What To Do, When You Get Stuck, While Writing.. A Piece By E PLUS The Storyteller.

What To Do, When You Get Stuck, While Writing.. A Piece By E PLUS The Storyteller.

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                   What to do, when you get stuck, while writing?...(The Creative Process.)... A piece by E PLUS The Storyteller.

   So, you are excited writing and putting down those ideas, then suddenly, you go blank! For a moment, you panic over the situation, and you can't seem to put it all together. You become very nervous. Everything is blur, like you are empty and less motivated.

Literally, you are stuck and seem not to be making headway. Many people call it: 'The Writer's Blog.' however I simply call it:

 'The Writer's pause and ponder moment. 

Question: 'Is this a good thing?

   It all depends on perspective. 

Now, let's comprehensively analyse the situation.
As a Creative Writer, you must learn to be a part of the creative writing process, and this includes the bumps and the hiccups- that moment, that the mind needs to reconnect with both the internal and external reality.

Every inspiration has an influence that leads to a direction, and the mind is the driving force, thus it becomes expedient to take advantage of every situation. Rather than just giving up, when that break occurs, write about the break!  Write about that moment you feel out of touch with reality.


Create your world of stories every step of the way.

 What does it feel like to be left in the middle of an ocean?

Would you rather get drowned, or at least put up a fight?

Creative Writing process is a journey- expect anything, and get ready to write about it!

Take advantage of that moment you get stuck, and dwell on the experience it brings along with it. Then you will see that there is no hopeless case. Along the way, you will get back to shore, feeling more refreshed and inspired.
Most importantly, you would have learnt to trust process.

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            Meal Time.... E PLUS Kitchen.

Egusi Stew is an exciting twist to  the kitchen experience! Yes o! Egusi Stew, not Egusi soup. This is another dish that will keep you licking your fingers! It's one of my favorites too. However, it ia important to know that the delivery and finishing touches is highly dependent on how well you observe the 'due process' of making it...every step is significant.

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Curry leaf.

Any protein of your choice(meat, fish, goat meat, chicken.)



 How to cook

Blend Egusi, Pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger and crayfish together.

Heat up vegetable oil and add some onion (to avoid any after taste.)

Pour the blended Egusi, Pepper, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and crayfish into the heated oil and stir. After a while, allow the Egusi to boil for a while before you add your fish, or already cooked meat together with the stock. Immediately Egusi Stew is well cooked, add the curry leaves, and allow it to blend in.

Your Egusi Stew is ready!

You can eat take it with rice, yam or plantain.
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"How do you feel now? Chibuzor asked Scarlet as he broke the silence after pondering over her last statement.

" Quite better. I guess you come here quite often?" Scarlet sought to know.

Chibuzor smiled.

"This place is my second home and my story is very attached to it." He replied.

"Hmmm..interesting, whatever that story is I'm quite certain, it's an interesting one." Scarlet responded.

"Well, maybe and maybe not." Chibuzor replied with a distant look. Scarlet could perceive some reflection in his voice.

"So, I guess we can head back. Baby must be tired" Chibuzor said as he snapped out of his momentary oblivion.

"Yea..I sure would miss this place." Scarlet exclaimed.

Chibuzor grained as they entered the car. He started the car and paused for a moment. Scarlet noticed.

"Did you forget something?" She asked.

"No..I'm wondering if you are sound enough to go home or...."

"Or what?" Scarlet interrupted.

"Maybe I should just admit you for bed rest until your due date of your baby delivery?" Chibuzor said.

Scarlet pondered.



A Novel written by Ejiro Emenike Ukaumune.

Ughelli is a very beautiful city and its people, very hospitable.
Most of the men and women worked very hard to make ends meet.

Each household embraces virtue and integrity, especially amongst the women. Little wonder, men trope in, from far and near to find for themselves suitable wives. Though, most of the older generations are less educated, the younger ones strive very hard to fend for themselves through school while few parents still contributes to see their children through.

Onome, was the only girl amongst seven children and they all lived with their parents.

 just like any other child, She hoped to read to the highest level before settling down. Her brothers, on the other hand, cared less.

Onome, in her teens had already began to make way for her dreams. She would attend all her classes while her mates spent most of their time playing games behind the school fence. She made sure she finished her assignments.

 Onome dreamt of studying architecture. Often she would visit the school library, sit with big text books and  view the houses drawn on them.

Usually, she visualized herself designing similar structures and then she would just smile.

"Eh hen! I know she would be here. See! she has started smiling that her smile again"

One of her friends said as all four of them bumped into each other at the library.

Ochuko, Peres, Deborah and Adesuwa were Onome's friends.
They actually thought Onome's ambition was farfetched.

"Look, Onome, dis your big big books you always carry, na wa oo!'Said Adesuwa.

"Anyway, the principal wants to see you" Ochuko said.

Onome sat up, a little nervous.

        "Me?" She asked.

"Yes na! no be you be Onome?" Peres said as they all laughed...

"Why is she calling me?" Onome asked again.

"Maybe because you stole her meat" Ochuko replied..

Onome looked lost for a while.

"Which meat!?" She asked.

There was momentary silence then, the girls burst out in laughter.

 Onome's countenance lit up.

"You girls ehn! Why are you like this? Stop all these your expensive jokes, jare!" Onome said.

" . . . Okay .
. We were just joking but really the principal wants to see you and she did not give us any reason. She just asked us to call you" Adesuwa said.

"Okay, let me just drop this book" Onome said as she headed back to the shelf where she had picked the book from.

Her mind pondered over why the principal wanted to see her but one thing was sure, each time the principal wanted to see anyone, it was either for good or bad! She braced up herself and followed her friends down to the staff office.

Arriving at the staff premises, some teachers were already heading for their classes, Lunch break was over.

The girls entered the principal's office.

"Ma, she is here" The girls chorused.

The principal, who was by this time bent over her file, looked up and adjusted her eye glasses over her nose. She was fond of doing that particularly when in a very serious mood.

"Okay, you girls can leave. Let me have a word with Onome" She said.

"Okay ma" The girls choruses and left.

Onome stood in front of the principal as if she was in an army recruiting camp.

"Onome, how are you?" The principal said as she handed her an envelop . . .

Onome took the envelop and starred at it.

"Go ahead, open it" The principal instructed.

Onome, with both hands shaking, opened the envelop slowly.

She brought out a white sheet and waited for further instruction by the principal.

"Go ahead! go ahead!" She beckoned on her to open it.

Onome opened the sheet and began to read:


We are pleased to offer one of your students, (Onome Oghenetega) to our quarterly Technical Drawing symposiums. We find it quite impressive that she was able to perform exceptionally well at the Technical Drawing mock examination.

We belief that her attendance at this program would enhance her technical prowess and prepare her further for future encounter.

We crave your indulgence to accept our invitation.

            GREAT COLLEGE 🎓 .

Onome finished reading the letter and then, she stood still for a while with her head shyly bowed.
The principal smiled.

"Onome, ain't you happy?" She asked.

"Really ma, I am surprised.

"I know but you should be proud and happy that you are already standing out. Great colleague is a very good school in the big city so you are already on your way for exposure." The principal said.

Onome knew that, coming from her principal, that was certain.

"Thank you ma" Onome said as she tried to put herself together.

"Tell your parents to see me tomorrow so that we can start making plans" The principal said.

"Okay ma" Onome said.

As she left the office and for her class, her mind sank. She wondered what her parents would think.

Her mum? Okay . . . maybe not much of a problem but her dad! Hmmmm . . .
he had so much traditional beliefs barricading his mind. Onome just prayed quietly.

Onome in the company of her friends were on their way home and they all chatted.

"Ehn ehn, Onome na wa for you oo . . . you no come tell us wetin principal call you for"Ochuko teased.

"That's true ooo" Deborah added.

Feeling reluctant, Onome just smiled.

"Ah han! Onome! You've started again, just tell us nau, stop hiding things!" Adesuwa exclaimed.

After much teasing by her friends, Onome spilled the beans.

"Okay . . okay, it is just...

For more of this story titled

"BEAUTY IN THE MIDST OF ASHES." By Ejiro Emenike Ukaumune (E PLUS The Storyteller.) click here to get your copy.


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