes: The Great Escape Artist Hamster
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Hamlet, the adventurous hamster, was tired of living in his boring old cage and longed for the thrill of the open road. So, one night, when his owner accidentally left the cage door open, Hamlet seized his chance and made a break for it. What followed was a hilarious game of cat and mouse (or rather, cat and hamster) as Hamlet evaded capture by hiding in the most unlikely of places – from inside the refrigerator to under the couch cushions. Despite his tiny size, Hamlet proved to be a master of escape, leaving his owner in stitches as she tried to track him down.
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The Accidental Cat Burglar

Pet Jokes: The Accidental Cat Burglar
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Meet Whiskers, the mischievous cat with a penchant for pilfering precious items from the neighbors' houses. From diamond rings to expensive electronics, nothing was safe from Whiskers' sticky paws. But while Whiskers may have been an expert thief, he was also incredibly clumsy, often knocking over vases and setting off alarm systems in his haste to escape. Despite his best efforts to keep his nocturnal activities a secret, Whiskers soon found himself caught red-handed by the local police, who couldn't help but laugh at the sight of a cat trying to make off with a television twice his size.

How Free Up Space On Your Phone Without Deleting
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Pet Jokes: The Case Of The Invisible Dog
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When the Peterson family moved into their new house, they were thrilled to find a friendly and energetic dog named Buster already living in the backyard. The only problem? Buster was completely invisible! At first, the Petersons were puzzled by Buster's invisible presence, but they quickly adapted, taking him for walks on a leash that seemed to float in mid-air and pretending to throw invisible balls for him to fetch. Despite Buster's invisibility, he quickly became a beloved member of the family, with the Petersons regaling their friends with tales of their invisible adventures.
Breaking News: Mr THANKGOD Ikoma, A Survival Of The Infamous Boat Accident, Just Got 2 Million Naira Cash Donation From Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (watch Videos)
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In a selfless act of humanity, The Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin who just donated the sum of 10 million naira directly to the grieving family of the late Engr Precious Ofurum. Recognizing the dire situation faced by Mr THANKGOD Ikoma, the senior prophet also extended his kindness to him, as he blessed Mr THANKGOD with the whooping sum of 2 million naira. 

Watch video:
The news of these extraordinary acts of kindness has taken social media platforms by storm. Nigerians from all walks of life have been moved by Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin's generosity, with NETIZENS actively pouring prayers and blessings upon the Prophet. 
The boat accident, which claimed the lives of talented Nollywood actor Junior Pope, Engr Precious Ofurum and 3 others, left Mr THANKGOD IKOMA as one of the narrow survivors. As the news of his survival spread, it also caught the attention of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, who wasted no time in extending his hand of support.

Here are some NETIZENS Reactions 
@CHIBUZOR_Nelson says "TBH this Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is just one of a kind, this is so amazing, I saw him blessing the grieving mother of the young late Engr Promise with 10 million naira, and now Mr THANKGOD with another 2 million naira, this is so commendable"
Another X user @_FranklynTemple_ says "Kai this is so touching, i just love this Prophet Jeremiah, I wish this should really go viral, God truly bless you PapaJ, You'll never lack"