Paul Gascoigne V Snoop Dogg: Is Cannabis Or Alcohol Worse For You?

Paul Gascoigne V Snoop Dogg: Is Cannabis Or Alcohol Worse For You?

5 years ago

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An unlikely debate has broken out because of Snoop Dogg and ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne over what's worse - cannabis or alcohol?

It's after the rapper posted a photo of himself and the former England midfielder on Instagram - comparing how they've aged after 27 years of using the two different drugs.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Gazza - who has spent years battling alcoholism - said: "For him to attack someone like myself, with the trouble I've put myself through, for him to do that is really bang out of order, I was upset at the time.

"Normally I'd probably drink but now I try to look at the funny side of it.


But there wasn't much of a funny side to that."

He also challenged Snoop to a charity boxing match, adding: "Cannabis vs booze - bring it on."

It's thought Snoop posted the photo to try to show that alcohol is worse for you than cannabis.

They both can affect the body and mind differently depending on the person.


But is one worse than the other?

How does cannabis affect you?
Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK and research shows 10% of regular cannabis users become addicted to it, according to the NHS.

Nikki Thorne from Addaction, a service helping young people who've misused drugs and alcohol, believes the "mental impact" of cannabis is the most dangerous part.

"We increasingly encounter young people, who've started using cannabis to self-medicate when they are unable to regulate their emotions, that go on to develop mental health issues.".

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