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Religion has to do with the activities of men geared towards seeking God. Politics on the other hand is the art of governance. The two issues are separate but connected in most heterogeneous societies in sub-saharan Africa.
        In Nigeria, the issue of religious balancing is a topical issue at the moment, especially to the run up of the 2023 general elections in Nigeria.

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Cinque Terre
The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was one of the first religious organization to warn of the consequences of Fielding a 'same religion' ticket by any political party. The association argued that doing so would negate the religious sensitivity of the country especially now that the country is tending to drift along ethnic and religious line. Although other groups and individuals have supported the argument of the Christian Association of Nigeria, there are many others who do not agree with the need to balance religious beliefs in politics. 
        In Kaduna state where the population is mixed with many ethnic groups and evenly balanced with the Christian and Muslim citizens living in the state,it currently has a Muslim Governor and deputy.

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Cinque Terre
There are also many important government offices occupied by Muslim citizens. Many would argue that this may be the reason why insecurity persists despite all efforts made by the political class and the law enforcement agencies. Recent developments in the All Progressive Congress suggests that the Muslim-Muslim ticket will continue.
        At the national level, the All Progressive Congress is seriously pursuing such agenda while other parties have balanced their tickets to accommodate the religious divide in the country. 
        It is a fact that Nigeria is a multi-ethnic  society and arrangements must be made to accommodate all religious and/or ethnic groups in the country. We can't afford to experience a major crises as a result of religion. The political actors must thread with caution and let 'Common sense' prevail.
               MADU JUDE NIM writing from Kaduna north


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