The Power Of Telling Stories To Persuade Your Clients

The Power Of Telling Stories To Persuade Your Clients

The Power Of Telling Stories To Persuade Your Clients Matt  

2 years ago

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Recently, I read a blog post created by a super affiliate Charles Ngo.

The blog post is about creating profitable angles using archetypes, which I won't tell you more about now.


Because the purpose of the creation of this post is not about that.

"About what, then?"

It's about some words that I found when I read that blog post.

Here are the words:

One of my biggest marketing discoveries is that humans are wired for stories.

Why are TV and Movies such big businesses? Because our brains are programmed for good stories.

If you can tell good stories then you can sell anything.

Therefore, if you want to become a better copywriter, learn how to tell better stories.

And about stories, here's also what I found in one of the articles my favorite email marketer Ben Settle wrote on a website called copyblogger:

Stories are a great way to sell in emails.

I dont care what the product or service is. If you can work in a story, your chances of making the sale go up dramatically.

For one thing, stories are naturally entertaining.

Think back a few thousand years. Stories were the only real entertainment people had. They didnt have TV or radio or the Internet, just stories which are a great form of entertainment.

Its very easy to process information from stories, too.

We are hard wired to learn from and communicate through them.

And, in many cases, its the most persuasive way to get someone to do what you want. Whether its persuading someone to buy your product or persuading a child to be careful of talking to strangers, stories inspire and motivate people to take action.

Many times sales are made just from the story!

Just look at the hit 80's movie Top Gun.

That movie sold thousands of young whippersnappers on joining the Navy, even though it never once pitches anyone on it. (The Navy even put recruiters in movie theaters where it was playing.)

As the old adage says:

The more you tell the more you sell. And this is especially true if you are telling stories.

Bottom line?

Telling stories is such an important skill to have, especially for you if you run an online business that requires you to sell something to make money.

It doesnt matter where you put your stories, whether it is in your emails, sales page, landing page, blog posts, articles, etc.

Because you know¦

Stories are easy to consume, which makes it easy for you to persuade someone to buy something you are selling (and that is, when you combine your stories with your sales pitch).

Alright, I think thats it for today.

I ll see you soon in the next one.


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