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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the third episode of .

An opinion poll was held on Monday, 31st October 2022 about a particular quote from silent feelings. The quote reads;
"No matter how boring life gets, Never get married"

The poll votes/views were supposed to last for 3 days but they lasted for 5 days instead. As promised, all meaningfully presented views from readers will be published in episode 3 of .

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Cinque Terre
Also, my point of view on the quote will be published in the episode too.

Below are the views gathered from the opinion poll;👇

Kante: it's a matter of where you want to be happy, a person must be stable, warm, and peaceful to be happy. Some find it in parents, others do so in marriage.

Gale2626: Don't go loving someone if you don't love yourself first in the first place. Marriage life could also be a hell of boredom.

Crisben: It's means, don't get married because you think your getting old or tired of staying single😌

Slowjoke: This could be a proverb from the ancestral board of directors😂😂😂…they are the only ones to interpret that quote🤷.

My point of view:

Well, I think I will go with Crisben's view which says;
"It's means, don't get married because you think your getting old or tired of staying single😌"

Owning to the many unpleasant situations and unexpected turns/shifts in life, people are losing interest in their current state of poverty, single life, stress, peer or family pressure, old age, and many more reasons for boredom🤷.


All these phases are pushing a lot of young people to get married to find peace and joy, and have fun while trying something new and lasting 👌. 

The quote is giving out advice to those out there thinking about making the drastic decision of marrying for fun and hope for everlasting love and fun together with their partner(s). Once in a while, you might get bored but you have to make efforts to make yourself happy and Interested in keeping yourself together despite all the things happening around you. 

Life is beautiful when you realize that you're the key to your own happiness. So don't allow boredom or depression to set in and steal your joy and sap your strength.

Believe and dwell in self-love as you go through life process patiently and happily then all things will fall in line for you. Marriage, dream job, and everything you dream about will come into being. So, no matter how life gets boring, never get married.

 That's all for the quote of the day🤗.

Readers/viewers can share their views about the whole episode ✌️.

Thanks for reading to the end 🙏.

Here is the link for the opinion poll 👇


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