At Last! There Is Hope For Writers/Authors...Meet The Guest, Ilusanmi Awele.

At Last! There Is Hope For Writers/Authors...Meet The Guest, Ilusanmi Awele.

3 years ago

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Creativity strives well, when there is support, however not everyone is aware of the right channels. Today, on MEET THE GUEST..hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller, we will be talking to a woman, who is positively, imparting the lives of Writers/Authors by giving them the much needed support to actualise thier dreams. Don't be left out!

E PLUS The Storyteller: Awele Ilusanmi, you are welcome to E PLUS the Storyteller Blog. Nice to have you here.

Awele Ilusanmi: Thank You for having me.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great! Seems like there is a whole new revolution of writers, these days?😊

Awele Ilusanmi: Yes o.
We need more creative minds😊.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome How would you rate the acceptance of Writers thus far? Is thier creativity speaking for them?

Awele Ilusanmi: Improving. It depends on which way we want to see. It depends on the POSITIONING OF THE AUTHOR.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Can you explain more? Awele Ilusanmi: These days, I have discovered that writers who position themselves by joining supportive associations achieve more success than those who go solo (alone). Authors need to let people know that they exist.
They need to go out there and meet people that can be of help to them. They should be ready to give support and get support. If any writer really wants to succeed in his writing career, he has to go out there, and mingle with the right minds.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm.. Insightful. You are really imparting the course of writers and Authors positively with your cooperative; can you tell us more, please.

Awele Ilusanmi: Thank God and thank you too. I am VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT TEAM WORK. When i discovered that Nigerian writers and Authors find it difficult to get the financial help that they want, I decided to established the *Literary* *Authors* *Cooperative* *Multipurpose* *Society* *of* *Nigeria* .
It is legally registered in Nigeria and Writers and Authors support one another, financially and give advice to produce, promote and market their creative works. It is very risky for writers to go to the bank and get money to produce and promote their books when they can't determine when the books will be sold and produce profits. The Literary Authors Cooperative Multipurpose Society of Nigeria is the first in Nigeria and I think first in Africa.Thrice in a week, writers get the support they want, to get close to achieving their dreams as fulfilled Authors. I am also the Nigerian Chapter President of Association of Publishers for Special Sales ( Headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA) so, our registered members have opportunities to succeed and get international connections too. The Literary Authors Cooperative Multipurpose Society of Nigeria give and get support from Authors to Produce, Promote and Market their books. It is a one stop shop for Writers to make their dreams come true. Writers/Authors must be Team Players.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Outstanding! Do you think Writers/Authors are enlightened enough about this cooperative? because I see this a total package.

Awele Ilusanmi: Most Nigerian Writers/Authors are not enlightened about the Cooperative.
I am trying as much as I can to get the word out there. The Cooperative encourages those, who are patient to start with the amount they have while they build on their creative works. I respect great contents too. In order to promote the Liteary Authors Cooperative, I have a general link where any author can join through Whatsap.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great..I guess at the end of this discourse, we will drop it for the viewers.

Awele Ilusanmi: Thanks, I appreciate. Every month I try to host the *Book* *Launch* *Sold* *Out*. It is a book signing Event where we promote and help Authors to promote their brands and Sell their books to make great impact in the society and in their lives too to be able to pay their bills. I love organizing book launch Sold out.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great! Very commendable..

Awele Ilusanmi: Thank You Very Much.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Now, as an author, yourself, would you say that the young ones are being encouraged to become authors, especially when they have the passion for writing? Awele Ilusanmi: Formerly no. But now yes, especially when people like you, E Plus, are giving helping hands.
More platforms need to be created to help young authors but, there should be a balance. The Sponsors and the creators of these project should have a permanent, supporting relationships so that the links won't die away. Most creators don't know how to maintain good relationship with their supporters or sponsors; Too Bad.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmmm.. thank you so much are amazing. Awele Ilusanmi: Thanks.
I appreciate you more. You are really doing a good job too. God Bless all your efforts.

E PLUS The Storyteller: You are far too kind! I feel appreciated. Ilesanmi Okadabooks: Thanks. I appreciate you more.

E PLUS The Storyteller: So, as one who have a relationship with authors, both home and abroad, do you think there is any disparity between Nigerian authors and thier counterparts, abroad?

Awele Ilusanmi: No. Not at all. Even now, I can tell you that producers abroad are looking for great content. Nigerian Authors have what it takes to succeed internationally but, they don't know that the secret to getting there is *Positioning* 

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm! Word! Please, can you throw more light on this? Awele Ilusanmi: I value Positioning alot. It starts from you, having a wonderful book idea to, getting a mentor to help you position the book to greatness. If I want to make my book an Amazon Bestseller, I have to position myself and my book.
A New York Bestseller? 'Positioning' . What the Author need to know is that Positioning is not cheap but expensive. It comes with humility and the readiness to pay for that service. The Author/Writer need to get the best in the business to take them there. Authors/Writers need to realise that there are gate keepers in the publishing business as there are gate keepers in the real estate business to pepper sellers business.  Get The attention of the gate keepers in the publishing business by the grace of God and, success will surely show up. This is the Author/Writer Positioning.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmmm.. insightful indeed.

Awele Ilusanmi : Most Authors/Writers have little money to pay, to get the attention for the positioning, despite having great contents.
So that is why they need the Literary Authors Cooperative Multipurpose Society of Nigeria. If I have little money and I am patient, with TEAM WORK, I CAN GET MY RIGHT POSITIONING. That is the wisdom writers/Authors need to apply, to succeed locally and internationally too. Awele Ilusanmi: Thanks.

E PLUS The Storyteller: So, we can say now, that with a cooperative like yours, there is hope for writers/authors?🙂

Awele Ilusanmi : Of Course by the grace of God. We practice Team Work wholeheartedly.👍

E PLUS The Storyteller: Any word for aspiring authors?

Awele Ilusanmi: More often, because of writer's ignorance, it is expedient to correct it, the writers need to know what they really want to accomplish and work with people they can trust and people who have social proofs of success.

E PLUS The Storyteller: And definitely, Awele Ilusanmi, you have been such an amazing guest on E PLUS the Storyteller Blog, sharing your success story, even as you are imparting lives and advancing the course of Creativity as you continue to support Writers/Authors. It's so refreshing to know that Writers/Authors are no longer alone in thier quest for success and becoming well established, thanks and God bless. you.

Awele Ilusanmi: Bless You Too.

E PLUS the Storyteller: Please how can you be reached?

Awele Ilusanmi: My Whatsapp number 09054018081 and Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

E PLUS the Storyteller: Thank you so much. There you have it, Viewers! Creativity is fast selling out! You can be what you want to more limitations.
Take advantage of platforms that would empower you and push you beyond borders. Remember, like E PLUS the Storyteller always say: Inspiration is the bedrock of creativity! Stay connected for more insightful and inspirational editions of MEET THE GUEST..hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller. Remember to click the like button..

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