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The sooner we begin to build, the earlier we would complete what we started to build. Growth is inevitable, but if we don’t influence growth, then growth would be influenced by external factors and because life itself is a competition, the contest for survival of the fittest, these external factors would never favor us if we don’t force them to because people are constantly forcing nature to favor them and indirectly forcing her to disfavor you. We all don’t have the same objectives and goals. See it like this, two men have just one car but they want to go the opposite directions. The first man to grab the keys and drive the car would get to his desired destination and even faster, while on the other hand, the other man, who failed to get the keys first would have to run or walk if he is determined in going his desired direction or he could just forget about it if he discovers too late that his lost the car. If the loser man had been early enough he would have gotten the keys and beat the competition.

So even though one of the men lost the keys to the other, he may have still been able to get to his destination if he starts his journey early. I mean it would be of more advantage to get to build a hut than to have no shelter at all. If the same “loser” man starts his journey on foot, he would move closer to his destination with every step he takes and chances are high that if he is on the path to his destination he would find people moving towards his dream, some of them may have cars and he might be lucky to get a lift.

The hut isn’t as comfortable as the mansion, yet it can protect you from the direct sun rays, the rain, the wind, wild animals and everything a shelter would provide.

Apparently, the mansion has improved functions. Apart from all of its comforting hospitality, people who live in mansions are thought of as prestigious people. People love to make friends with prestigious people because of their influence in our society. When we sight a mansion, we quickly imagine the owner as very wealthy. We seldom associate mansions with poverty.  Wealth is associated with intelligence, hard work and responsibility and mansions are associated with wealth.

Unfortunately, it would be a great challenge to build a world class mansion. All things being equal, the tougher it is to build a mansion the better the mansion would be and no matter how much resources and funds you throw into speeding up the task of building a magnificent mansion, it could never be built in the same time as the hut. The task of building a hut is definitely easier and faster to accomplish.

If an eleven years old boy starts to build his dream mansion at his age, by the time he is thirty years old, he would have completed several dream mansions. Over time, because of experience and continuity subsequent mansion projects would be better, stronger and more magnificent than previous ones. Just like it is easier to repeat and perform better in tasks we took part in the past. We also would have gained great experience over time, experience that people would pay heavily to have.

The first step in planning and development of an objective or aim has to do a lot with writing. Writing plays a great role in the developent of the mind, soul and body and the earlier, the better. The mind could think up anything with all of its imaginative capabilities, yet just like the running tap, without a bucket to trap the flowing water, we would lose all the ideas we thought up if we don’t trap them in paper through writing. Thoughtful ideas lost cannot be completely recollected.

Building of a mansion follows a process to make sure it lasts long. Writing, also must follow a carefully planned process. Article writing can serve as basic foundation for all writing purposes. Whether you write commmercial articles or you just pour out all your ideas on paper, practicing writing articles can help you organize your writeup properly.  Instead, you must study the ideas and work of other people before you. You must practice the act of writing articles. In the process of recreating the works of others through research and article writing we improve our knowledge and ideas and eventually we rule the world through innovations and inventions.   .

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