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IPOB’s Agitation Is Rubbish- Umahi David

3 months ago

~0.9 mins read
Governor Umahi David made it clear that even if the group IPOB succeeds in the actualisation of a Biafran nation, Ebonyi state, which he currently governs would not be part of Biafra.
His Words
 “I use this opportunity to tell Igbo to be wise, this sit at home is useless and it is nonsense. This agitation is nonsense for me because even if it was to be Biafra, Ebonyi will not belong to Biafra. “I have been saying it and I will continue to say it and I have no apologies because we have been used as house boys and house girls and by the creation of Ebonyi state, we are having self-determination and somebody telling me about Biafra.
 “So, we are not for Biafra, we are for a united and equitable just Nigeria.
And so, I will continue to preach that there is no gain in sit-at-home, there is no gain in our killing ourselves and I am happy that the altercation with other people from other regions is a thing of the past."
So, the moment extreme politics dies off in southeast and then brainwashing, then we can begin to aspire as we are. Killings and violence have not been part of our cultural values and I don’t know where they came from. So, that’s my position.”

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Precy (Basic)   3 mths
Thanks for the heads up



Victor21 (Premium)   3 mths
Let him mind his mouth hmm




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