CONTENT And CONTEXT...A Piece By E PLUS The Storyteller.


CONTENT And CONTEXT...A Piece By E PLUS The Storyteller.

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CONTENT and CONTEXT.. A Piece by E PLUS The Storyteller.

 E PLUS The Storyteller Creative Writing Skills, Visual Arts Communication, Blogging and Storytelling Online Workshop(Day 2).

 So you are restless and having sleepless nights because of that story, those ideas that keeps flashing through your mind, and just like pregnancy, they keep growing. However, you are worried about the delivery, and you ponder over the million dollar questions:

 How Do I tell My Story?

How do I share my ideas?

These questions are very valid, and until they are well addressed, your narrative outlook might end up being obscure, and just like a coin with many sides, every narrative must be anchored on or situated within a context, that is an angle,v a perspective, a dimension or background- NO ART EXIST in a vacuum. Every story has an origin, even though it's just a figment of the imagination!

The world is full of so many Storytellers, but not everyone is relating:

How Do You Bridge the Gap?

     First, originality is key! This fact cannot be negotiated if your content must stand out.

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Cinque Terre
Being original makes your work invaluable. Everyone has a well spring of ideas, and these ideas are quite unique to individuals, little wonder, I will simply say:

 Creativity idiosyncratic.

Creativity is innate, it stirs up, from within and when expressed, the ingenuity is undeniably reflective.

Don't be afraid to launch out your ideas. Next step, you need to bare in mind that, there are different audiences for different stories.

You might not win the entire crowd, but at least you can appeal to certain audiences: What counts, is being true to your passion.

Do not succumb to the pressure of joining the band waggon!

Be deliberate about your delivery, and this should be anchored on ingenuity and sincerity.

Quit the unhealthy competition!

Focus on the aim of your story, that is: Is it to inform, educate, enlighten, entertain, analyse, or simply to express yourself?

 Whatever your aim, the outcome of an open-minded narrative is usually very rewarding!

 Remember, inspiration is the bedrock of can explore yours today both in content and context.


  BY E PLUS The Storyteller.

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Get the story: MISS ROSE by E PLUS the Storyteller..

_"Okay..can this be done over dinner?"_ Tokunbo asked.

_"Dinner!?"_ I exclaimed.

_"Yes! Dinner.

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Cinque Terre
Even if it's not necessarily at the last restaurant I saw you and the guy you came in, with."_ Tokunbo said nonchalantly.

  _Then it dawned on me, that he actually saw me and Ben at the restaurant._ I froze immediately!

   In order not to leave anything to chance, I obliged Tokunbo's request.

_"Okay, let me know the place and time. Just send a text message."_ I replied......

_Now, you can get the full story of *MISS ROSE* from Okadabooks or simply send a message to 09075005895_.

_Relax, as you go on this suspense-filled journey with E PLUS the Storyteller._

_*MISS ROSE* has a lot of story to tell you._🙂

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E PLUS the Storyteller Creative Writing Skills, Visual Arts and Blogging Program.

_Inspiration is the bedrock of creativity_


...And it's finally here..

 TALES OF VERSES by Ejiro Emenike Ukaumune(a.k.a E PLUS the Storyteller) is a collection of stories based on real life experiences which ranges from Rape, Domestic violence, child molestation, human trafficking, Vanity and Family challenges.

 Allthe silent voices who have been unable to speak out against these vices are well represented in these stories. Fictional names have been used to protect the image of the people in these stories.

Click the link to get your copy.

Or send me a direct message with your email, on 08028489362, 09075005895.

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Christmas is in the air and she just watches how excited everyone is..

And just as she looses hope of celebrating, yet another Christmas.. something happens!

It's a brand new Audio-visual Story by E PLUS the Storyteller, titled: 

*The Christmas Surprise For Emilia*

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Then you get a free Audio Story by E PLUS the Storyteller, as a gift.


It keeps getting better on every edition of this exclusive column tagged: MEET THE GUEST...hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller. To be on this exclusive programme, you can send a message to 09075005895. We look forward to hearing from you!🤗

Stay tuned for more interesting editions.


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