Why Your Date Bailed Out On You? Here’s The Reason Why


Why Your Date Bailed Out On You? Here's The Reason Why

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You meet someone or start talking to them on a dating app and things seem to be working in your favour. The person is overtly showing interest, you could even call it flirting, both of you plan on taking it forward, and a date is set. 

While both of you are excited and you can already judge the sparks flying between you two, they suddenly back out. This comes as a plain shocker knowing that they were on the same page with you just a few hours ago. 

1. A common occurance on dating apps than in face-to-face interactions

A thing to note is that it can happen to anyone, but it is more likely to happen to people on dating apps than face-to-face interactions. What gives them the power to take the call despite showing interest in the first place when it comes to online dating? Anonymity. The faceless attribute of the internet gives people the safe space to shirk off accountability.


It is natural to not feel much connection with people online. You can share a few pictures and exchange a few texts and still not feel the loyalty, commitment or responsibility that would stem out of real-life conversation. 

2. Fielding a lot of options can be one reason

Since you cannot be sure you’re the only one they are talking to on the internet, they can easily forget a few dates here and there, out of which you might be one too. Decisions made while casually chatting like “let’s catch up for coffee” might not be followed up. You can keep waiting for them to set a date and place, but they might never come through.


Maybe they are busy, genuinely, or that was just said in the moment and the third we already know---they are fielding a lot of options. Also, one shouldn’t be doubtful of everyone they meet on the internet, your date could just be getting the nerves and that is the reason they cancelled or ghosted you. They were just trying to calm their feelings of anxiety. 

3. The chills are real when you’ve hyped yourself too much on the internet

The thought of taking a screen conversation to a table can be daunting for some. Some of the people are online to get over their fear of dating and flirting, but the reality hits them one day. Here’s where the idea of staying home can come as a huge relief.


They aren’t selfish, they have just built themselves up on the internet and are afraid to let you down or come across as less attractive.

4. Maybe it is just an empty confidence boost

Truth be told, not everyone is looking for a serious relationship or even a relationship on dating apps. They are there for the ego boost or to derive confidence out of someone who shows interest in them. It is more of something like a novelty where you feel good when someone likes you back, or maybe “super likes” you back.

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