Do You Jump From One Relationship To Another? You Could Be A Serial Monogamist

Do You Jump From One Relationship To Another? You Could Be A Serial Monogamist

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We all have that one friend who always announces that he/she has found “the one”. Whenever they get into a new relationship, they go all in and are completely smitten. Fast forward a few months later, and things are not looking so rosy. 

There are some people out there who just cannot stay single, no matter how hard they try. But, the thing is, it’s not like they’re sleeping with every person they meet either. They genuinely like commitment and stability, so they almost always end up in a “serious” relationship with whomever they meet.

Are you that friend who can’t, for the life of you, stay single? There’s a term for it--“serial monogamist”. If you want to figure out if you are a serial monogamist or not, here is a checklist of traits found in people who just can’t be alone. 



You are unhappy when alone
This is a tell-tale sign of a serial monogamist. You dislike not being paired up. The idea of going through life without a partner by your side seems daunting and almost unthinkable. This is why as soon as one relationship ends, you are already actively looking for another partner. 

It has reached a point where you don’t remember the last time you were truly single.

2. You have a string of proper exes
Most people categorise their partners into casual hookups, friends with benefits, and long-term relationships. You have just one category--long-term relationships.


The number of significant exes in your life is way longer than any of your friends’ lists.

This is because you’ve given your all in every relationship you’ve been in. There’s no slacking for you. You genuinely like stability and commitment and will, therefore, spare no effort when it comes to making things work. 

3. You thrive when in a relationship
When you’re paired up with someone, you’re less distracted in life. You go to work, get back home, and live your life in a relaxed and easy manner. If you’re single, you’re constantly wondering if skipping a party might dramatically decrease your chances of meeting a nice guy that you could eventually end up with. 

You’re usually stressing over not having a partner, which makes you distracted, unproductive, and no fun to hang out with.


You’re just better when you have a significant other in your life. 

4. You overlook many red flags
You have a tendency to overlook many potential red flags in a partner. In your quest to make things work, you ignore behaviours that are considered problematic like anger management and control issues. 

This is precisely why the relationship does come to an eventual end. You have no choice but to end things when you realise that even with your supreme benevolence, you can’t force something which is not working.

But then, a few months later, you’re in a new relationship. And the cycle starts all over again. 

Laetitia Bruce Warjri

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