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Things To Get Right Before You Start Earning Online
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How easy is to make money online?
This is a one question that is asked by many  people.

It is extremely easy but the overflow of massive different opportunities & overflow of different ways to make money online is often what complicates it for many. Also many are seduced with the get rich quick scheme which are mostly anchored by scammers.

It simply means there's a huge potential online, which can be unlocked with effective mentoring, dedication and patience

So… If you want to make money online, first you need to identify your options.

Do you want to be a freelancer? (A contract worker doing jobs for people)

Do you want to create a online business?
Buying and selling, affiliate marketing etc(Digital marketing)

So then you have to identify your options within your 'choice'.

Do you want to write? i.e  blogs, copywriting, content writing, e-books etc 

Do you want to sell/contract service?
(Dropshipping, mini-importation, Digital services)
Do you want to make a you tube channel?

I think the best way to go about this would more than likely be to…

Identify your strong points & your not so strong points. Afterwards, write them all down in a notepad.Identifying your strong points make your choosen niche looks like a fun yet it still be earning you cool cash

Ask yourself -What do I have expertise in?
Write them all down in a notepad.(Even Hobby/ies) . Yes your hobbies can be your selling points.

Then pick a category or (Niche) from your strong points. Make Google and YouTube your friend. Look out for people who have dive into that your choosen niche and are successful. Learn from them to avoid the mistakes they made while starting.

 Major reason why the roles of mentoring cannot be overemphasize.  Don't flustered if you don't have any worthwhile hobby or high income skill.  You  have to be more patient, look at what you have flare for , look out for a good mentor, take online courses, 

Most importantly, don't be scared,grow your self confident and be more practical and deligent .Don't use all your options at once.(pay attention to  different ways to earn online). You can as well check  onto amazon & looking at the categories. Which one are you knowledgeable about most?
Now it’s time to decide what business model you think would be best Blog, Youtube videos, Dropshipping, Building websites,

It’s probably best to focus in one area don’t overwhelm yourself with everything.
8 Nollywood's Former Fine Girls And How They Look Now- See Photos
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It seems like just yesterday when we were watching this actress.

let's flashback to the 1990's and 2000's, these women dominated Nollywood back then. A romantic movie is incomplete without starring any of these Nollywood fine girls.

We may not have been seeing this Nollywood actress again, but we will always remember their characters. Their characters is always circulated around romance and love stories that is either refused by their family or forbidden in the community.

Below are 8 Nollywood Former Fine actress who rule back then

1. Sandra Achums

Sandra Achums is a Nigeria television personality, philanthropist, and a veteran actress. She stepped into limelight after featuring in a movie titled Deadly affair. She is known for her beauty and charming eyes in movies.

2. Caroline Ekanem

Caroline Danjuma, Known previously as Caroline Ekanem, made her Nollywood debut in 2004 starring in the movie "Deadly care". During her time in Nollywood, she was known for her charming look and amazing talent.

3. Nkiru Sylvanus

If you are truly a Nollywood lover back in the 90's, you will agree with me that Nkiru Sylvanus is the best actress to pick for the role of crying in a movie. She is known for the girl that had badluck with love in movies.

She appeared in classic movies like Alice my first lady, Green snake and Egg of Life. Back then, you will easily buy or rent a movie just because Nkiru picture is on the movie poster.

4. Georginia Onuoha

Georginia Onuoha is another Nollywood fine girl who is known for acting numerous romantic movies. The actress looks more beautiful than her younger self.

5. Benita Nzeribe

Who acted the role of a bad girl more than Benita Nzeribe back then? Nobody

The cigarette smoking, "bad influence" actress was notorious for snatching away other women husband/boyfriends in movies.

6. Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama stole our hearts with her acting prowess and eloquent deliveries in romantic movies.

7. Rita Nzelu

Before Moyo lawal, Destiny Etiko, there was a curvy Nollywood actress known as Rita Nzelu. She was one of the top Nollywood actress that enjoyed fame back in the 90's. Was she the reason you love watching Nollywood movies?

8. Lilian Bach

Earnings On Pejoweb
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Earning on Pejoweb (Summary)
1. Creating Content
2. Receiving Donations
3. Affiliation
4. Partaking in Pejoweb contest (Read More about contests)

Please watch how to edit your posts

1. Creating content

To earn with this method you need to be consistent. You need to build your audience who would always come back to view your posts. 

The process is really straight forward too. Create a post and share. Focus on a niche like sports, Medicine, Technology etc to get a target audience that would grow overtime.

It is true that other users would view your posts and search engines may send traffic to your pages (hence helping you earn), yet relying on those methods would take a ton of patience.

The fastest way to earn on this path, is by sharing your links.  

Your earnings increase for every view and/or like you get on each post (AlbumsArticles/Poems etcVideos and Files

You are allowed to post and earn off unlimited amounts of posts as often as you wish.

Earnings per post may fluctuate. 

Take note that the system may calculate your earnings based on the quality of your posts.

For example, articles with very few words or poor readability, i.e Poor paragraphing, Headings etc may earn you less per view or like.

Posts with poor pictures also cost you.

Original content earn better than copied content.

To earn properly per post, make sure it is of good quality.

Poor posts may cost you your earnings. 

You can request a payout only after you have earned up to $10 (Ten dollars).  

2. Receiving donations

Another way users with great content earn is through donations from viewers who feel impressed with their posts. You may also receive donations through paypal. We will take 10% on every donation made to a user.

3. Affiliation

Pejoweb's affiliation program pays you when you invite your friends to come and play a role in dissemination of proper information online.

To Earn by this method, copy and share your affiliation link.

Locate your afiliation link on your profile page.

You also earn by promoting other users items available for sale on the shop section of this platform. 

4. Contest
Read More at Can You Help Us Find A Face For Pejoweb?

Receiving payment
To receive payment on this platform, you must fill your account details (Name of Bank and Account number) correctly on your profile form. Western UnionPaystack and Paypal are also accepted forms of payment.

Who can earn
1. People in Africa (Through direct bank transfer or Paystack)
2. People in India (Through direct bank transfer or Paypal)
2. Anyone in any country who can receive payments through paypal or Western union.

Leave a comment below or send a mail to

Get caught on Pejoweb.


CBN, NIRSAL Appoint YEN As Entrepreneur Development Partner
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CBN, NIRSAL appoint YEN as entrepreneur development partner.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and NIRSAL Microfinance Bank have engaged Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (YEN), the umbrella body for Nigerian young entrepreneurs, as their entrepreneurship development partner.

The engagement is specifically in the areas of entrepreneurship development and entrepreneurial training in Nigeria for entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) seeking access to credit via the CBN popular Agric-Business, Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS).

According to the letter of engagement/partnership signed by Abubakar Abdullahi Kure, Managing Director and Darlington Lawson, Executive Director Banking of NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, YEN is to train and certify various candidates, who intend to apply for the AGSMEIS loan as well as upload application forms of applicants into AGSMEIS portal among other operations.According to Chris Kohol, National President, YEN, the organisation was appointed as an Entrepreneurship Development Institute in November, 2020, to represent the interest of Nigerian entrepreneurs on the scheme and due to the organization’s track records in entrepreneurship development in Nigeria.

Kohol reiterated that the organization is prepared and set to train and prepare over 100,000 entrepreneurs and MSMEs for CBN AGSMEIS loan in 2021 across Nigeria.

YEN is the umbrella body and voice for Nigeria young entrepreneurs, championing youth entrepreneurship development in Nigeria through access to mentorship, entrepreneurship training, technical support, networking, funding and access to market while driving trade, business innovation in the long run for National productivity and socio-economic development of Nigeria.

The Amba Mall: With 1000naira Only, You Can Withdraw 15k-30k Daily In This Site.
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This is an online shopping mall where goods and various items are bought online. The Ambazoe mall has various activities where customers can partake in to make a lot of Money for themselves.

These activities includes; trading, promotion of products, affiliate etc
Where customers make excess money is in the trading activities. Inorder to partake in this activity you have to have a balance of at least 1000naira in your wingo account. Thats all you need to cashout out huge sums of money daily. Its a new money making method where you just choose colours correctly and ur balance will be doubled instantly. Its a prediction activity.
The sweetest of all is that you're not going to be working alone. We have experts in this trade who gives daily guide to beginners trading in the mall. You are definitely gonna withdraw on your registration day if you follow instructions that will be given to you in the WhatsApp group. 

Cashout is sure. I'll drop my WhatsApp number incase you have any questions or doubts: 08115834326. I'll also give you the link and take you through the basics

Let's make this money together. 08115834326 (WhatsApp)
HODL SHIBA INU: Get 15million Shiba Tokens For Free!!
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Crypto currency today is one major concern the society looks into which affects most lives of the 21st century humans. Bitcoin and many other large crypto currencies were not held early by most people i.e. few got the information about it and when the value was known it was already late for majority to hold these early crypto currencies.
       Shiba inu on the other hand is one of the latest crypto currencies fast rising in value thereby gaining the attention of majority. It is with a promising future. Already early hodlers of Shiba inu are already experiencing massive profit gain due to its constant rise in value. Many predictions about Shiba inu price drives it towards $0.3 by the end of January 2022. This can make early hodlers of the Shiba coin serious millionaires and crypto rich traders. 
        Shiba has been made to be gotten for free for those who can't afford to purchase the shiba token. is a paid to click platform which earns you the opportunity of obtaining a large number of Shiba inu tokens for free by just performing simple tasks of clicking in the website. You can also earn by referring other users to the platform. Minimum withdrawal of the token is 15million Shiba inu tokens. No payment required for you to withdraw your coins directly into your Bep20 Shiba inu wallet. Register now with the link below and start earning Shiba for free!!