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She flipped the door open and walked straight into her office. Full of rage, she screamed!!!
Almost immediately, her secretary ran in.
"Ma, are you okay?" The secretary asked, quite concerned. She gave her a stare that answered her question."
"Sorry ma." The secretary apologized as she hurriedly left the house."
 Back to herself, she pondered over the last meeting held by the company. The teaming, ganging and conspiracy was quite obvious.
She could perceive his undaunted effort to intimidate her. She reflected on his hard and mean stare, then suddenly she burst into laughter, hysterically as she paced about her office.
"What a world!!" She exclaimed."
"There she was, the last fool standing!" She thought. A part of her just felt like letting go all the hurts, pains and disappointments yet another part screamed:  "Vendetta! Vendetta!"
She wondered what her name , `Esther' stood for or what she stood for.


All through her life, she had always sought to prove her worth. There she was, face to face with the man who stripped her off her innocence at the age of 6! She thought she had put that past behind her after years of deliberately and cautiously working her way to the top of her career.
"Such a monster! How did he get here suddenly? and to think he  had become the new chairman of a conglomerate she had contributed so much to" She thought still pacing about her office."
Okay! Maybe this was a very big opportunity to get even, after all just like the proverb states: "Revenge is best served, when cold." Yes! This was the chance she needed to erase the unpleasant history of her life. Still fuming with the fury and rage she felt within, her phone rang.
"Hello!" She exclaimed and there was no response. Quite startled, she waited for a while yet no response."
"Hello!" She repeated."
"Hello" A voice responded."
"I can perceive an unrest in your voice." The caller said. Quite hesitant, she shuddered."
"Who is this?" She continued."
"Rather, the question is: who are you?" The speaker reacted. She remained still for a moment as she pondered over who the speaker could possibly be."
"You called me, I need to know who you are." She snapped."
"Okay, I know I have had privileges, great choices and amazing platforms to strive on yet I bursted them all for momentary pleasures and ostentatious life style.


I know I am that person who never appreciated the worth of being alive and  privileged."
I know I am that person who deprived others of their daily meals just because I was greedy and over ambitious.
I know I am that person who sought to ruin other people's effort just to become more visible and relevant in the corridors of power.
I am that person whose sins over flows from a depth of a deprived mind and just when it seemed I had become exhausted and sapped by this unenviable life style, I wanted to end it all! Until I met you! My role model, my motivator, my inspiration!
Your tenacity and persistence is worthy of emulation and sets a good standard. My wish Today? Is to be HALF THE WOMAN THAT YOU ARE! This is an admirer."
The speaker said and dropped the call.
Almost immediately, she sat down and stared at the phone.
"An admirer?" She whispered.
Then the phone rang again and she received the call.
"Madam, the new chairman wants to see you now." The caller said.
"Okay, I will be in his office." She replied and dropped the call and headed out.
As she got close, she exhaled, this time with a resolution to face her past, eye ball to eyeball without fear or intimidation, after all: "old things are past away and behold all things have become new." besides her life was someone's dream, she thought as she reflected on the last call she had received.
"I can only be grateful to God for the brand new Esther" She whispered as she knocked on the door
"Come in." The new chairman responded.

A Story by E PLUS the storyteller.

Remember your past stays in the past, never let it drag you back.
Looking forward to a brand new story of your life as you allow God take control! There is always a great story behind every glory.
We have more potentials for greater heights than we think.
Every position one takes in life, (good or bad) is an investment for the future. You don't have to settle for hurt, against a promising future. Your choices should speak volumes of your foresight- that life is more than keeping grudges or offences. Let's look at it this way, everything that ever happens, adds up to the 'BIG PICTURE'! For all you know, the puzzles might just need a little fixing, here and there.
Offences will always come, that's a sure factor however, the variables that are quite tricky and sometimes, elusive are the emotions that tag along.


We must not play out as the victims of our
Always weigh your prones and cones before you take the next step, because you don't want to fall into a dish and blame yourself, later. Set out to be the best version of yourself, against all odds.
When you face your fears headlong, then you know it's time for healing. Despite the hurts, the pains and trying moments, time and season changes everything.
So rather than drawing back, be deliberate about your decision to advance! Remember scars tell the real story of great generals and you are one.  Everytime you advance in your course, another chapter of your like is written.
Be that model, that someone can draw strength from, as people relate with your story. There is always a story for everyone!
For more piece and works of E PLUS the storyteller (Ejiro Emenike. Ukaumune.) Click on
Remain blessed!.


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