5 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With Small Capital

5 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With Small Capital

5 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With Small Capital Ndoma  

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Starting a business does not require you to have a lot of funds at your disposal to begin anymore. You can start any lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital. 

With a solid business idea and the right execution plan, you can be on your to a profitable business venture. 

While starting a business, you will need to focus your desire and time on a concept that will bring you more money, make you fulfilled, and has the potential of leading to a full-time business that you can someday quit your job for.

With the advent of the internet and social media, it is now significantly easy and less expensive to start a business.

Here are a few tried-and-true business ideas that you can start in Nigeria with small or no capital.

1. Selling cooking gas is a business you can start in Nigeria with small capital  
In Nigeria, energy is a vital human need that ranks second only to food. This makes selling cooking gas an extremely profitable little company.

Source: NewsWireNGR
You will discover that selling cooking gas is both incredibly profitable and simple to get started with. You can start your business as soon as you have the necessary funds, business-related training, knowledge, a shop location, and gas.

2. Starting a transportation business in Nigeria requires small capital
To make ends meet, people must relocate from one location to another.


Due to this, you might start this business with little to no money.

With a little money, you could rent or buy a car, obtain the necessary paperwork, and then get started. From there, you could even grow, get additional cars, and employ more people to drive them.

3. To start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria you need small or no capital
You don’t need any money at all to engage in affiliate marketing. But you’ll need to establish a significant online presence. Affiliate marketing is nothing more than promoting others’ goods while earning commissions. Your marketing abilities can be strengthened by this type of business.

Being the middleman in sales transactions is all that is needed.


You receive a portion of the seller’s profits in exchange.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, start looking for goods and services that you can promote for other people. Negotiations with your business partner will determine how much money you can make.

4. The business of solar energy installation in Nigeria requires small capital 
This business has potential. Therefore, understanding how to launch a business that installs solar panels is a venture with promise.

Two-thirds of the increase in the world’s electricity capacity is anticipated to come from solar projects, according to the International Energy Agency. Although it helps, but being an electrician is not a requirement for starting this business. 

To launch the business, you will require functioning equipment, wholesale suppliers, and an effective marketing plan.

Additionally, you don’t need to tie your money down in this business, your customers can pay you money upfront, and with that, you can use it to get the required equipment.

5. Opening a sports viewing centre is a business in Nigeria you can start with small capital

Source: The Guardian Nigeria
This business is currently popular in Nigeria.


Nigerians are fervent football fans. Consequently, you can profit greatly from this kind of business. Starting a football watching business can be quite profitable. And just about anyone can participate.

You must first be aware of the location. Get a nice location, get two quality TVs, and

standing fans, a generator set, a dual-view cable TV with subscription, and hardwood benches.

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