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Ladies, Ten Things You Do Or Don't Do That Makes You Still Single

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Dear Ladies, 2021 is going again and you keep wondering why you don't have a stable relationship or married despite making it your new year resolution every December 31st. Check yourself, One or more of these might be responsible:

1) You have multiple dating partners
 Men are very sensitive, they study women very well without knowing. Once they discover you always keep your phone locked, you don't pick your calls when you are not with them or not, You always put your phone in silence, You tell them you're going to the church, and they find out you actually with a guy at an eatery, or they sense generally you have multiple partners, they tend to fly away like a bird or look for one excuse to end the relationship. You can't eat your cake and have it.

2) You prefer to date rich and handsome guys
Every human wish for the best. Nothing bad in desiring a well-to-do guy or handsome guy but when you have this mentality that your guy must be rich or handsome, you're probably making a huge mistake. As you desire guys like that so other women. Handsome and rich guys always have lots of catfish in their aquarium, and they can decide to choose anyone they want at any point in time making you to lose out of the race. I wonder why you are demanding iPhone 12 from your guy earning 80k per month, and you don't expect him to japa( run away)

3) You are too demanding
 If you are a woman that love material things so much, or you are the demanding type, guys may stop picking your calls because the economy is hard and men always see women that love material things as the property of the highest bidder. 

4) You don't have a job
 Gone is those days when men marry full housewife. Nowadays men believe women must contribute to the family expenses even if it is 15%. No man want to marry a liability these days.

5) You believe you too pretty
Some women always believe their beauty is a visa for them to get any man they wish to marry thereby flying their partner that is loyal to them like a kite. No wonder these days you see some women that are not even as pretty as you are getting married while you are changing men like a phone.

6) You have friends of questionable characters and you always hang out with them
Show me your friend and let me know the kind of person you are. Men often judge you by the type of friends you keep. Some when will discharge you once they see the kind of friends you keep.

7) You are a single mum and always place your children over your partner
 Some single men can decide to marry a single mum. Once a man notice you always place your children over him, or you always pay attention on your children over him, he might decide tom leave the relationship. 

cool You place your carrier over him
Most men won't marry you when they feel you don't have time for them and always talking about work and work all the time. Work and family are two different things and must be taking as such.

9) You don't have a religion
  Most men are very religious, and they quit a relationship once they discover you are not.

10) You are hot tempered and not submissive
If you are the type of woman that doesn't respect a man, or you are hot-tempered, getting a man to marry you might be a nightmare because most men especially Africans like their wife to be submissive. 

These are my personal opinion and pls no bashing if you don't believe in this.
Men, the reason why you can't find a wife is coming soon....
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