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3 Natural Ways To Grow Your EyeLashes

8 months ago

~2.1 mins read
Many people love the dramatic effect that long lashes give to our look, so naturally, we want to have longer lashes.
Long lashes add a certain pizzaz to your facial features, and they make your eyes look great!

Do you want something permanent that can make you say the words, “I woke up like this” about your eyelashes? Keep reading!

Naturally long lashes are low maintenance when compared to wearing extensions and buying mascara. And you don’t have to take them off at night or use a makeup cleanser to ensure that they come off.

Shea Butter

Melt organic African Shea butter by rubbing it between your fingers. Apply it on your lashes every night.

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Cinque Terre
Shea butter is known to have a great moisturizing effect on the hair, that and all the naturally occurring Vit. A and Vit. E makes it an incredible ingredient for growing longer lashes.

Green Tea

Pour hot water on your green tea leaves, or bag, and allow the tea to infuse in the water properly.

Allow this water to cool, and apply on your lashes every night. You can use this same tea for 3-4 days if you keep it stored in an air tight container. Because green tea has a lot of antioxidants, your lashes will grow longer and thicker in no time.

Castor Oil+ Olive Oil
Image result for castor oil
Mix equal parts of castor oil and olive oil together. Apply the mix on your lashes religiously every night with either a clean mascara wand, or a Q- tip, and wash your face in the morning.

Pick any one of these ingredients and apply it religiously. In no time, your lashes will be making a statement on their own! register with the link and earn $40 you will earn more when you register..

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youngancient (Basic)   3 mths
This is surely a informative piece. Thanks for sharing.



Eminence (Basic)   3 mths
Another one is Vaseline, it's working really well for me




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