Tesla Phone

Tesla Phone

11 months ago

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I already believe we all know the company Tesla and the billionaire owner's name. 

Tesla is a great name being the first maker of electric car.
The company has been doing wonderful and  is not relenting,as is now moving to write it's name in the book of mobile phone maker and as your guess as mine,the product will be a Bomb!

The Tesla Phone model 'Pi' is rumored to be the strong competitor to Samsung and iPhone and it's believed by techies over the world positively that it's going to be a Win!
Curiously, I know you are to find out more about the phone.

Tesla Rumored Price: $800-$1000

Phone model: Pi

Phone Features: Solar charging, Crypto mining, Vehicle control, Satellite internet, Astrophotography, Neural link support

 Phone charger: Solar charging.

What do you think about this phone and hope it would change the phase of mobile phones? 
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