See Why You Should Not Think Of Being A Yahoo Boy

See Why You Should Not Think Of Being A Yahoo Boy Ndoma  

2 months ago

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For one to have wished to be a Yahoo Boy is not because of any other thing if not that he wants to make money, he wants to be a big boy, he wants to show off, he wants to be recognized among his mates and even in the society; because when money is involved all those things are possible.

According to Cambridge dictionary, Yahoo means a rude, loud, unpleasant person. But today especially in Nigeria, the name Yahoo has gone viral, and has been used to mean generally "Internet Fraud". 

So according to Nigerians, a yahoo Boy is an internet fraudster, one who uses the internet to defraud people of their hard earnings. 

The case of Internet fraud is at it's increasing rate in Nigeria today, this maybe because many youths are eager to go into it due to how wealthy and luxurious those in it live. What baffles most of the interested youth is how quick the Yahoo boys get rich.

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Cinque Terre
This would always compel an average youth to think of Internet fraud as an alternative, and the way out.

Always remember this fact:👌 Nigerians are brainny and well talented, that is why Yahoo business has seemed to be hard to combat despite Government efforts.  

For you to be a Yahoo boy, you must be:

* Talented

* Educated

* Smart

* Intelligent

* Thinkable

* Innovative

* Current

* Informed

* Hard-working

* Persistent

* Patient

But do you know that those qualities mentioned above, if all put in place positively can develop a whole Nation within a short period of time.

So it means that those Yahoo boys we have in Nigeria today possess those qualities mentioned above, and they are not utilizing all these wonderful qualities positively for the development of the Country.

So if one can have those qualities mentioned above, such person has been fortified to survive in any place, such person has all it takes to make positive change in his country.

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Cinque Terre
Such person has all it takes to create new things. Such person has all it takes to change people's lives positively. Such person has all it takes to add value to other people's lives and his country as well. Such person has all it takes to transform this world positively. Such person doesn't suppose to depend on government to survive, such person has all it takes to create job opportunities for the country.


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Andy (Basic)   1 mth
Well said...alot of sense. Thanks for sharing this useful tips💯💪



Newlyf (Basic)   2 mths
Thanks for sharing this information. I appreciate 



Maymay (Basic)   2 mths
Yahoo is not good, it's has made many people go to jail



Crisben (Basic)   2 mths
Yahoo is not a legit good at all... Say No To Yahoo