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The continent of Africa is highly blessed. This is a continent that boast of some many natural resources and in large quantities. These resources are not just in abundance but also they are in their purest form. These resources are of high demand all over the world; their quality can’t be questioned. I will say with all confidence, that, during creation GOD ‘smiled' on Africa with the broadest and brightest smile compared to none.

The presence, in abundance, of diverse resources that are of high quality and demand in Africa; clearly shows that the current state of things are man made. The state of things in Africa is man induced, not that she lack the capacity to be better.

Leadership in Africa is an issue.


When leaders are corrupt, they will stop at nothing when accumulating wealth for themselves and children unborn. On a scale of 1 – 100, 98.5% of emerging and current serving leaders have only one aim to loot like their predecessors.


Apart from Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Thomas Sankara of Burkinà Faso,  Jerry Rawlings of Ghana and Julius Nyeyere of Tanzania; leadership in Africa has taken the back seat of importance and impact on the people. Whenever African leaders are “elected”, appointed or  forcefully take over the mantle of power/leadership; they assume a position of lordship over the same people they are to serve. They see it as an opportunity and a right to enrich themselves and amass wealth for generations unborn.

   “leadership is not a call to be served; it is a call to serve”

A leader is a servant; a servant as in utilising your best managerial skills and intellect to maximise output for all; from the limited available resource and not the other way round. If you are elected or appointed  as a leader; the people believe a mandate has been given to improve the standard of living and the well being of the populace.

“Whenever African leaders are “elected”, appointed or  forcefully take over the mantle of power/leadership; they assume a position of lordship over the same people they are to serve..”

The poverty state in Africa has contributed immensely to the mental state of its people.


This has hamper their myopic vision; not being able to look beyond the now and into the more buoyant future with the right leaders along the corridors and seats of power. The mentality has affected their vision so much that all they think of is what they can get now from the aspiring or incumbent leaders; regardless of the clear personal ambition of the leader. Until this mentality is changed, we will continue to have the wrong pegs in the right holes.

We have discussed so much about leadership and negative effect of bad leadership. It won’t be complete without discussing the underlining aspects of it like dictatorship.  

We are no longer strangers to dictatorship and authoritarianism, all these ideology have one thing in common denominator and that is Power! Looking at the flip side of Power, it's not so attractive, however, it can be, when judiciously applied. The ideal definition of Power underlines 'Authority' and 'Leadership', however what we do with this authority and position changes everything! The adage: 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely' sure speaks volumes.


Being power drunk is so easy and intoxicating. It is very easy for an African to  fall prey to the evil monster called Dictatorship, a state of absolute power. Some of the attributes of being power drunk are as follows

§  When you no longer listen to those you lead!

§  When you no longer seek good counsel!

§  When you no longer consider other opinions before you take certain decisions!

§  when only your opinion counts!

§  when you see and listen to just yourself!

§  When you feel more important than others!

§  When you deceive people!

§  When you take advantage of the vulnerable!

§  When you are deaf to truth!

§  When you are blind to justice!

§  When you use your position to defraud people!

§  When you do not have the interest of those you lead as a priority and all you care about is the national treasury!

§  When you sway the truth to make blue become black! When you turn the definition of Power to soothe yourself!

§  When you promote mediocrity and spite ingenuity!

§  When you reward diabolism and hate Godliness!

§  When you suddenly become shady and divorce credibility!

§  When it's time for you to quit deceiving the People and turn a new leaf and you don’t!

Then you know your Power is Drunk!

Leadership position should not be abused or misused. It is not a period to oppress your enemies, oppositions or other ethnic groups. We need to realize that as leaders it is equally not an opportunity to amass wealth.





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