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I Don't Know Why People Argue About Mary's Virginity When We All Know What Is Not

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So I have heard people argue blindly on Mary’s virginity, and her position as the mother of Jesus Christ and something struck me to write this up.
Of course, we all know who Mary is, Mary is the mother of Jesus. She is an object of veneration in the Christian church since the apostolic age. Mary has been ascribed titles in the history of the Christian communities, such as guarantor of the incarnation, virgin mother, second eve, mother of God, ever virgin immaculate, assumed into heaven.
Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was 3 years old when she was taken up to the temple to be educated in gratitude to the lord. When she turned 14, Zechariah said to her “it is customary for all young maidens at your age to get married”. That night an angel appeared to Zachariah in a dream asking him to have each suitor for Mary, bring him a staff because the holy spirit will give a sign as to whom shall be Mary’s husband. The next day as all the suitors entered the temple, each holding a staff in his hand, knelling and praying for a sign, all at once a lily was seen to bloom from the staff held by the widower Joseph, a builder and carpenter and then a snow white dove alighted upon the staff before flying off. Now astonished, Joseph said “how can it be that the lord has chosen me? I have been widowed for sometime and have sons nearly as old as this tender young girl” ( Turning to mary, the priest asked mary of what she wished for and mary consented to the wish of God.
At daybreak one spring morning, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary as she went to draw water from the well, he announced to her, Gods wish for her to bear him a son. Mary was shocked as she was not yet married. The angel Gabriel further explained to her that the holy spirit was to pass through her as a ray of sunlight passes through a drop of water and so the child will be called the son of God. He also told her that her kinswoman Elizabeth was to bear a son in her old age, with this Mary was filled with courage and gave her consent immediately ( Thus we learn that Mary had no sexual intercourse before giving birth.
Mary also had no sexual intercourse after her marriage to Joseph because as earlier read, Joseph was a widower with Children before his marriage to Mary. So when people say Mary wasn’t a Virgin all her life and say Jesus had other Siblings or say Mary had other children, I hope they understand that those other children were half-siblings of Jesus. They were the biological children of Joseph but not Mary. According to Mark 3:32, Jesus’ mother, brothers and sisters came looking for him. The question “were they his biological siblings?” The answer “No, they were his half-siblings”. These siblings as previously said were children of his foster father, Joseph. People claim the virginity of Mary is unbiblical, but Mathew 1:25 (Good news) says otherwise, it states “but he had no sexual relations with her before she gave birth to her. And Joseph named him Jesus”. Understand that some bible versions are easily misunderstood due to their undetailed nature.
In conclusion, the bible in no explicit way claim that Joseph is the biological father of Jesus Christ, furthermore, there is no detailed passage that proves that Mary had other children apart from Jesus.    

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Minesbetter (Basic)   7 months ago
God knows best


robertobinna73 (Basic)   11 months ago
Thanks for the info



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