Selfishly Pay Yourself First

Selfishly Pay Yourself First

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“Yes. We can rebuild. Enlarge the containment field. Make it bigger and stronger than ever! But we need money.”
— Doctor Octopus
Spiderman 2

Back in 1926, George Clason published his book The Richest Man In Babylon. The book is mostly about a poor man asking a rich man about how he got wealthy. It’s also considered a “must read” by top financial authors, and its timeless advice has created fortunes for thousands of men over the past several decades.


The book’s first (and most important) financial rule?

“Ten percent of everything you earn is yours to keep.”

i.e. pay yourself first.

That means the first 10% (minimum) of your paycheck belongs to you.

Not the electric bill.

Or the IRS.

Or debt collectors.

Or loan sharks.

Or anyone else.

Instead, the first 10% (more is better) is yours to save and invest with, so it can bring you back many more dollars without you having to manually labor for it. I’m not saying to
not pay your taxes, debts, or bills. I’m simply saying to become financially independent you must pay yourself first — without excuse, apology, or exception.

And make no mistake about it:

Financial independence is mandatory if you wish to be a charismatic and influential Villain who commands respect, attracts the best minions and sidekicks, and has the money to finance your heists, schemes, plans, and Mission.

After all, how can you attain world conquest if you’re always worried about money?

And it all begins with paying yourself first.

Making this one (simple) change in your finances instantly puts you on the road to financial independence. It gives you a mental and emotional toughness lacking in 90% of men today. It
forces you to cut out the fat in your finances (like daily overpriced sugar coffees, weekend bar hopping, dining out, wasting money on useless crap just to impress others, etc.) And, you’ll automatically develop the creativity a Villain needs for making money when your plans go all to hell and you need cash
flow quick.


There’s another (even more crucial) way of paying yourself first you will probably never hear from another book, class, or financial expert.

Here’s what I mean:

Several years ago, like most men, I woke up each day, went to a job, and gave that company the best and most productive part of my day...


only to come home too exhausted to work on my own Mission.

Later, when I became a freelance copywriter, I spent all my time (including the first part of my day — when I was at my best and most focused) making my clients rich while I barely scraped by. Then one day, I got fed up with spinning my wheels and gave myself one year to liberate myself from needing
clients — where I could sell my own products and keep all the money instead of selling everyone else’s products and keeping only a fraction of what I earned for them. (My ads earned clients millions of dollars, while I barely met my bills.)

The first thing I did?

I decided the first hour of every day belonged to me.

To work on my own projects.

To create my own products.

And to write ads to sell my own books, newsletters, and novels.

It didn’t matter how busy I was. It didn’t matter if I had multiple impossible deadlines. It didn’t matter if a client insisted I drop everything on a dime with the looming threat of being firing if I didn’t comply.


No matter what happened, how busy I got, or how many threats came... the first hour of each day was mine.

The result?

Within six months (half the time I planned for) I reached my goal and have been devoting all my working time towards my Mission and nobody else’s since.

And you can do the same thing.

Starting today pay yourself the first 10% of every dollar you earn, and invest the first hour of every day into your Mission.

It’ll be rough at first trying to adapt.

But you just have to sac up and ride it out.

Soon, you won’t even miss that 10% of your paycheck or that first hour of the day. In fact, you’ll start whacking away at debt and notice your income going up. Same with your time. By keeping that first hour for yourself, you’ll have more (not less) free time for your Mission as your schedule adapts and you
become more productive.

Bottom line?

Pay yourself first — both financially and in time.

Doing so makes you the master of time and money, instead of a slave to time and money.

Now, turn the page to find out the first thing to do with the 10% you’re keeping so you never have to rely on anyone else for money, a job, or a loan ever again.

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