Hobbies and Handiworks

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Writing is a creative art I believe. I came across this site (pejoweb) a month ago and was surprised with what it is all about; Content writing, Reading, Games and all are really captivating.
I joined the group but didn't think of making the real use of it until i came across an interesting post on it which made me see the need to be here.

I love writing, I love doing anything that requires a high level of intelligence; I'm a Copywriter, graphic designer and a transcriber.
Special thanks to ASSU strike which made me realize my talents;hobbies;dreams on time. 
I'm a 400l student of business administration from the best Nigeria  University simply studying the course because you can work anywhere #Smiles.
One thing I've learnt all my life is to strongly follow your dreams and be passionate about it ; making it all count so you won't regret or be blamed for it later and yea, I'm glad to have followed my heart and passion.
I know I would live long to tell my success stories one day and inspire youngsters who are confused just like I was and every other person.
I would end this here but yea I'm glad to be in this space 🥰.
Like and comment your views🤝
8 Creative Things And Ways You Could Transform Your Old Drums To
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Many people actually dispose of their old drums once it is out of use. In doing so,they think they are keeping the environment clean or better, throwing away trash from the house. But there are many ways you can make use of your old drums again,whether it is out new or old,out of use or still in use.


Most of these ways will help you economize the use of the drums,and also serve you in numerous ways. You could use your old drums as chairs,seats,dish placer,plate rack,and tons of other uses. And you know the good thing about these ideas? The drums that can be used for it don't have to be in a specific condition,which means you could use both an old drum or a new one.

So, without wasting much time,let me go straight to the point and show you 8 creative ways of using or reusing either your new or old drums.

1. As Chairs

Using your old drums as chairs is one of the creative ways you could use to prevent an old drum being thrown away or kept as thrash. The chairs don't have to be comfortable,the basic idea is to make something out of your disused drum.

2. As a plate rack

Don't be confused by the word "rack". It has several meanings,but for the purpose of this article,we are considering the rack of plates,a place where you keep your plates after washing them to dry.

3. As a drawer

A drawer can also be carved out from your drums, notwithstanding the condition of such a drum, because of the fact that drums usually have high metal quality thus making them bendable to any position.

4. As a place for keeping tools

If you are the type that has kids at home, getting a place where you can keep tools is very important. Which is why you need to take advantage of your drum to get a place for storing your tools at home.

5. A place for keeping glasses

Keeping your glasses/tumblers in a cartoon doesn't guarantee it's safety,which is why you need to get a place for storing your wine glasses. Drums are unarguably the best bargain for you,and you can do this at a very minimum cost.

6. As a sink

Looking for a low budget sink? Your drum is the best option if you can't afford expensive sinks or hand washers. It is also very easy to construct just like the former.

7. A reading table

If you are the type that studies at night,your old drums can also be converted to reading tables, preferably for students. A place for holding your reading lamp can also be attached to the table to make it more suitable for reading.

8. As a tourist car for kids

Even though not very advisable,you can equally use your drums to construct toy cars for your kids to play in. During construction,ensure that the drum is not placed in a way to harm the children.

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Cinque Terre
How To Take IG Studio Picture At Home By Yourself
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Hey guys, I will be giving you tips on how to take your Instagram studio picture at home. First you need get your equipments ready for the shoot. Make sure you have a good quality camera or phone camera, a tripod stand, good lighting (natural sunlight) or ringlight and different colors of materials and props if necessary depending on what you're creating for the photo shoot.

I took this particular display picture at home creating a black beauty queen so you can also do yours and be better. The most important thing is having a good quality camera with a nice background even if you can't afford the other materials regardless someone can still help you take the shots. 

First set up your equipments and background for the shoot. Position your the back camera of your phone on the tripod in a way it will capture you well while you pose for the shoot, set you timer if you're not using a remote control or ear plugs to take the shots. Don't forget to clean the back camera a cloth to avoid blurry pictures. Take as much pictures as you want then select and edit them before posting on your page.

Note: Make sure you get a mirror place infront so that you can still see yourself while you take a pose.
That's all and I hope this really helps. Check Out my IG page @consyadione
How To Tie A Half Windsor Knot
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Understanding how to knot a tie can give you a wealth of options to choose from when getting ready. Variations only further extend the possibilities. The half Windsor knot offers a triangular and symmetrical shape for a classic presentation. Because it's smaller than the full Windsor, it works best with wider, medium-weight ties and pairs well with any dress shirt. With a few simple instructions, the half Windsor knot comes together easily.

As with the full Windsor knot, begin the process by raising the shirt collar. Drape the tie around the neck so the wide end is on the right and extends roughly 12 inches below the narrow end.

The Knot- How to tie a half windsor knot

  • Cross the wide part over the narrow part.
  • Cross the wide part behind the narrow part so the wrong side is facing out.
  • Bring the wide end up and over to the left.
  • Pull it through the opening at the neck so it lays wrong side out to the right.
  • Bring the wide end over the narrow part from right to left with the correct side facing up.
  • Bring the wide end up through the neck loop again.
  • When bringing it down, insert it through the loop at the front of the collar.
  • Adjust the knot by sliding it upward with one hand and holding the tails with the other.
  • Lower the shirt collar to complete the look.
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    How To Tie A Full Windsor Knot
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    Featuring a polished triangular shape, the Windsor knot offers a good option for job interviews, presentations and social occasions. Because of its wide appearance, this knot looks best with a spread-collar shirt. Although it may appear complicated, tying the full Windsor knot is accomplished without much difficulty.

    The Knot - How to tie a full windsor knot

  • To begin tying the full Windsor knot, raise the shirt collar and drape the tie around the neck, so the wide end is on the right side and extends about 12 inches below the narrow end.
  • Cross the wide part of the tie over the narrow part.
  • Pull the wide end up through the opening at the neck, then down.
  • Pass the wide end underneath and to the right of the narrow part with the wrong side facing out.
  • Cross the wide part over and to the left of the narrow part with the correct side facing out.
  • Pull the wide end up through the opening at the neck.
  • When bringing it down, pass it through the loop at the front.
  • Holding the dangling parts with one hand, slide the knot carefully up toward the collar with the other hand until snug, then lower the collar.
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    Cinque Terre
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    19-year-old theft suspect, Ikechukwu Ubani, who was captured by the police in Lekki, Lagos, after he was wrecked by the driver they ransacked in rush hour gridlock, has uncovered how he got into burglary subsequent to moving on from pickpocketing in July. 


    Ubani and his assistant, a driver distinguished as Segun Oye, 18, were captured by the agents of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) at Ikate Roundabout, Lekki , on Friday evening, October 8. 


    Ubani, an ex-convict, in his admission expressed that he moved on from pickpocketing to traffic theft around July, 2021. He added that subsequent to burglarizing in Ikate traffic last Friday, he thought it was effective until he seen a vehicles colliding with the holding up okada, which he had mounted to get away. 


    Oye, on his part, unveiled that, aside from Ikechukwu Ubani, he is by and large consistently shrunk by traffic looters to ship them to scenes of theft and to wellbeing after activity. 



    He added that before been shrunk by Ubani, he was taking three people from Ibadan to Ajah and Ikate to loot in rush hour gridlock and grab cell phones both around evening time and promptly in the first part of the day, keeping up with that his agreement expense was N50,000. 



    The suspects were condemned by Lagos State Mobile Court on Friday to a year detainment.