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Late Tanzanian President Might Be The Best In Africa, See His Achievement So Far

Exclusive from Tiz Naija

The immidate past President of the Republic of Tanzania, President John Magufuli who died on Wednesday following a heart complicated issues may have done more than we know for his country and the people of Tanzania at large.

John Pombe Magufuli who is the 5th President of Tanzania assumed the office in 2015, before he became the president of his country, he served as Minister of Works, Transport and Communication from the year 2000 to 2005, in the year 2010, he served as the chairman to the Southern African development committee.
He has been in government long before he became the president in 2015.

Let's quickly take a look at his score card from 2015 till his death.
His 9 quality achievements are:

1. He brought his country from out of low income country to middle income country in 6 years
Tanzania was known for decades to he a third world country in terms of development, education, infrastructure and was a poverty capital is Southern African Nation, but he came and made the country a middle income Nation.

2. He rejected the Chinese $10 Loan
Chinese loans always comes with much troubles later, especially when you are not able to pay back the loan at a stipulated time, your sovereignty as a nation might be at a serious risk. When other African countries, including Nigeria was scampering for the glittering Chinese loans to cater for the needs of their countries, President John Magufuli refused to go for the 10 Billion dollars Chinese loans, instead, he looked inward and discovered how to raise the money in his country without risking their sovereignty for any loan. This makes him a visionary leader.
3. He refused to go on state trips outside Africa

President John throughout his presidency refused to go outside Africa for any form of official trip, be it medical trip or vacation, he never did that. With that, he saved a very large amount of money he was supposed to waste to travel around the world for free.
According to the source, when he was asked why he wasn't galavanting the globe, he simply said it wasn't necessary. He also said that he was elected to put things in order, not to waste the nation's money on irrelevant trips. Massive respect Sir.
4. He reduced the cabinet size from 30 to 19 in a bid to manage the budget
The President of Tazania reduced his cabinet size in the wake of covid-19 and global economic melt down from 30 as it is used to be to 19 to manage the budget.

5. He banned government officials from foreign trips
African government officials in general are find of wasting the government's money on foreign trips and medical tourism, this was the case in Tanzania before President John assumed office. He banned the government officials from foreign trips and also abolish the law that exempts them from paying taxes.

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Xmocrew (Plus)   2 months ago
Nice one

Xmocrew (Plus)   2 months ago

Xmocrew (Plus)   2 months ago

Xmocrew (Plus)   2 months ago


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