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Again, Fans Express Confidence In AFRO JC's Musical Prowess, Says, 'To The Globe'

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The talented Nigerian independent artiste had written only his name in a social media post, thereby spurring his followers to express admiration for him, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

In the night hours of Friday, January 14, 2021, talented Nigerian Afropop Singer, Ebiegberi Gabriel, professionally known as AFRO JC, took to his Facebook profile to share a post - it contained only his name.


To the globe, fans write

In reaction to his post, our reporter learnt that a slew of his followers expressed admiration for him in the comments. While one dubbed him 'legend'; says 'Man like AFRO JC', here's what others are saying.

Tina Azama Samuel, 'Legend'; Ola Sarz, 'To the globe'; Camparil Vibez, 'Sabi boy'; Carlos Carl, 'Star'; Emper Ror, 'To the world', among others.


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