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Does And Don'ts In Relationships

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Does and Don't in Relationship

avoid the following mistakes in your relationship.

1. Don't fall in love too quickly. Don't meet someone today and fall in love with him or her immediately. You will be deceived by infatuation and lust. Love grows gradually.

2. Don't have sex too quickly in a new relationship. If you can abstain completely, it is better.

3. If you are a lady, don't demand for money or recharge card from a new guy you just met newly. It doesn't make sense at all. And don't give him all your family problems to solve for you. Our girls need to stop this nonsense in this year.

4. If you are a guy, don't under rate a lady that accepts to date you. Appreciate her.

5. If you are a lady, don't live together with your boyfriend in his house. Spending the night with him should stop this year.

6. Don't force yourself to date or love a person who is not interested in you or no longer shows interest. Love should be reciprocated.

7. Relationship is a choice and be done happily. Don't enslave yourself in a relationship. If you can't find happiness in it, then quit it.

8. Don't say yes to anyone simply because you want to forget all your pains and sorrow. You might get hurt again....

9. Run away from a violent relationship. Don't waste your time trying to fix what can't work. You can't be compatible with anybody you meet. There are some people that you can never blend with no matter how much you try to make the relationship work.

10. As a lady, don't under rate any guy who approaches you for friendship. He may not be what you think. Physical appearance can deceive someone. So don't judge him by his appearance. Study him for sometime before you decide to turn down his offer or not.

11. Contribute meaningfully to your relationship, either you are a guy or lady. Sex is not a contribution. It is wrong to offer sex as your contribution to your relationship. Some ladies make this mistake.

12. Don't cheat on each other.

13. Don't make money your reason for dating someone

14. Sex should not be your reason for dating.

15. Don't be a monitor your partners going and coming. Because monitoring his or her movements may lead to something else.

16. Don't listen to what others people say about your relationship or bringing a third party to your home. Most people don't like it.

17. Don't be too shy to say sorry. Even if you are not at fault still say sorry to make peace. Saying sorry doesn't make you stupid or Foolish. If he or she loves you the way you do, he or she will say sorry too... Learn to say sorry to each other..

18. Always do things together. A heart that fights and play together stays together....

19. Learn to keep your ego and pride aside when it comes to your relationship... Because ego and pride will not build a loving home.. What ever will be will be if it's mine it will surely come to me, no that's the voice of foolishness. What ever will be will not be.

20. Learn to Drop that word all men are the same, all women are the same. No. Don't use it because your relationship with A did not work to look at B. No one is perfect yes. But try to build your home..

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