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At the market, I saw her Hawking and this banana looks fresh but small, I called her and she came.
"How market..? I asked her. 
She was a young fine lady 

"Not looking so good today but I'm believing God.."

I first looked at her, I wasn't expecting a smooth English but is all good.
Maybe she was trying to impress me
Or maybe, she weighed on my appearance.
But my problem is if I speak good grammar, she would switch to broken English.

"How much you dey sell this one? I said in a broken English. 
That's a general market language.

"This goes for 2k, and this other one is 1k." she added a smile after the grammar.

Okay, is this lady for real or she dey whine me.
Well, it seems she prefers normal English, let me switch then. 
Let's do it

"That's quiet expensive, the one for 2k, can't it go for 1k? Please dear.

"Aah, ahh madam, dey fear God small. Why you go dey price like that eeh? I think say you be child of God, dey use your church mind if you enter market, I no pick this banana for road..."

I became confused
"No vex, no vex abeg. How much you wan sell the banana last.." I enquired or should I check else where.

" I fit give you for 1900 but you see this one for 1k I'm not removing any dime from it. Please hurry and take the one you want so that I can go and attend to one of my customers over there. She's already calling me and she's ready to buy everything at a goal..."

"Oh!.. okay.." that's all I could say.
Looking at how fresh the banana was, i still wanted to patronize her and overlook her rudeness.
I picked up the one she said that goes for 1k. Is just five pieces.

"...can I take this for 800? I asked

She quickly collected the banana from my hand, put back before picking up the tray and placing on her head.

"I no go sell even for 999 Naira, I no comot shishi for this banana.

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Cinque Terre
Banana too cost and you no fit get this type of fresh banana anywhere for this market. Na only me dey sell am. People plenty wey dey wait for me. You no ready to buy, na pricing you just want dey do. No be say you no get the money but una go dey stingy anyhow.."

"...na last chance I dey give you, you dey buy or you no dey buy.." she said with her tray well positioned on her head.

I stared at her in disbelief. 
"Aunty, abeg carry your banana dey go. Go and sell to the customer that will buy all of them,  I no buy again.."

She turned and started murmuring
"You don waste all my time finish and you no buy anything.


I think say you be correct madam, all this kind customer sef, I tire.."

I bought things I came for and when I was leaving, I saw an elderly woman trying to sell banana to another person.
But the man walked away without buying any from her.
She seems sad as she rearranged the banana in the tray
I waited until she was done before approaching her

"Welcome ma, which one you wan buy.." she said as she dropped the tray of banana in front of me.
Her banana was equally fresh just like the first hawker and she has groundnut.
"... this one na 1k, this one na 700, this one na 400. Groundnut na 50 and 100Naira, any one you want.

I looked at the one of 1k and it was just like the one the first seller was selling for 2k

I asked her to give me the one for seven hundred. She quickly did.
She asked me if I wanted groundnut and I asked her to add one for 100.

See the joy on her face as she hand the bag over to me.
I was handing the money to her when I saw the first hawker rushing down.

"Mama na my customer be that, na me she first call, i wan sell the banana for her before, I say make I rush go attend to person.." the first hawker said to the woman that I just bought banana from.

"But I don already sell for her..." The mama said as she quickly stretched her hand to collect her money, 1k.
She wanted to give me change but I asked her not to. 
She should use the change drink pure water.
"... thank you ma, God go bless you and your family..." The mama said as I started walking away with my banana

"Bless you too ma" I replied.

The first hawker followed me

"Aunty, is not fair oo. I thought you no serious to buy, I for even sell that 1k own for 600. That mama own no fresh reach my own.


You still wan buy..? I go comot plenty money for you.."

"I'm not buying, maybe next time.." I said calmly so that she can stop following me.

"Okay o. I dey always stay for that place you first see me. Or you can ask of me from those people wey dey sell market there. Na only me dey sell fresh banana for that park. No vex for the way I take talk give you.."

"No wahala, i no vex.." I replied before crossing to the other side of the road.

I turned back to check if she was gone and saw her waving from the other side of the road.
There are lessons to learn here
1) Opportunity comes but once
2) Rudeness is so bad
Because if she has talked to here respectfully, she would have bought from her.
Everyone has good potential in him or her and she would have gotten more favour from her if she had calmed down.
It doesn't take anything to be good it can only take little effort and it also could be that God wanted the old woman to sell her own market.
I just smile as I walked away.

If one door closes, don't get frustrated or sad.
Another favourable one will open and everyone will come and celebrate with you.
 But to the people like the buyer, try to cultivate a good live approach and always do good.

Don't let life frustrates you.

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