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       *What is Bismart ?*
Bismart is an online innovation and affiliate program jointly built by well experienced economists and abroad entrepreneurs. It is an affiliate and online skills acquisition platform built to enhance financial stability and acquiring valuable skills amongst citizens mostly youths and students globally and worldwide. 

     *Who can join bismart ?*

Bismart is for people ranging from old & youth, irrespective of one’s gender and country. Bismart is available for every country
It is for individuals who want to scale up their income, people looking for other legitimate sources of income online by simply making money through networking and through affiliate marketing.
It is also for people that want to acquire and get equipped with the present day skills that’s enough and sufficient to sponsor and encourage financial well being of an individual.

  *How Does it works* 


Don’t allow the economic situation of the country to put your back on the ground.

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Seize the opportunity and make good use of it, Bismart Earning Opportunity has come to stay for those who wish to earn online. 
    *For Non referral earnings*

Registering on Bismart automatically grants you the opportunity to earn and learn unlimitedly by making use of your internet- enabled gadget.

You earn 1500 Bismart points immediately you successfully activated your account. 
As a Non-Referral Earner, you earn 300 Bismart points by sharing our sponsored posts on any social media account ( Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter). You also earn 150 daily when you login to your account. 


  You can also earn as an Affiliate Earner, by referring your friends and family to register on this platform, you get ₦1,600 per person referred to register on this platform.


This means you earn when someone you registered on Bismart directly with your Referral Link Registers another person which can be their friends or family
You get another Whooping sum of ₦200 unlimitedly as long as they keep bringing in their friends. 

On bismart, there are so many ways to earn and make money.

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There are so many values awaiting you. 

   *Earning through our spin lottery*

Spin lottery is another way to earn on Bismart. You have the chance to win lots of prizes daily by just spinning on your bismart account. Immediately you win a prize, it will automatically be converted into cash and it will be deposited on your Affliate earnings on your dashboard.

Earning through our compensations and prizes 

On certain levels you attain on Bismart, you have the chance to win amazing prizes such as Standing fan or electric cooker, Mini washing machine or Plasma Tv, brand new Laptop or Home theatre, iPhone 13 pro max or Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and MacBook Pro . They are called incentives and can be delivered inform of cash or physical delivery to your door step 

Registration fee cost only ₦2,500 to become a financial member on this platform and you can earn as much as you like.
 • No Renewal Fee of any kind.
 • No Hidden Fee.
If you’re among the lucky people reading this, this will be the best opportunity you’d come across, online business becomes way too easier when you’re on the right platform, don’t walk out of this week without taking this amazing opportunity. Message any of our Vendors on WhatsApp to create your account.

If you're interested or need more information Send me a DM with the word on WhatsApp 08176234166


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