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Since TikTok Is A New Social Network, New Users Have Just Be...

3 months ago

~3.9 mins read
Since TikTok is a new social network, new users have just begun to appear in it and their number is constantly growing, its algorithm is based on a very simple principle. This algorithm was applied at the time of the emergence of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Its point was to create a large number of “Opinion Leaders” who would become the idols of the masses and begin to attract fans to this social network as quickly as possible. And this tried-and-true strategy did work.
After some time, such as 2-5 years after the creation of a social network, there is a tightening of algorithms for organic promotion. This was the case with YouTube, for example; a few years ago, YouTube promoted artists more actively in recommendations than now.

After recruiting the necessary amount of audience and number of stars who create a lot of quality content for social networks, it is not promotion that comes first, but earning money, so the algorithm does not allow new artists to promote, but forces them to buy traffic in order to earn money themselves. Based on this, TikTok does not yet have as much content as other “older” social networks, and therefore it is much easier to promote here now.

So if you think that TikTok is not the social network where you can promote yourself and your products, you are very much mistaken. Right now, it's time to make crazy videos and gain audience by any means, buy ads from everyone and try to get as much profit in it as possible.
Remember how there were really interesting videos in YouTube’s trends a few years ago. Remember how there were bloggers and pranksters on Instagram. I believe the same future awaits TikTok; some people quickly become super stars, and then the algorithm stops promoting you in recommendations and makes you buy ads. So catch the moment to become popular now.

When promoting my account, I noticed several illogical features of the algorithm:

1. TikTok better promotes videos that were shot and uploaded from an iPhone rather than from an Android-based phone.

2. Priority is given to short videos, but not always. It all depends on how users react to your video. At what point exactly a person will like it or write a comment.

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That is, if the video is longer than usual, but they watch it for a long time, it will also get into recommendations.

3. Very bright videos, lots of colors that annoy teenagers.

4. Videos with inadequate and frantic behavior of the main character are good for promotion. Or something with a mystery at the beginning of the video, when it makes a person wait for the end.

5. Use hashtags. So far, the algorithm for using hashtags is clear. You only need to use themed hashtags in order for TikTok to understand the topic of your video. Untargeted hashtags make people watch the video less, which immediately causes the video to disappear from recommendations.

Strange use of the hashtag #recommendations or #want to appear in recommendations. People who write such hashtags get into recommendations. The question is how and why?

7. After publishing a video, TikTok will automatically show your video in the recommendations of people who have expressed interest in your video using hashtags. There can be 100 or even 1000 such views. Further fate will depend on how these 100 or 1000 people react to your video. If you get a lot of reactions, there's a chance you'll get 500,000 or 1,000,000 hits and get a lot of subscribers to your profile. Don't forget to prepare your profile for subscriptions.
Same algorithm applies – crazy profile photo, a few words about yourself.

8. TikTok likes unapologetic, rule-breaking people. Don't be ordinary.

9. In addition, post the videos on your social networks, share them on Twitter and Reddit, send them to friends – a few live views won't hurt.
Ask people to watch until the end of the video, like, repost, and comment it.

10. Talk to your subscribers in the comments. The more the better. Don't miss a single comment, respond to everything, even to your own comments. Create the illusion of communication, boost the communication with your friends under the video.

11. Popular tip. Attract subscribers in one video and then get them to go to your profile and watch the end of the video on your profile. You can cut one video into several pieces and upload it in parts.
The second method is to put a bright pink avatar and attract people's interest, making them wonder what it means. The third method is to put a hair mask on top of the video so that the person will try to remove it and thus contact the video and stay a few seconds longer. Remember: Your task is to retain the audience for as long as possible. Make people watch the video to the end by any means. This is where you have to use your imagination to the maximum.

12. Use your Instagram, YouTube, and OnlyFans to boost engagement under videos. Publish videos to Shorts.

13. After you've uploaded your video to TikTok, try uploading it to YouTube Shorts.
One of the social networks might become successful.

14. Build your content strategy around the news. Choose a topic that everyone talks about. Link such information to your activities, your attitudes and opinions. People are warmed up by TV and are willing to watch a continuation in TikTok.

15. Don’t use untested sources of traffic so as not to destroy the account analytics and do not get shadowbanned.

16. The one-phone-one-account strategy works well. Too many accounts on 1 phone causes suspicion and shadowban.
New TikTok accounts from new phones are promoted better.

Start now. Such an active algorithm will not work for long. Soon you will be paying for advertising and getting minimal income from it, because there will be enough stars like you on TikTok. Hurry up!
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Gale2626 (Basic)   3 mths
Your insights are very true, it's the same with all major social networks today




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