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How Nigerian Lady Drags A Cake Vendor For Trying To Steal Her Man

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When it comes to their men, ladies don't take it kindly anyone who would want come in between them. They would do anything within their power to keep their men. A lady known on Twitter as @lifestylegeh is not left out on group of those who will fight their blood out, just to keep their men.

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@lifestylegeh who called herself serial entrepreneur expressed her anger on her social media page about a cake vendor who came to her man house to supply cake and in turn asked him out.

The post has ignited a lot of controversial comments by Twitter users. Of course, some ladies support the fact that the serial entrepreneur should guard her man and never give a breathing space to any girl around. According to them, the cake vendor has no right to ask another lady's man out. On the other hand, some men seem to disagree on this. They opined that since the serial entrepreneur and the man aren't married yet, any girl can go after him and vice versa. Below are screenshots of some of the comments.

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