The Power Of Prayers

The Power Of Prayers

2 years ago

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I love this 

*Let nothing be strong enough to cause you not to pray.*

*Anything that takes you away from prayer is not of God.*

**When you succeed, pray.*

*When you fail, pray even more.

*When you are tired, pray.*

*When you weak, pray*

*When you are sound in spirit, pray.*

*When you are happy, pray.*

*When you are sad, pray.*

*If you are living in holiness, pray.*

*When you are entangled in a sin, still pray.*

*When you feel guilty of a sin, pray.*

*When you are mocked, pray.*

*When you are hated, pray*

*When you are loved, pray.*

*When you plan to pray, start praying before you reach the time you planned to pray.*

*Pray during your prayer time, pray before your prayer time and pray after your prayer time.


God hears all prayers whether in your prayer time or out of your prayer time, He hears!*

*When you wake up before your alarm, pray.*

*When you wake up after your alarm, don't be guilty, still pray.*

*Pray in season and pray out of season.*

*Don't just talk prayer, don't just plan prayer and don't just wish to pray.


Start praying now.*

*Pray everyday! Pray in your schedule and out of your schedule.*

*God is far from the  prayerless and closer to the prayerful.*

*Nothing is an excuse for 'prayerlessness', not your sin, not your failure, not you falling, not your mistakes, not your guilt and not your pain, not your tears.*

*Everything that happens to you has one message, PRAY.*

*Prayer draws God to you.*

*Prayer purifies you.*

*Prayer brings forgiveness.*

*Prayers brings power.*

*Prayer brings breakthrough.*

*Prayer brings healin*g.

*Prayer brings miracles.*

*Prayer brings favour.*

*Prayer makes you a voice.*

*Prayer makes you live heaven on earth.*

*Prayer is walking with God.*

*Prayer is fuel for the journey.*

*Prayer is the force of victory in the midst of temptation.*

*Prayer is the doorway of the supernatural.*

*By prayer you came, by prayer you live, by prayer you are sustained and by prayer you will enter into your glory; if you doubt me, ask Jesus why He is still interceding for us.*

*Prayer is not a key, it's the key.*

*Brethren, whenever there's a call to prayer,  give heed!*

*When people gather to pray, be there.*

*When people talk about prayer, give your ears.*

*When there is opportunity to pray, don't excuse yourself - it's a place to be.*

*Don't wait to be motivated to pray - pray to be motivated to pray.*

*Spending a week without praying will ultimately make you weak!*

*You must understand that you don't want prayer, you need it.*


*Pray when others are praying.*

*Pray when no one is praying.*

*Pray when asked, pray when not asked.*

*You may forget to eat or forget to drink but NEVER forget to pray!*

*Pray! Pray! Pray!*

*Prayer is a mystery, prayer is a life.*

*Let no devil be strong enough to stop your prayer.*

*Let no challenge be strong enough to stop your prayer.*

*Let not sin stop your prayer.*

*Be unstoppable!*

*Be ceaseless!*

*Be faintless!*

*Be tireless!*

*Don't give way, don't give out, don't give in and don't give up.*

*Keep Praying!!!*


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